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This portfolio represents all of my work that I have created in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign. I will also try to put in some photos that I have taken in photography.

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  • Tiara Reese

    Gresham HS Integrated Media Dept. Graphic Design Mr. Cook

  • 2 GD2 TReese

  • TReese GD2 3

    P R O J E C T S

    IllustratorFall leaves p6IPod p6Line art shoe p6

    PhotoshopComposing a photo-montage p6Photo manipulation p6Composing a photo- montage p6Hiding and Showing p6Composing a scene p6Sequencing p6Focusing p6(2) Online Tutorials p6

    IndesignPower Balance Silicone Bracelet p6Admission Ticket p6

    Design Statement:This portfolio represents all of my workthat I have created in Illustrator, Pho-toshop, and Indesign. I will also try to put in some photos that I have taken in photography.

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    Fall Leaves IllustrationL e a v e s m a k i n g

    As you can see this was done in Illustrator and the point of this project was to help us and get us used to fol-lowing lines and filling them in. This also helped us put things in front and behind other leaves. This was a good starter project and it really helped me with using the pen tool. I never knew how to use the pen tool until this project. This project was a 8.5 X 11 in size.


    TReeseLeaves Illustration


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    IPod IllustrationI p o d m a k i n g

    For this project we were to make a ipod by first tracing a picture. This project was to give us more practice on lines and to show us how to write with a curve. This project also helped me with figuring out another way to make headphones because I got behind but I figured a way to make them. The size of this was a 8.5 X 11 in.

    Tiara ReeseIPod










  • 6 GD2 TReese

    Composing a Photo-montageC o l l e c t i o n o f p h o t o s

    The point of this project was to pick 12 photos that rep-resented you, things you like to do things you enjoy stuff like that. As you can see I went on and chose 16 photos because there was more to me than just those other 12 photos. I really couldnt only choose 12. After we got all our photos together the next thing that we would have to do is put them all together and make one piece of art that included all of the photos in it. This document pages size was a 8.5 X 11.


    Tiara ReesePhotomontage Items

    4/5/2011Period 6

  • TReese GD2 7

    Photo ManipulationD i s t o r t i n g a p i c t u r e

    The point of this project was to create a piece of art-work that appears to be real. I used a picture of a man and I turned all his skin so it looked like water and now he would become waterman. The size of this was a 10 X 10 in.

  • 8 GD2 TReese

    Composing a Photo-montageD i s p l a y i n g p h o t o s

    The point of this project was to show your skills on how well you could shade, reflect, hide things behind other things, and make all your photos come together. I think that I did a really good job on doing all those and mak-ing this look like a real room. This photomontage was a 8 X 8 in size.

  • 9 GD2 TReese

    Line Art shoe illustrationD r a w i n g o f a N I K E s h o e


    TReeseShoe Illustration



    Firstly I must say as you could probably see my favorite shoe brand is NIKE. This project was to help us even more with the lines and using many layers. I had al-ready taken other classes like this so I knew a lot already and how to maneuver back and forth between layers. This project helped me with making a shoe look like a shoe and not flat on a paper. This showed me a lot and one of things I found most interesting was making the shoe laces on this shoe. This was a 11 X 8.5 in size.

  • TReese GD2 10

    Magazine AdvertisementM a k i n g o f a n a d d

    The point of this project was to make a magazine add for something. I chose to do it on the Power Balance Silicone Bracelet and I think it came out looking pretty good. This project taught me that I could make the back look a lot different than what it started out as and that I could blend things together really well. This was a 48.5 X 66 in size. Power Balance Silicone Bracelet!

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    Admission TicketM a k e a c o n c e r t t i c k e t

    The point of this project is to make an admission ticket I chose mine to do on the upcoming concert of Katy Perry. This taught me how to make font match the pictures and the overall thing, it also taught me how to make things work well together. This was a 4 X 6 in. size project.




    Portland/OR/Rose Garden

    July, 22/2011/7:30 p.m.

    * 1) Teenage Dream * 2) One of The Boys

    * 3) Waking Up In Vegas * 4) Ur So Gay * 5) Peacock

    * 6) I Kissed A Girl * 7) Circle The Drain

    * 8) E.T. * 9) Who Am I Living For?

    * 10) Pearl * 11) Not Like The Movies

    * 12) The One That Got Away * 13) Only Girl (In The World)

    (Rihannas Cover) * 14) Whip My Hair (Willow Smiths

    Cover) * 15) Thinking Of You

    * 16) Hot N Cold * 17) Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

    * 18) Firework * 19) California Gurls

    * 20)I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Whitney Houstons


    California D



    Floor 3 9AdmitOne


    This ticket is a revocable license and may be revoked and admission refused upon refunding the printed price thereon. This ticket may not be resold at a premium nor may the ticket holder thereof transmit or aid in transmitting beyond the limits of the stadium described in such ticket, in whole or in part, any description, account, picture, reproduction or result of the ______ or exhibition to which this ticket admits him; if the holder hereof does so, this license is automatically terminated.

  • TReese GD2 12

    Hiding and ShowingH i d e p l a n e i n t h e c l o u d s

    The point of this project was to show us how to hide things behind other things and then make the clouds lighter so they look like there just barely covering the plane. The size on this was a 7 X 5 document.

  • 13 GD2 TReese

    Composing a sceneP u t t h e f a r m e r b e h i n d t h e f e n c eB l u e t h e b a c k g r o u n d

    The point of this was to put the farmer behind the fence and blur the background to make it look more realistic. I learned how to move layers around and delete things as well. This was a 7 X 5 in. sized document.

  • 14 GD2 TReese

    SequencingM a k e a p e r s o n l o o k l i k e t h e y a r e r u n n i n g i n a s e q u e n c e . M o r e t h a n 1 o f t h e m .

    For this project we were to take pictures of someone then cut them out and paste them into one picture so it looks like a sequence of pictures. For this project we used Photoshop. This was done in my advance photog-raphy class.

  • TReese GD2 15

    FocusingF o c u s i n o n s o m e t h i n g c l o s e

    The point of this project was to focus on things close to you so the background would look blurred. I wanted to put this picture in because it was one of my favorite ones. I didnt do anything to this picture except upload it to a computer and put it into shutterfly.

  • 16 GD2 TReese

    Online Photoshop TutorialsF i n d a t u t o r i a l a n d d o i t

    For this project we had to take a tutorial and do what it said to do. For mine I had to lighten up the background and make it look more realistic. The picture that I started with was dark and looked scary. I made it look happy and inviting. This was done in Photoshop.

  • TReese GD2 17

    Online Photoshop TutorialsF i n d a t u t o r i a l a n d d o i t

    For this tutorial I had to take the picture change the coloring of the cats and the surroundings, I also put my own twist to it to make it look a little more interesting. I took a lot of the colors out and made the cats look darker. This was done in Photoshop.