Highwoods Golf Club Official Brochure 2011/2012

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A guide to the golf club, course and facilities, and supporting local businesses.


  • HigHwoods golf Club

    offiCial broCHure 2011/12

  • WELCOME .................................................................... 5

    THE COURSE ................................................................. 7

    HOLE BY HOLE ............................................... 8/9/11/13

    BECOMING A MEMBER .............................................. 15

    SOCIETIES & CORPORATE DAYS .................................. 17

    VISITORS & GUESTS ...............................................19/23

    THE CLUBHOUSE & BAR ............................................. 25

    WEDDINGS & FUNCTIONS .......................................... 27

    CONFERENCES & MEETINGS....................................... 29

    THE PRO SHOP ............................................................ 31

    TUITION ...................................................................... 33

    SUMMARY OF FACILITIES ............................................ 35

    HOW TO FIND US ........................................................ 37

    CONTACT DETAILS ....................................................... 38

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    Pinnacle Group, Newhaven Enterprise CentreDenton Island, Newhaven, East Sussex BN9 9BA

    T: 08707 707 765 E: info@pinnacle.uk.com www.pinnacle.uk.com

    Mollington Grange Golf Club and Pinnacle wish to thank the businesses who appear in this publication for their support and wish them every success in deriving business from its circulation. The contents of this book are believed to be correct at the time of printing, nevertheless, we cannot endorse and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained herein without prior consultation with the service provider.

  • Established in 1924, the course has matured over the years into one of the finest in Sussex. Measuring 6218 yards, this par 70 course offers a fair challenge of golf along the tree lined fairways and a stream which comes into play on six of the holes.

    We are popular with both visitors and societies alike, who enjoy the friendly atmosphere and warm welcome to be found in the clubhouse. The clubs bar and catering facilities are open seven days of the week to guests, visitors, green fee payers and societies.

    If you are looking for the perfect location to play a round of golf, have a great society golf day, want to learn to play, or simply become a member of a popular golf club then look no further than Highwoods Golf Club!

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  • The course was established in 1924 under the supervision of J H Taylor and K G Hawtree and has matured over the years into one of the areas finest courses. Measuring 6218 yards, par 70, the course offers a fair challenge of golf along tree lined fairways with a stream which creates a hazard for six of the holes. Hitting into elevated greens also increase the courses challenge.

    Highwoods golf course is a well designed course that will maintain the interest of any handicap of golfer. For the lower handicaps the course does give you the opportunity to cut the occasional corner if you dare and for the higher handicaps position is key for your approach shots. The greens are maintained to a high standard by our dedicated greenkeepers and are very receptive.

    Visitors and societies are always welcome at Highwoods and can be assured a great days golf and a warm reception by our hospitable staff in the clubhouse upon completion of your round.

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    The Course

  • Over the following pages you can learn about each hole, the trials and tribulations and pick up some play tips from our club professionals.

    Hole 1379 yards - par 4 This is a straightforward hole to begin. At the start of the round the player would be well advised to keep to the left as the slope of the fairway will make the ball bounce into the right-hand trees. The second shot should be aimed to the left of the pin to allow for the general slope of the green to the right. Hole 2 421 yards par 4The second is a difficult hole requiring a straight drive, anywhere right onto the practice ground is Out of Bounds. The second shot needs to be very accurate because the camber in front of the green throws the ball to the left or right. The shorter hitter must watch out for the bomb hole which is just beyond the fairway bunker on the right short of the green.

    Hole 3376 yards par 4The third is a blind drive over the hill. The best line for the longer hitter is over the post with a draw. The shorter hitter can go to the right of the post. The second shot for the longer hitter must be up to the flag, anything short of pin high will hit the down slope and not stop. The shorter player hitting a longer shot can let the ball run onto the green using the down slope.

    Hole 4295 yards par 4The fourth is a dogleg hole where the long hitter can go for the green but club choice is essential to avoid the trees on the right. For the shorter hitter it is advisable to play to the right of the bunker which will open the entrance to the green.

