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GFWC FLORIDA Reporting 2015. The history is in reporting……

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Text of GFWC FLORIDA Reporting 2015. The history is in reporting……

  • GFWC FLORIDA Reporting2015

  • The history is in reporting.

  • GFWC Florida needs you.

  • Reveal your club through ReportingGFWC clubs and clubwomen are the fabric that binds not only the Federation, but the communities in which they live and work. By Living the Volunteer Spirit, GFWC clubwomen transform lives each day, not simply with monetary donations, but with hands-on tangible projects that provide immediate impact. With a grassroots approach that often thinks locally but impacts globally, GFWC, its clubs and members remain committed to serving as a force for global good, as it has done since its formation 125 years ago.With nearly 100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state, the District of Columbia, and more than a dozen countries, GFWC members work in their own communities to support the arts, preserve natural resources, advance education, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage civic involvement, and work toward world peace and understanding.

  • What is your clubs goal?

  • Reporting is hard and confusingIt changes every year.It is new to us.We dont know where to start. It is not fun.It is too much work.

  • Why should clubs report?

  • The reason we report..GFWC FLORIDA8,972 members152 clubs1,257,309 Volunteer Hours$1,069,201 In Kind Donations$1,282,997 Financial Donations11,332 Documented Projects

  • Just think if every Womans Club reported? We received 80 Reports.

    About 53% of our clubs reported what they did in 2014.

    the potential we have asVolunteers.

  • Who We AreGFWCNearly 100,000 members strong, the General Federation of Women's Clubs is united in its dedication to volunteer community service. While diverse in age, interests, and experiences, all clubwomen are united by a desire to create positive change in their communities.

    2013-2014 By The NumbersTotal Projects: 99,658 Volunteer Hours: 4,501,491.2 Dollars Donated: $13,880,047.51 In-Kind Donations: $10,915,295.90

  • Where do we begin?

  • Who needs to help with club reports?Newsletter or Social Media ChairmanReporting ChairmanAll Club Chairmen, Officers. Including President.Club TreasurerComputer literate persons

  • Ok we have it all together, now what?Collect all club reporting information

  • Now that I have this stuff, what next?www.gfwcflorida.orgUnder Women and DownloadsPrint the LBP and Honor Score Under Home ResourcesPrint the Remittance Form This is a live document, check for recent information.

  • www.gfwcflorida.orgWomen/Downloads TabWill give you LBPWill give you Honor ScoreWill give you where to reportWill give you reporting datesWill give you reporting guidelinesWill give you stat sheet and blank narrativeWill give you chairmen names and email

  • OK, I got it. What do I do first?2015 GFWC FLORIDAREMITTANCE FORM

    Determine # of membersDetermine donation to charitiesUtilize your Treasurer




  • Honor Score Calculations

    This is where you need your reports, check book, facebook, newsletters, emails, calendars and notes.

    Calculations are points.What has your club done?What contributions have you made? What nominations or support have you done?What representation has your club been a part of?Where have you reported?

  • Honor Score A minimum of 100 points must be earned in the club year to qualify. What is Paving the Way?What is Nominated a LEADS candidate?What is GFWC/GFWC Florida Orientation?What is Dollars for Delegates?What are the funds for membership, ADM, Officer Travel Fund, Communication Tools?








  • LBP or Lois B. PerkinsA minimum of 100 points earned to be eligible. The club with the highest points in the 5 Membership Categories will be named club of the year in that category. OVERALL point total among those 5 are is awarded the LBP.

    GFWC Floridas most outstanding club!

  • LBP Tips..What is representation at Annual Convention and SRC?What is a Joint Project?What is Federation Day Project?Member or Club assist or donate in Day of Service?

  • Lois B. Perkins (LBP)FORM GOES TO:






  • What are the Community Service Programs?The six (6) Community Service Programs (CSPs) are:ArtsConservationEducationHome LifeInternational OutreachPublic Issues

  • How do I know what Community Service Program to put the project in?Where?Ask?

  • What are Endorsed Partnerships?GFWC is proud to partner with a number of dynamic and impactful organizations. Together, we work to improve our communities and better our world. Our partners offer unique and customized services, including: materials, speakers, kits, and/or additional information specifically designed for GFWC clubs.GFWC Community Service Programs and Special Projects focus on major issues that affect our communities dailysupporting womens health, preserving natural resources, promoting literacy and equality, citizen advocacy, and encouraging volunteer service.

  • What are the GFWC ENDORSEDCommunity Service PARTNERSHIPS?ArtsConservation- The Nature Generation (ACTrees for first part of 2015 reporting year.)Education HOBY (ESO separate report)Home Life Canine Companions*; Easter Seals; March of Dimes; Inside Knowledge; The Heart Truth; St. Jude Research Hospital International Outreach- Operation Smile, Heifer, Unicef, Shot at Life Public Issues- Kettering, USO, Sew Much Comfort

  • What are the ADVANCEMENT areas?IMPORTANT ONE.Membership

    Make a difference.

