Lindfield Golf Club Official Brochure 2013 - 2014

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A guide to the golf club, course and facilities, and supporting local businesses.


  • Official Corporate Brochure 2013 - 2014

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    Lindfield Golf Club & Pinnacle wish to thank the advertisers who appear in this publication for their support and wish them every business success. The contents of this brochure are believed to be correct at the time of printing, nevertheless, we cannot endorse and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained herein without prior consultation with the service provider.




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  • ARDINGLYcollege

    OPEN DAYS2013/14



    The Nursery & Pre-Prep SchoolWednesday 9 October Wednesday 12 March Wednesday 7 May

    The Prep & Senior SchoolsSaturday 12 October Saturday 8 March Saturday 10 May

    Please contact the Registrar for further information.

    01444 893000

  • Lindfield Golf Club | 5

    Lindfield Golf Club is set in picturesque

    countryside close to Haywards Heath in

    West Sussex.

    Our parkland course, designed by

    Patrick Tallack, was founded in 1990.

    Stretching to 5,957 yards off the white

    tees, it plays to a par of 70. There are

    some challenging holes, water hazards to

    negotiate and testing bunkers to penalise

    the wayward. But for all that there are

    birdie opportunities too and it is a fair and

    appealing test to players of all abilities.

    Paul Lyons, our Head Professional and

    Managing Director, has played on the


    European Tour and is a former PGA South

    Region coach of the year whose golf

    instruction gets results.

    Our flexible, friendly and welcoming

    approach means we are a popular

    destination for visitors and golfing

    societies. Our facilities and location also

    lend themselves superbly as a venue

    for special occasions such as wedding

    receptions or parties.

    The clubhouse occupies a commanding

    position overlooking the entire estate.

    You can enjoy a fantastic day of golf

    at Lindfield then relax in the delightful

    clubhouse and finish your day with a

    delicious meal in the restaurant. We are

    also home to the Golf College, whose

    aim is to help young golfers realise their

    dream of making a living from our great


    The one thing which will perhaps

    strike you above all else, however, is

    the friendliness of the members and

    clubhouse staff. A warm welcome always

    awaits you at Lindfield, it is something we

    pride ourselves on and you will instantly

    be made to feel part of our club, whether

    it is just for the day or for much longer.

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  • Lindfield Golf Club | 7

    Lindfield Golf Club is a parkland course in

    the Sussex Weald founded in 1990 and

    designed by Patrick Tallack.

    The 18-hole layout stretches to 5,957

    yards off the white competition tees with

    a par of 70 and a standard scratch score

    of 68.

    The course tests and rewards skilled

    golfers yet still enables the enthusiastic

    amateur to enjoy a good game.

    The Course

    It presents well-drained fairways and

    greens and excellent year-round playing

    conditions maintained by our hard-

    working and expert greenkeeping staff.

    It is surrounded by sites of outstanding

    natural beauty and is bordered on its

    southerly side by the River Ouse.

    There are water hazards to beware of

    on the 3rd, 8th, 13th and 18th. These

    take the form either of cunningly-placed

    ditches ready to catch an under-clubbed

    approach to the green or ponds to punish

    those who stray off line.

    The finishing holes have every attribute:

    the 417-yard 14th is a character builder

    with a longish second shot to an elevated

    green with trouble down the right and the

    413-yard 18th has a lake in front of the


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  • 8 | Lindfield Golf Club

    We hope you enjoy your time with us at

    Lindfield Golf Club. Here are a few handy

    tips and course notes which should help

    you make the most of your round if you

    have never visited us before.

    Take the Course Tour

    Hole 1, 384 yards, par 4A straight drive will avoid the fairway

    bunkers left and right. There is no sand

    around the green, but be careful not to

    go long because that spells trouble, and

    favour the right side of the green with

    your approach.

    Hole 2, 177 yards, par 3Uphill, so take an extra club, particularly

    with the false front to the green. The

    very deep bunker to the left of the green

    should be avoided at all costs.

    Hole 3, 472 yards, par 5Downhill par 5, giving you the chance to

    open your shoulders off the tee. There is

    a chance to reach the green in two when

    the ground is firm, but factor in the ditch

    that runs across just in front and to the

    right of the green.

    Hole 4, 326 yards, par 4Back up the hill, with bunkers protecting

    the green both left and right. Take stock

    of where the flag is before choosing a

    club for your approach. The green is large

    and inviting but two-tiered and there is a

    chance of three-putting should you land

    on the wrong level.

  • Lindfield Golf Club | 9

    Hole 5, 130 yards, par 3Uphill, but generally with the prevailing

    wind. The shortest short hole of the

    round and arguably the one which offers

    the best chance of birdie. The front of the

    green is protected by a huge horseshoe-

    shaped bunker and the putting surface

    itself is quite undulating.

    Hole 6, 501 yards, par 5Another chance to go for distance off

    the tee, with a par five that is reachable

    in two in firmer conditions and with two

    perfect strikes. The green is fairly flat, but

    there is a bunker to the right.

    Hole 7, 407 yards, par 4Stroke Index 1 for good reason, this hole

    is appreciably uphill and it is difficult to

    hit the green in regulation, especially if

    coming in from the right side, which is

    protected by a bunker.

    Hole 8, 400 yards, par 4Pay particular attention to the ditch that

    runs across the fairway around 30 yards

    from the putting surface, particularly if

    you are not the longest hitter from the

    tee. A very large bunker behind the green

    catches anything over-hit.

    Hole 9, 215 yards, par 3A long par three where accuracy is

    paramount, with a line of trees to the

    right of the fairway and the driving range,

    which is out of bounds, to the left. If the

    bunker front right is avoided, the green is

    large and inviting.