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    Hole By Hole

  • Hole 5 161 yards par 3This hole always plays longer than its yardage. It has five bunkers which are all at the front of the green. So always play up to the pin. Hole 6 341 yards par 4The line for the shorter hitter is on the right corner of the bunker short of the ridge. For the longer player a drive over the ridge will leave a lofted wedge to the green. This is another hole where the shot to the pin is important as there is a steep ridge in front of the green and the green is very narrow.

    Hole 7149 yards par 3A very easy looking hole which can be extremely deceptive. The raised tee makes club choice more difficult and wind direction will affect club choice. A more controlled punch shot may be necessary.

    Hole 8385 yards par 4It normally takes 2 well hit shots to find the green. Try to keep the drive to the right-hand side of the fairway as the slight slope can carry the ball into the ditch on the left. The shorter hitter would be advised to play short of the ditch that crosses the fairway and leave a short shot to the green.

    Hole 9 408 yards par 4The last hole of the front nine. A straightforward hole requiring a good drive although care must be taken with the approach shot as it is Out of Bounds just behind the green.

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  • Hole 10164 yards par 3This is a beautiful short hole just the other side of the clubhouse. A well struck shot will find the green. However there are four bunkers to catch the miss-hit shot. Beware as it is Out of Bounds to the left.

    Hole 11497 yards par 5This is a tricky double dogleg. The longer hitter should play his drive slightly to the right of the fairway as this leaves a better opening to the green which is reachable in 2. The shorter driver would be advised to play short of the water hazard which runs across the fairway. Beware there is a hidden hollow short of the stream and this down slope can throw the ball into the water.

    Hole 12 363 yards par 4All players would be advised to play to the right-hand side of the fairway as there is a slight slope in the fairway which may make the ball run into the left-hand rough. The second shot is straightforward but the green slopes slightly from front to back.

    Hole 13 423 yards par 4A long straight hole all slightly uphill which makes it play longer than it yardage. The green has two tiers so care should be taken with club choice as it is important to be on the right tier.

    Hole 14 382 yards par 4A difficult driving hole to miss the bunker on the left, also not to be too long and be blocked out by the trees on the right. The shorter hitter may need to play short of the stream which crosses the fairway leaving an exacting shot to an elevated green.

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    Hole By Hole Continued...

  • Hole 15 439 yards par 4The most difficult hole on the course. A sharp dogleg right. The very long hitters can clear the corner of the dogleg leaving a short shot to the green but beware, cut too much off the corner and you could pay the penalty. The average player must hit the ball to the left of the marker post leaving a long shot up to a very narrow entrance to the green.

    Hole 16213 yards par 3The longest of the par 3 holes calls for a firm shot over the bunkers and onto the green. Occasionally the prevailing wind will make it longer. There is more ground between the front bunkers and the green than it appears from the tee.

    Hole 17499 yards par 5The longest hole on the course. For the longer hitter the tee shot should be played down the left side of the fairway avoiding the lateral ditch on the left and the water hazard which crosses the fairway. The club selection here may not need to be a driver. This will open up the green for a long second shot. The other way to play this hole is a shorter tee shot to the middle of the fairway, a second shot over the hazard leaving a shot to a plateau green. Caution there is a steep bank short and to the right of the green.

    Hole 18 323 yards par 4A good finishing hole. For the longer hitter the green is drivable but beware of the oak trees and the bunker guarding the green. Most golfers should play over the valley leaving an uphill shot avoiding the inviting bunker. Any running shot will be gathered in from the right-hand side onto the green.

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    Hole By Hole Continued...

  • When you join Highwoods Golf Club you become part of the club and you will be able to benefit from all the club activities, participate in competitions, enjoy our social events and meet new golfing friends.