    RecruitmentRetentionJuniorettesOther Womans History and Resource Center (WHRC)

  • MEMBERSHIP Seasonal RecruitmentSUMMER Warm Up with New FriendsJune, July and August Recruitment Reports due September 1FALL Rake in New FriendsSeptember, October and November Recruitment Report due December 1WINTER A Flurry of New FriendsDecember, January and February Recruitment Report due March 1SPRING Grow New FriendsMarch, April and May Recruitment Report due June 1

  • Domestic Violence Signature ProjectHacienda Girls Ranch-Florida Prevent Child Abuse America Pinwheels

  • Just as ImportantOther Advancement AreasLeadership

    Communications and Public Relations


    Legislative and Public Policy

  • Dont Forget there are more.WebsiteMediaNewsletters

  • Points on Award PlacementCSP, Membership and Leadership 1st Place=10 points2nd Place=7 points3rd Place=5 pointsAdvancement Areas, PP, & Domestic Violence1st Place =8 Points2nd Place=5 points3rd Place=3 Points

  • What Makes Up a GFWC Report?A report consists of:At least one (or as many as needed) statistical sheet(s) per area or CSPA maximum of four (4) additional pages of narrativeMust be typewritten in no smaller than 12 point fontNo pictures or graphics allowed

  • What do those Report Headings Mean?Name of ProjectHoursCost to ClubProfit

  • Lets start with the statistical FormYear ______CLUB__________________________________ District________#Members______

  • Create the Project Name.

  • GFWC CORAL SPRINGS WOMANS CLUB DISTRICT 13 No. of Members: 43President Joan Rounds, (954) 796-6732, (954) 270-1568 YEAR: 2014CSP/AREA: ARTS

    Project # Name of ProjectMembersHoursCost to ClubGoods/$Contri- butedProfit1a.The Art of Beading 30 900$ 250 b.Arts and Crafts Judging 30 900$ 250 c.Napkin Decoupage Demonstration 25 75000 d. Friends of Music 30 900002a.Holiday Live and Silent Auction 401580$1,500$ 781 b.Tasters Luncheon Cookbooks 25 770$ 128$ 253.Club Scrapbook 10 50$ 100$ 2504.Workshop for Friends of Music 5 200 $ 5005.Friends of Music Fund-Raiser 13 500$ 655`06.District 13s Arts & Crafts Festival 5 15$ 10$ 5007.GFWC FLs Commemorative Quilt 1 250 $ 50 08.Exhibits at the Museum 8 270$ 4009.Partnership with the Lions Club 3 300$ 200010.Gift Baskets 10 300$ 3000Totals This Page235 827$ 110$ 3,048 $ 806

  • EXCEL Example

  • Step #2 what is next?Separate by CSP/Advancement AreasList ProjectsNo one Project can be reported more than once. Exception:FundraisingProgramsCommunications and Public Relations**President Project is separate report and sent to Home Life.

  • Statistical ReportSTATISTICAL REPORT CLARIFICATIONCSP statistics are to be reported on the first line that reads Community Service Project. If a CSP has partnerships, please report all statics on the line for that partnership.

  • What is Cross- Reporting of projects

  • A note about presidents projectAssistance in dog awareness.Canine Companions.Canine companions for Wounded WarriorsReport to Presidents Project, be sure to submit to Home Life.

  • A note about Junior Special ProjectSt. Jude Research Hospital March of DimesRonald McDonald HouseGive Kids the World One Voice for Children(these are reported under HOME LIFE)

  • the NarrativeNo more than 4 pages per report

    # of Project on narrative = # of Project on Statistical Form

    Remember as you write to cover the Who, What, Why, Where and How!

  • Who for the Narrative?List the Involvement of EveryoneMembersFamilyOther Community OrganizationsPress involvementRemember it is a club project

  • GFWC CORAL SPRINGS WOMANS CLUB DISTRICT 13 No. of Members: 43President Joan Rounds, (954) 796-6732, (954) 270-1568 YEAR: 2014CSP/AREA: ARTS

    Project # Name of ProjectMembersHoursCost to ClubGoods/$Contri- butedProfit1a.The Art of Beading 30 900$ 250 b.Arts and Crafts Judging 30 900$ 250 c.Napkin Decoupage Demonstration 25 75000 d. Friends of Music 30 900002a.Holiday Live and Silent Auction 401580$1,500$ 781 b.Tasters Luncheon Cookbooks 25 770$ 128$ 253.Club Scrapbook 10 50$ 100$ 2504.Workshop for Friends of Music 5 200 $ 5005.Friends of Music Fund-Raiser 13 500$ 655`06.District 13s Arts & Crafts Festival 5 15$ 10$ 5007.GFWC FLs Commemorative Quilt 1 250 $ 50 08.Exhibits at the Museum 8 270$ 4009.Partnership with the Lions Club 3 300$ 200010.Gift Baskets 10 300$ 3000Totals This Page235 827$ 110$ 3,048 $ 806