  • 10 | Lindfield Golf Club

    Hole 10, 315 yards, par 4An inviting tee shot to a wide, undulating

    fairway. Right centre of the fairway is

    ideal, so you can draw the ball in well

    away from the greenside bunker on the


    Hole 11, 269 yards, par 4The easiest hole on the course offers a

    realistic birdie opportunity providing you

    do not flirt with the out of bounds on the

    right. It is a blind tee shot, so drive over

    the white marker post and choose the

    right club to hit the green below you.

    Take the Course Tour Continued

    Hole 12, 228 yards, par 3An inviting green awaits at the bottom of

    the hill, until you realise this is a long par-

    3 and not a short par-4! Out of bounds

    down the right, the approach narrows

    appreciably close to the green as well.

    Three is a good score on this hole.

    Hole 13, 323 yards, par 4A sweeping dog-leg from left to right, all

    the trouble is down the right-hand side,

    so aim for the left centre of the fairway

    with a fade. A tree guards the right front

    of the green and there is a pond at the

    back, so be careful not to overclub.

    Hole 14, 416 yards, par 4A very long uphill par 4 that is difficult to

    reach in regulation and impossible if you

    find the traps on the left of the fairway.

    The bunker to the right of the green is

    challenging too and best avoided.

    Hole 15, 484 yards, par 5Another fine long hole offering the

    chance to take out the driver. The green

    slopes from back to front. Avoid the

    greenside bunker front right and you

    should leave yourself with a birdie putt.

  • Lindfield Golf Club | 11

    Hole 16, 179 yards, par 3Another short hole where par is a good

    score. The green is protected by a bunker

    to the left and another front right. Even

    if you hit the green in regulation, the

    putting surface is extremely undulating

    and can yield some awkward putts.

    Hole 17, 318 yards, par 4Nearly home. Make sure of your strike to

    carry the ditch that runs in front of the

    fairway on this uphill par 4. Take enough

    club to hit the green above you, which is

    protected by tricky bunkers left and right.

    Hole 18, 413 yards, par 4A long par 4 back towards the clubhouse.

    The fairway is wide and inviting, but stay

    clear of the driving range down the right

    which is out of bounds. Right centre of

    the fairway is the ideal spot to draw in

    an approach which does not have to flirt

    with the water hazard to the front left of

    the green.

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  • Lindfield Golf Club | 13

    The Managing Director at Lindfield Golf

    Club is Paul Lyons, a former European

    Tour player who has competed in

    tournaments all around the world,

    including The Open Championship at St


    A former PGA South Region Captain and

    one-time coach to the Sussex under-16

    squad, Paul has coached many up-and-

    coming young, aspiring golf professionals.

    The Professional and Tuition

    Paul was also voted PGA South Region

    Coach of the Year in 2007, the same year

    he returned to the club to assume his

    current role, having originally begun his

    teaching career at Lindfield, or Paxhill

    Park as it was then known.

    Weaker areas of a players golf game can

    be targeted and improved upon. The help

    and guidance of a PGA professional can

    turn what can at times be an immensely

    frustrating sport into one where the

    casual player cannot wait for the next

    opportunity to get to the course.

    The fine practice facilities at Lindfield

    allow what has been learnt to be

    practised upon and ingrained and Paul

    would be delighted to put your driving

    and iron play in order.

  • Lindfield Golf Club | 15

    Lindfield Golf Club has its very own

    putting and short game specialist

    available to help you make the absolute

    most out of your potential on the greens.

    Jason Gilroy is often referred to as the

    putting guru, and with good reason

    because his career has been devoted to

    finding ways of producing the best results

    with the flat stick.

    It was an exciting time for all concerned

    when Jason teamed up with Lindfield Golf

    Club in August 2011, returning to the club

    where he took his first steps to becoming

    a golf professional at the age of 11, and

    Putting Guru Jason Gilroy

    where just four years later he won the

    clubs championship.

    Jason employs two cameras and the very

    popular V1 Pro video analysis software,

    widely used by tour players and coaches

    to analyse the putting stroke as well as

    capturing high-speed footage of ball roll.

    All video analysis is then available to

    watch using your own on-line locker,

    either at home on the PC or mobile phone

    whilst practising!

    As well as the stroke itself, advice is given

    on all the other component parts that

    contribute to being a good putter, such as

    green reading, routine and pace control.

    Skills tests and putting handicap tracking

    enable you to monitor your improvement

    and for existing clients there is the option

    to extend the tuition into short game


    For more information, visit Jasons

    website at To book

    your visit to Gilroys Golf, please either

    e-mail or call us on

    01444 450637 where we will be more

    than happy to discuss your requirements.

  • Lindfield Golf Club | 17

    Trading as Custom Club Works, James

    Crawshaw has an established clubmaking

    and club fitting facility at Lindfield Golf

    Club from which he offers a complete

    range of club fitting, clubmaking and

    customisation services.

    James is a fully-qualified custom club

    fitter and golf clubmaker, and a member

    of the Golf Clubmakers Association of

    Europe. He is one of the elite group of

    clubmakers in the UK to have qualified to

    the level of Master Clubmaker. Never

    one to belittle good technique born from

    expert training, James sees club fitting

    and swing training as two very different

    sides to the same coin.

    Clubmaking, Club Fitting, Repairs and Maintenance

    Its all about cutting out the myth and

    marketing hype to ensure that each

    individual golfer has the opportunity to

    use golf clubs that truly suit his, or her,

    unique stature, stance and swing. A golfer,

    at any level, is...