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Short Blackboard introduction TU Delft

Text of Blackboard Introduction SP11

  • 1Challenge the future Blackboard SP11 introduction Blackboard, a digital learning environment e-Learning Support, O&S 23-7-2013
  • 2Challenge the future Contents NetID Log in to Blackboard Global Navigation and notifications MyTUDelft MyContent Courses Organizations MyStudentInfo Osiris Student Resources My Campus Life Campus Life Library and StudentPortal Blackboard Mobile Help
  • 3Challenge the future NetID NetID gives access to TU Delft sites and services Activate at > New Students Contact Service Desk for NetID questions
  • 4Challenge the future Log in to Blackboard Go to Log in with NetID Forgot your password? Go to or contact the Service Desk
  • 5Challenge the future Global Navigation and notifications Navigate through Blackboard using the menu on top left < Main menu < Sub menu Check notifications (announcements, updates, etc.) on top right
  • 6Challenge the future MyTUDelft Add or remove modules Organize modules on page Personalize Page: Change look and feel
  • 7Challenge the future My Content My Content is your personal file repository and has capacity of 200 MB Click upload to upload files or packages
  • 8Challenge the future Courses Search a course via Course Search Course Catalog Check year and period Enroll Enroll
  • 9Challenge the future Courses Announcements Course Information Lecture notes Assignments Tools My Grades Unenroll Groups (enrollment) Content
  • 10Challenge the future Organizations Search a course via Course Search Course Catalog Enroll Enroll
  • 11Challenge the future MyStudentInfo Watch lectures online via Collegerama View MyTimetable Order readers
  • 12Challenge the future MyStudentInfo My Timetable Schedule / location of lectures and exams Edit profile, add courses manually via Blackboard by studentnumber by study programme Export schedule to PDF, iCal or CSV
  • 13Challenge the future MyStudentInfo Click Start Osiris in order to Register for exams View grades Osiris Student
  • 14Challenge the future MyStudentInfo Student Resources Download software: Go to software > Check I agree with the requirements > Go to Software
  • 15Challenge the future My Campus Life Campus Life OpenCourseware information Delft Calendar TU Delft on iTunesU Studium Generale Events
  • 16Challenge the future My Campus Life Library and StudentPortal Library contains links to: Library Website Discover (search engine for Thesis projects, books and papers) StudentPortal links to
  • 17Challenge the future Blackboard Mobile Mobile application for using Blackboard You can find it at MyTUDelft Tab
  • 18Challenge the future Help Website: Email: Phone: (015 278) 9194 Office: Jaffalaan 9a room A3.020 Blackboard IM: tab School, ELS@TUDelft or simply click on the Support tab on the right on Blackboard e-Learning Support Mo Fr: 9.00 17.00 Sa Su: closed