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A guide to the golf club, course and facilities, and supporting local businesses.


<ul><li><p> | 1Official Brochure </p><p>2013 - 2014</p><p>MAIDENHEAD GOLF CLUB</p></li><li><p>Not quite happy with your current estate agent? </p><p>If you are thinking of selling or letting your property, talk to us. Established in the local area </p><p>since 2004, we will give you honest feedback and opinions.</p><p>Melanie McNelly</p><p>Lettings</p><p>T: 01628 634466 </p><p>Eddie Robinson</p><p>Maidenhead Sales </p><p>T: 01628 637600 </p><p>Helen Carvey</p><p>Marlow Sales </p><p>T: 01628 632022 </p><p>individual attention </p><p>expert advice</p><p>positive action</p><p></p><p>Maidenhead golf club ad.indd 1 03/06/2013 09:46</p></li><li><p> | 3</p><p>WelcomeHistoryThe CourseTake the Course TourThe Professional ShopTuition</p><p>Practice Facilities</p><p>Membership Information</p><p>Playing CategoriesJuniors</p><p>05 07 11 13 17 19 21 23 24 33 </p><p>VisitorsSocieties</p><p>Clubhouse and RestaurantWeddingsFunctions</p><p>Corporate Facilities</p><p>Social Activities</p><p>How to Find Us</p><p>Contact Us</p><p>35 37 39 41 43 45 47 4950</p><p>Contents</p><p> -Tel: 08707 707 765 - Email: </p><p>Maidenhead Golf Club and Pinnacle Publishing wish to thank the businesses who appear in this publication for their support and wish them every success in deriving business from its circulation. </p><p>The contents of this book are believed to be correct at the time of printing, nevertheless, we cannot endorse and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained </p><p>herein without prior consultation with the service provider.</p><p>PINNACLEExCELLENCE IN vIsuAL CommuNICAtIoN</p></li><li><p>passion for perfection</p><p>phone: 01753 593 156 / 07766 477 356 email:</p><p></p><p> Weddings Dinner Parties Hog Roast Finger or Fork Buffets</p><p>Jamies Catering is one of the leading event and outside caterers inBerkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and surrounding counties.</p><p> BBQs</p></li><li><p> | 5</p><p>Established in 1896, Maidenhead Golf Club is a mature course set in lovely rolling parkland where you can glimpse deer in the </p><p>early morning and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a round of golf in this picturesque part of Berkshire.</p><p>The course, measuring 6,338 yards off the championship tees, is </p><p>a hidden gem in the heart of Maidenhead with watered fairways and excellent greens. While the layout provides an easy walk, it </p><p>is a good test of golf requiring both course management and skill to complete successfully.</p><p>Our off-course facilities are equally agreeable and our com-</p><p>fortable and spacious clubhouse makes the perfect venue for </p><p>a special occasion such as a wedding reception, anniversary or </p><p>birthday party or business meeting.</p><p>The catering is exceptional, our staff attentive and friendly and </p><p>our accommodating approach allows you to enjoy the function </p><p>you really want.</p><p>The clubs proximity to the town provides very easy access from </p><p>the station, which is no more than a five-minute walk away, or by </p><p>road, with the A4, M4 and M40 all passing nearby.</p><p>Despite this, once you are on the course, you could be in the middle of rural England. We have an active membership and </p><p>welcome both visitors and societies - come along and see for </p><p>yourself.</p><p>Welcome</p></li><li><p> Independent Financial Advisers</p><p> For your retirement, savings, investment and protection needs</p><p> Providing financial advice to both individual and corporate clients</p><p> Highly qualified and experienced advisers</p><p> Free 1/2hr consultation </p><p>Aston House, York Road, Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 1SF</p><p>Tel: 01628 785050E-mail:</p><p></p><p>F I N A N C I A L P L A N N I N G</p><p>hb_ad_210_fullpage.indd 1 14/08/2013 11:41:14</p></li><li><p> | 7</p><p>Maidenhead Golf Club was formed in 1896, with several senior </p><p>Brigade of Guards officers and several naval officers including </p><p>the son of the Earl of Orkney being among its founder members. Two Maidonians were also among the torchbearers for golf in the town, Mr T J Wootton and Dr G E Moore.</p><p>It was the latters friendship with Mr W H Grenfell which really </p><p>got the project off the ground. Mr Grenfell, you see, was the </p><p>Mayor of Maidenhead in 1895 and 1896 and an extremely wealthy and competent businessman who owned more than 10,000 acres of land around the town.</p><p>So it was that Mr Grenfell offered to lease some of his acreage </p><p>near to Maidenhead Railway Station, which was to become our </p><p>home and remains so well into a second century. Mr Grenfell </p><p>was one of the earliest 63 members of the club, became its first president and agreed to present a challenge cup for </p><p>competition. This was the fine Grenfell Cup which is still in </p><p>yearly competition.