    Membership is available for men, ladies and juniors and we currently have vacancies in all categories as follows:

    FULL FULL - Over 80 (10 Year membership) RESTRICTED RESTRICTED - Over 80 (10 Year membership) FAIRWAYS (In full time employment or self-employed) PART PLAY (20 Year membership) To include social membership and 8 rounds of golf (or 16 half rounds) with ability to play in non-cup medals or Stableford competitions INTERMEDIATE - 18 - 25 years old STUDENT - 18 - 23 years old (not resident within 40 miles during term time) JUNIOR - 12 - 17 years old PRIMARY - 8 - 11 years old


    SOCIAL Full Spouse/partner of golfing or social members

    Our very competitive rates are paid by standing order, helping to spread the cost. As a member you and your guests can enjoy all of the benefits the club has to offer as well as full use of the clubhouse and facilities. There are even special categories for social members & members partners.

    For more information on becoming a member of our friendly club or for subscription details call the club secretary on Tel: 01424 212625 or visit www.highwoodsgolfclub.co.uk

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    Becoming A Member

  • Highwoods is the ideal setting for societies and corporate days. We can cater for small or large groups for a full day of golf on most Thursdays and for half a days golf on selected Mondays and are happy to customise a day to your exact requirements. Here at Highwoods we deliver the complete package that consistently exceeds the expectations of your visitors or guests. What better way is there to impress than a golfing day that is a memorable experience?

    An example of a society package would be as follows:

    Freshly brewed coffee Bacon roll 18 holes of golf 2 course meal or buffet

    Retire to the clubhouse where you can relax and unwind in our Lounge or Spike Bar, before dining from our delicious menu, all freshly prepared by our expert chefs. In addition the golf shop provides a comprehensive range of equipment as well as being able to arrange golf lessons and prizes. We can also organise longest drive markers and nearest the pin should you wish.

    Located on the outskirts of the popular East Sussex coastal town of Bexhill our club is easily reached by all modes of transport and has spectacular countryside views.

    Bexhill nestles between the bustling resorts of Eastbourne and Hastings, both brimming with seaside accommodation, including the historic Eastbourne Lansdowne Hotel. In Bexhill there are a wealth of castles, historic attractions and places of interest for all ages. So why not combine a golf day with a stay over and enjoy all that the area has on offer. We would be happy to make recommendations to suit your taste.

    For more information on booking a society or corporate day call the club on Tel: 01424 212625.

    Societies & Corporate Days

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  • It is always a pleasure to welcome visitors and guests to Highwoods Golf Club. You are invited to play weekdays and weekends, at a reduced rate, up to 6 times a year if playing with a member. Playing a course for the first time can be intimidating. We want you to fully enjoy all the facilities the club has on offer; here is some useful information, to ensure you get the most out of your visit.


    ON THE GOLF COURSE We ask that you do not wear the following: Jeans of any type or colour Cargo trousers of any type Trousers tucked into socks Shirts without collars Track suits or beach wear Braces worn visibly Trainers on the course

    The following is permitted: Tailored shorts Knee length socks of any colour, white calf length socks or white trainer socks

    Visitors & Guests

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  • Golf attire worn on the course is allowed in the Lounge Bar providing it is not wet or dirty except during prize giving and social events when a dress code may be specified. The on the golf course regulations apply predominantly to the male members, guests and visitors. The Ladies Committee set the standard of dress required for lady golfers.


    The following clothing and footwear are not permitted:

    Cargo trousers of any type or mens 3/4 length trousers Trousers tucked into socks Shirts without collars Track suits, beach wear Headgear of any kind

    Smart casual wear is acceptable except at certain prize giving and social events when a dress code will be specified. Trainers may be worn in the Spike Bar but not in the Lounge Bar.

    If you have any questions or queries regarding dress etiquette, please do not hesitate to contact the club on Tel: 01424 212625.

    Visitors & Guests Continued...

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  • You can always rely on a warm welcome at our clubhouse. The relaxing atmosphere lends itself to your comfort and our accommodating, friendly staff provide a first class service to further enhance the Highwoods experience.

    The clubhouse contains male and female changing and shower rooms, Spike Bar, Lounge Bar and dining room. Both bars and the dining room are fully licensed and offer a wide selection of wines, beers and non alcoholic beverages, which can be enjoyed at your leisure. Our expert chefs freshly prepare excellent cuisine all day, offering breakfast, light or full meals and snacks to suit all palates.

    The cl...