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Holy Rosary Saints

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May Virtue: Industriousness
To Live, Love, and Learn with Jesus Christ as our Model
Mark Your Calendar
• May 5
• May 7
teachers here at HRS! Thank you fami-
lies who have signed up to treat our staff
this week, there is something special
planned for each day of the week. Thank
you for that great gesture to show your
is open. Please login to your School-
Speak account and select the Registration
2021-2022 link in the left menu to start
the process. All families need to update
their profile in SchoolSpeak which is our
student information system. Starting at
that page, families will also need to up-
date FACTS accounts. FACTS is our tui-
tion management system. All families
will be required to be on FACTS
this year, no exceptions!
document for tuition rates (or online).
All rates have increased by 2.5% from
this current year. If tuition is paid in full
by August 1, 2021, this increase will be
Virtual Race
fun-filled online racing event! It is open
to students, families and friends. Online
registration has began! For more infor-
mation and registration, start at https://
students and $25 for adults with an op-
portunity to also purchase a swag pack-
age. T-shirts from the event can be
worn on our Thursday Spirit days. Pro-
ceeds will go to 8th graduation and other
expenses for our 7/8 grade students.
Lions Literacy (Reading) Program
will win an Amazon Fire 7 tablet. Stu-
dents received a ticket for each book
they read over the past two months,
those with the most tickets have the best
chance to win tomorrow!
Our 2nd graders have been preparing for
their First Holy Communion planned for
this next Saturday. We are blessed to be
able celebrate this Mass back in the
Church. Thank you Mrs. Ramirez and
Mrs. Papas for preparing our students for
this Sacrament of initiation.
week. She was joined by her fellow stu-
dents who were able to participate in
this special Mass. We are all so happy to
welcome her into the Catholic Church.
She will be joining our second graders
with First Holy Communion this coming
Saturday. Please continue to pray for her
and all of our students so that the Holy
Spirit guides them through their lives.
model in science and started to
break down the periodic table. In
history, 7th grade finished the Age of
Enlightenment and 8th grade learned
how our country changed once slav-
ery was abolished. In religion, we
studied compassion and mercy and
made posters that exemplify what
each student’s image of compassion
and mercy look like.
5/6—Fifth grade math students learned about coor-
dinate geometry. They learned how to write or-
dered pairs as well as find them. A fun activity that
helped them learn more about ordered pairs and
graphing that they got to play
was Battleship. Sixth grade is
on their last topic in math,
data, and will be taking a test
next week. After both grades
are done with their grade lev-
el topics they will be review-
ing the Step Up portion of the
curriculum that covers some
Family Life, students did a great job of participating
by asking thoughtful questions and learning that God
is an important part in all
aspects of their lives. In
history, students continue
ports in class. They will
also be tested each week
on locating certain states
on the map. Families, please work with students on
their state floats at home, as this portion will not be
completed in class.
smiling faces as everyone was excited to see one an-
other. Math 3 students completed their Topic 12
chapter on Time and Math 4 Topic 12 on Adding and
Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers with Like
Denominators. Math 3 will be moving on to their
next topic which will focus on understanding perime-
ter. Math 4 will be moving along into extending frac-
tion concepts where they will learn to multiply frac-
tions, work with fractions and decimals, and equiva-
lent fractions. In Social Studies the class will continue
learning about the structures of government specifi-
cally at the national level. In Religion we will focus on
the Corporal Works of Mercy and the Virtue of In-
Marsh, Brayden Ramos, Ajay Takhar and Kacey Yip
for earning 90% or above on their Spelling test. Also,
congratulations to Valentina Barrera, Gissel Marzal,
Annabelle Meraz, Hayley Phelps, Elizabeth Rios and
Luna Tamayo for
earning 90% or
joyed the nice
weather this week
fun listening activities this
week which the children
seemed to have enjoyed.
TK/K—Our class had a memorable time with
Mrs.Torres as her last day was April 28th. As a class
we gifted Mrs. Torres a basket of baby books col-
lected from all the students. It was heartwarming and
a special time for our class. We welcome our new
TK/K Teacher Aide, Mrs. Meraz, she has already
been a wonderful addition to our class family. In
math, students dove into practicing their addition
math facts. In Social Studies, we learned about Daniel
Boone and Pocahontas. Students were amazed to
learn about the real Pocahontas. In ELA, students in
kindergarten completed their unit focusing on ani-
mals and their habitats. Students in TK worked on
comprehension by answering questions from a story
they listened to. In religion, students learned more
about the liturgical calendar and why we use certain
colors at different times of the liturgical year. They
learned and sang a wonderful song about the liturgi-
cal calendar.
May 8-15, 2021
Our largest fundraiser of the year, the Fleur de Lis
33 Virtual Auction is just around the corner. The
event website is open with Charcuterie boxes, wine,
and Golden Tickets available. Sponsors are noted on
the site, please thank them when you see them in
the community. You will also be able to view des-
serts that will be available before the event.
To register and get started, view our Online Bidding
page at
your account.
Our next meeting will be this Thursday, May 6 at 6
pm. We will use our normal HRS Community
Zoom link at:
Students Absences and Returning to School
When students are not going to be attending school
on any day, please contact the office at 530.662.3494
by 8:30 am. When students return to school,
they must have a note with the reason for ab-
sence and it needs to be signed by parents/
guardians– or a health care provider if appro-
priate. Copies of negative COVID test results
(printed versions of screen captures are acceptable)
or doctor diagnosis of alternative explanations are
also needed. We must be informed of all stu-
dents who are exposed to COVID 19 positive
persons (including family members), those
who have been quarantined by health care of-
ficials, or have tested positive to COVID 19.
See the Student Decision Symptom Tree for support
in screening and determination of when a student
should stay home.
masks, and washing regularly while away from school
to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. We will
continuing to do the same here at school! Also,
please continue to screen students at home, if your
child does have symptoms, keep them home and fol-
low protocols outlined in our Return to School Plan
and Waiver Application. Call us in the office if you
have questions or need any support. Please see our
Student Decision Symptom Tree found on our
COVID webpage.