</p><p>W H Grenfell, later to become Lord Desborough, was quite a character and an international athlete in cricket, running, </p><p>rowing, punting, swimming, fencing, tennis and wrestling! No </p><p>other golf club had a president who had so many and various </p><p>achievements. For example, he ran a mile in 4 minutes 37 </p><p>seconds, rowed for Oxford against Cambridge in the famous dead-heat race of 1877 and stroked a rowing eight across the </p><p>Channel. To add that he swam across the Niagara River below </p><p>the Falls and then repeated the feat a second time when </p><p>someone doubted it, shows he was a man who did things.</p><p>History</p></li><li><p>| 8</p><p>The course was opened for play on December 12, 1896, with the club also hosting a champagne luncheon on the same day to </p><p>mark the occasion in its fine new clubhouse.</p><p>A separate nine-hole course for ladies only was built in 1897 on </p><p>the left side of the current first hole, but the ladies did not like it </p><p>and the area was closed in 1907, losing a valuable acreage from </p><p>the total available to the club in later leases.</p><p>The club found itself in difficulty in the early years in particular </p><p>because of the terms of the lease, which stated that the lessor had the power to take portions of the land that he may require </p><p>for buildingmaking railways or any other purpose of the kind.</p><p>Land was taken from parts of the 17th and 18th holes in the early part of the 20th century and the whole of the original 14th green and 15th tee was forfeit after members showed little </p><p>enthusiasm when the opportunity to purchase the land arose in late 1952 and instead negotiated a new longer lease with the </p><p>Maidenhead Corporation, which did, at least, secure the long-</p><p>term future of the club.</p><p>The first professional at our club was Alex Simpson, a Scot from </p><p>Forfar who was extremely skilled in the making of golf clubs. </p><p>Club minutes record that he was also able to play golf on our newly-created course against the well-known professionals J H </p><p>Taylor and James Braid and George Pearson in a golf match on 19 March, 1898.</p><p>History Continued</p></li><li><p> | 9</p><p>Taylor, also a renowned golf course architect, advised on </p><p>additional bunkering and with subsequent traps also being </p><p>added, there were complete ranges of bunkers usually about six feet high above the surface of the fairway on some holes in the </p><p>1920s.</p><p>Deciding that this was removing some of the enjoyment from </p><p>their game, members then set up a debunkering committee </p><p>to remove some of the hazards, no doubt encouraged by two </p><p>wealthier members who used small biplane aircraft to land on </p><p>the 8th and take off up the 9th hole when they came to play </p><p>golf!</p><p>Noteworthy in our clubs early history is the election as a </p><p>Privileged Member of the Consul General of Japan in 1923. This </p><p>began the pleasing and helpful visiting association of members </p><p>of the Nippon Club over many years.</p><p>Our recent history has been focused on improving the course </p><p>and its facilities for members. An automatic watering system was </p><p>updated in 1992 and in November 1994 a borehole dug which </p><p>can be used for the future irrigation of greens and tees in times </p><p>of drought. Full fairway irrigation has been in place since 2005.</p><p>The existing clubhouse was showing signs of its age, so this was </p><p>demolished and a new much-improved building with greatly </p><p>improved facilities erected to mark our centenary year in 1996.</p></li><li><p>DR. 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Maidenhead penalises the errant shot while those able to hit with accuracy are richly rewarded.</p><p>The greens are slightly smaller than is the norm, placing a premi-um on accuracy with the approach shot or, should you miss the putting surface in regulation, a sharp short game comes in very </p><p>handy. It is how our course designer intended it when he drew up the course more than a hundred years ago.</p><p>We are always looking at ways to enhance yet further the golfing </p><p>experience and improvement work is undertaken each winter.</p><p>A particular focus most recently has been on lowering and re-</p><p>shaping the fourth green to increase the number of pin positions </p><p>available on this two-tier sloping surface, while work has also </p><p>gone on to rebuild some greenside bunkers and refurbish some of the fairway sand traps.</p></li><li><p>| 12</p><p>Take the Course TourPrepare for your visit to Maidenhead Golf Club by familiarising </p><p>yourself with each hole over the coming pages and make the </p><p>most of your round with our hole-by-hole guide. You can prepare </p><p>yourself for the challenges that await, as well as pick up some invaluable playing tips from our club professional, Steve Geary.</p><p>Hole 1, 358 yards, par 4The first is a good opening hole. It is a gentle 358-yard par 4. A </p><p>drive down the middle will give you a good shot to the green </p><p>which is slightly elevated to the rear.