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SNGC Annual Official Brochure

Text of Sung Nam Golf Club Official Brochure

  • August 2008

    Seoul, Korea

  • August 2008

    Dear Sung Nam Golf Club Patrons:

    The Sung Nam Golf Club is an 18 Hole Championship Golf Course

    that stretches over 7,000 yards from the blue tee. The layout of the golf

    course provides a challenge to players of all skill levels. On site amenities

    include a driving range, locker rooms, club storage, Pro Shop, and a full menu

    Food and Beverage Operation. In addition, there are multiple practice

    greens for putting, chipping, and bunker development. The Management

    Team is comprised of PGA Professionals with a combined total of fifty years

    of experience of golf instruction to accommodate all of your lesson requests.

    Lastly, there are three separate snack bars throughout the golf course to

    assist you in your needs during your round.

    18 7,000

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    . PGA


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    The following rules of play and procedures have been developed in

    accordance with Army Regulations and Eight Army Policies and are designed

    to enhance the enjoyment of the overall golfing experience for the entire

    USFK Community. The rule book undergoes an annual review process in

    order to continually provide a product that meets our patrons' expectations.



    . Rule book

    On behalf of the Sung Nam Golf Club, I would like to encourage your

    participation at the golf course. This facility is provided for your enjoyment;

    and we look forward to seeing each of you on the links!

    , ,


    General Manager

    Sung Nam Golf Club



    Unit #15742

    APO AP 96205-5742



    Pro Shop: Extension 0

    Food & Beverage: Extension 1

    Admin Office: Extension 02

    Driving Range

    Full Service Restaurant

    Snack Bar

    18-hole Championship Course

    Professional Lessons Available


  • golf lessons by our on-staff Class A Professional Golf Association (PGA)


    18 72

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    , , /

    . PGA Class A


    The mission of Sung Nam Golf Club (SNGC) is to stimulate, develop, and

    1maintain the mental, physical and social well-being of U.S. Military, DoD civilians, and their Family Members. This is accomplished by providing golf,

    food, beverage, and entertainment programs of the highest quality. The aim

    of these programs is to:

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    General: As with all Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (FMWR) a. Enhance force readiness and esprit de corps through a higher state of 1Programs, SNGC is established primarily for Armed Forces military physical and mental well-being.

    personnel and their Families. However, being in an overseas environment,

    the activities offered by SNGC are critical to the well-being and quality of .

    life of the other components of the DoD Total Force - which includes civilian b. Increase mission effectiveness through improved quality of life.

    employees and contractor personnel accompanying the Armed Services in . Korea. Of equal importance are the Family Members of these employees and c. Make the Armed Forces an attractive career, thus helping recruitment and contractor personnel.retention. : . . . d. Help new Servicemembers adjust to military life.


    e. Help provide community support for Family Members, particularly when

    the military sponsor is on maneuvers or is involved in armed conflict. Patronage Eligibility: :

    , 2 .

    a. Army Regulation 215-1 describes who is authorized to patronize FMWR

    activities and provides policy on priority of use. This information may be

    accessed at the following URL: .In addition, SNGC supports the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) Good Neighbor

    215-1 2Program by providing a venue for interaction between USFK personnel .

    and the citizens of the Republic of Korea (ROK). This enables the people of

    our two great nations to participate together in a wholesome, recreational

    activity, which in turn builds long lasting friendships and makes a significant .

    contribution to the ROK- US Alliance.


    , ,


    SNGC consists of an 18-hole, par 72, championship golf course with a

    3driving range and clubhouse. The course features double greens, practice putting greens, and an on-course snack bar along with refreshment

    stands. The clubhouse offers catering, dining and beverage service; a

    modern, full service Pro Shop; daily use lockers, showers and hot tubs; and





    1 21

  • b. The patronage authorizations prescribed in Army Regulation 215-1 are the wait list in order to purchase incidentals and only those items listed on

    subject to the provisions of the Republic of Korea (ROK) United States (US) the approved incidentals list (maintained at the register in the Pro Shop) may

    Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Therefore, the prescribed be purchased. Under no circumstances may special rationed items (e.g., golf

    authorizations must be modified to take into account the following clubs) be purchased without a ration control card.


    215-1 . , .

    . .

    . .

    (1) Except where provided herein, individuals participating in SNGC

    activities must be entitled to receipt of duty free goods and must be in thpossession of an unrestricted USFK ration control card (or an Active Duty ID c. There are various local command policies (USFK, 8 US Army, and

    -card for military personnel). IMCOM Korea) that affect patronage eligibility at SNGC. These policies

    , include the following:

    . ( , 8, IMCOM Korea

    , ID ). .

    (2) The SOFA permits a limited number of Korean Nationals to be (1) U.S. Military Reservists must be assigned to a unit in the U.S.

    allowed access to the USFK club system as honorary members. Army Garrison Yongsan area where the reservist attends training and is paid

    Although Army Golf is not a membership program, this has been interpreted or receives retirement credit points for such duty. In addition, the individual

    to mean that these personnel may be authorized patronage privileges at must be entitled to receipt of duty free goods as evidenced by possession of

    SNGC that includes the privilege of purchasing an annual green fee card. The a USFK ration control card. 8

    selection of honorary members is a command function exercised by the ,

    Commanding General, Installation Management Command Korea. To become .

    an honorary member an individual must make quantifiable contributions to

    the ROK-US Alliance and actively participate in activities that support the th(2) The Commanding General, 8 US Army, has authorized automatic

    USFK Good Neighbor Program. IMCOM-Korea Policy #21, dated 14 August honorary membership upon request for the Retired Chairmen of the ROK

    2007, governs the nomination and selection of honorary members. Joint Chiefs of Staff; former Deputy Commanders of the Combined Forces

    Command; and their spouses. These individuals are counted in the overall

    . IMCOM-Korea . limit of honorary members and reported monthly to the ROK authorities.

    IMCOM-Korea Policy #21 8

    . .


    (3) The SOFA also (3) The Commander General, USFK/CFC/UNC, has designated all

    permits Korean Nationals ROK General Officers assigned to the Combined Forces Command (CFC) and

    and others not authorized their spouses as authorized patrons of SNGC, which includes the privilege of

    duty free privileges to purchasing an annual greens fee card. This authorization is effective only

    participate in activities at during the individual's assignment to the CFC and is an exception to the

    SNGC as bonafide guests of honorary membership requirements so these individuals are not reported

    an author ized patron as honorary members.

    ( i n c l u d i ng hono r a ry

    members). A bonafide .

    guest is an individual . .

    personally invited and

    a c c o m p a n i e d b y a n (4) The Commanding General, IMCOM-Korea, has authorized local national

    authorized patron. employees and ROK Soldiers serving as Korean Augmentation to the US

    Army (KATUSAs) to have limited use privileges at SNGC. These individuals

    may participate in golf at SNGC on a daily use basis, subject to availability.

    ( ) These individuals are not authorized to purchase an annual greens fee card

    and are not reported as honorary members.


    . (4) Authorized patrons and guests without duty free privileges may

    . .purchase food and beverage items for on premises consumption only. These

    individuals may also purchase incidentals that are necessary to play a round

    of golf. The individual must be actually playing golf that day or be a