</p><p>Hole 2, 351 yards, par 4The second can be testing. Find a good landing spot for your </p><p>drive and you have a clear shot to the green but beware - too far </p><p>right off the tee will block you out and the cross bunker awaits </p><p>your second shot. The green is upward sloping and tiered to the </p><p>rear.</p><p>Hole 3, 376 yards, par 4This is a hole of modest length; however, the bunker on the left </p><p>is strategically placed and awaits your drive. Your shot to the </p><p>green has to be spot on, otherwise disaster might await.</p><p>Hole 4, 474 yards, par 5At 474 yards this was, in earlier years, the maximum length for a par 4 (par 5 for ladies). Avoiding the bunker on the right is always </p><p>a good start to this hole. The fairway, as you approach the hole, slopes gently left to right. With your second shot you must avoid </p></li><li><p> | 13</p><p>the fairway bunker on the left. The two-tiered green can be very </p><p>tricky, especially if the flag is on the top tier. You really should </p><p>congratulate yourself if you leave this hole with a par.</p><p>Hole 5, 324 yards, par 4At stroke index 17 this could be a birdie chance for players of even moderate ability. Keep your drive left of centre to give you </p><p>the best opportunity to get into this two-tiered green. For the </p><p>longer hitter use of the driver could spell trouble.</p><p>Hole 6, 195 yards, par 3This par 3 of 195 yards will reward a good shot to the green with another birdie chance. However, miss the green and getting par </p><p>could be difficult.</p><p>Hole 7, 371 yards, par 4At stroke index 5 the seventh is a good test for all club golfers. </p><p>A well-positioned drive to the fairway that falls from right to left </p><p>will give you a good shot to the well-protected green. The long </p><p>hitter needs to watch out for the bunker on the left.</p><p>Hole 8, 429 yards, par 4A hole you will either love or hate. Your drive needs to be down </p><p>the right-hand side while missing the fairway bunker. A drive </p><p>down the left, if you escape the large tree, will leave you an </p><p>interesting shot across a large dip to the green. Your second shot </p><p>should be just to the left of the mound by the green and your </p><p>ball will then roll down the slope towards the hole.</p></li><li><p>| 14</p><p>Hole 9, 513 yards, par 5The ninth, at 513 yards, is the longer of the two par fives on the </p><p>course. With a good drive and second shot you could be re-</p><p>warded with a birdie. However, the trees all the way up the right </p><p>might put an end to that.</p><p>Hole 10, 151 yards, par 3This par three has a well protected green - be long and straight </p><p>enough to avoid the hazards. There are five bunkers awaiting the </p><p>wayward shot.</p><p>Hole 11, 465 yards, par 4A demanding hole of 465 yards and at stroke index 2 you should be well pleased with a par. There is plenty of room to play down </p><p>the left thus avoiding the fairway bunkers that await your drive. </p><p>The good-sized green slopes away from you (par 5 for ladies).</p><p>Hole 12, 303 yards, par 4At stroke index 18 this hole offers a birdie opportunity but </p><p>beware the bunkers that protect this long green. You drive to the </p><p>right at your peril and its out of bounds up the left.</p><p>Hole 13, 145 yards, par 3A deceptive 145-yard par 3 which is all carry. Visitors very often </p><p>under club and finish in the pit before the green or in one of the </p><p>four surrounding bunkers. This hole is played over a gully to a </p><p>well-guarded green. Getting par is a good reward for a straight </p><p>shot from the tee.</p><p>Take the Course Tour Continued</p></li><li><p> | 15</p><p>Hole 14, 398 yards, par 4At 398 yards this can be the most daunting hole on the course. </p><p>The drive has to be well struck to be in position at the partial </p><p>dogleg to enable a good second shot into the green. Feel pleased </p><p>with a par but beware the hazards.</p><p>Hole 15, 396 yards, par 4This 396-yard hole gives the long hitter an opportunity for a </p><p>well-drilled drive leaving a mid-iron shot to the green which is </p><p>well protected by two forward greenside bunkers.</p><p>Hole 16, 182 yards, par 3At 182 yards this is a longish par 3 with a raised green and a deep greenside bunker on the right. A full shot to the green could reward you with a birdie.</p><p>Hole 17, 483 yards, par 5This second par 5 of the round has two bunkers and a copse all reachable from the tee. Clear these and the cross bunker should not trouble your second shot. Avoid the tendency to come up </p><p>short of the two greenside bunkers.</p><p>Hole 18, 424 yards, par 4At this final hole of 424 yards you will need a good drive to the </p><p>middle of the fairway to give you a full shot to the green. This is </p><p>well protected by two forward bunkers. Beware of overshooting </p><p>the green the car park and clubhouse await.</p></li><li><p>WH</p><p>EN</p><p> IT</p><p> CO</p><p>UN</p><p>TS</p><p> TO</p><p> BE</p><p> DIF</p><p>FE</p><p>RE</p><p>NT</p><p>WH</p><p>EN</p><p> IT</p><p> CO</p><p>UN</p><p>TS</p><p> TO</p><p> BE</p><p> DIF</p><p>FE</p><p>RE</p><p>NT</p><p>WH</p><p>EN</p><p> IT</p><p> C...</p></li></ul>