  • GFWC CORAL SPRINGS WOMANS CLUBMembership 43, District 132014 ART NARRATIVE1. ART PROGRAMS: a. The Art of Beading: Members and guests were treated to the expertise of a Coral Springs Craft Guild member, who has her own jewelry beading business. She taught us and we had a hands-on session on beading beautiful jewelry.b. Arts and Crafts Judging: We had our arts and crafts completion with an outside judge. We had eight first place items entered in District 13s competition.c. Napkin Decoupage Demonstration: Our chairman conducted a hands-on napkin decoupage demonstration. The theme was Easter.d. Friends of Music: The president of the Coral Springs Friends of Music, the local fund-raising group that purchases and donates instruments to middle and senior high schools, spoke at our December meeting, encouraging our members to attend their major fund-raiser. We had a table of 12 for the event.2. FUND-RAISERS: a. Holiday Live and Silent Auction: We call our annual holiday auction Make It, Bake It, Sew It, Grow It to encourage members to be creative by bringing to the auction items that they have made, baked, sewn or grown themselves. Our live auction had 75 items and the silent auction were four pricier gift baskets. We made a good profit, mainly because our members hand-crafted beautiful items and baked awesome cakes, cookies and candies. Our many guests bought, bought and bought! So much fun!! One workshop was held to plan the auction.b. Tasters Luncheon cookbooks: A member whos a whiz on the computer, put together o 40-page cookbook of all of the recipes for our annual luncheon, a gift to all attendees, complete with color graphics on every page. This was our thank you for supporting our fund-raiser. We sold the leftover cookbooks to members and guests who wanted extras for friends and to those who were unable to attend the luncheon. 3. CLUB SCRAPBOOK: Members routinely contribute published articles, photos and other pertinent documents that should be preserved in our club scrapbook to our scrapbook chairman, so that she and her committee can complete it. We entered the hand-crafted scrapbook in the 2014 GFWC Florida Fall Board Meeting competition and received the Best Cover award! 4. WORKSHOP FOR FRIENDS OF MUSIC: Every year the Coral Springs Friends of Music invites our club to donate a table-size decorated Christmas tree for their annual fund-raiser silent auction. Our Christmas trees theme was Frozen and it was absolutely gorgeous!! Members worked hard on hand-crafter decorations.5. FRIENDS OF MUSIC FUND-RAISER: Members of our club attended the annual fund-raiser for the community organization, Friends of Music. This organization raises money for public schools, so they keep their choruses, bands and orchestras in local middle and high schools. We donated the profit from the tree back to Friends of Music. We are delighted to help this outstanding non-profit organization.6. DISTRICT 13s ARTS & CRAFTS FESTIVAL: Our 2013-2014 club president served as District 13s arts chairman, so she and our clubs arts chairman set up the room for the judges, registered the items and set them in place for competition. Our club also was responsible for bringing desserts to the event. We entered six items in six categories and members won two first place ribbons and four second place ribbons. 7. GFWC FLORIDAS QUILT PARTICIPATION: A very talented member of our club embroidered a square for the GFWC Florida quilt to be unveiled at state convention to commemorate 120 years of our states volunteer service. The square has a white background with the words GFWC Coral Springs Womans Club at the top and one, gold Floribunda rose in the center, our club flower. 8. EXHIBITS AT THE CORAL SPRINGS MUSEUM: Our members attended two exhibits at the Coral Springs Museum of Arts to see these exhibits: a. Art by Artists Henning Haupt, Craig Carlisle and Sylvia Tarskin b. Everglades National Park Photography by Clyde Butcher, Preserving Eden 9. PARTNERSHIP WITH THE LIONS CLUB: We partnered with the Lions Club to make 40 crocheted squares, 12 x 12, for lap robes for women in a nursing home.10. MAKING GIFT BASKETS: We assembled 35 beautiful gift baskets for two raffles that were held in 2014. Members contribute all of the items.

  • In the narrative..What are those acronyms?

    Did you find out about the project at Fall Board/Chairmans Bulletin/ Clubwoman article/website/ district meeting or in the GFWC manual?

    Remember, it is WE not ME.

  • Why in the narrative?Why was it important?

    Why is this a good or great project?

    Why did your club decide to do the project?

  • Narrative is what?It is the story..what is the story of the project? Give us the facts. Remember extra credit? Tell us so we think we are part of the projetct.Tell us the good, bad, success, failure, funny, sad or will you do it again..Did the chairmen ask for specifics pertaining to this area?

  • Where was your project held?LocationClubhouseParkCommunity Building

  • HOW was it accomplished?

  • What are judges looking for? Program and Partnership Projects

  • AGAIN THIS YEAR Online ReportingAll reports may be sent via e-mail using:Excel, Word, or Adobe software

    All E-mailed Reports Must be Postmarked by 2/1/16-11:59 pm

    Reports must be saved in the following format and include GFWC, Club Name, and Program.Example: GFWC Naples Education.doc

    E-mailing your Reports is mandatory. (PLEASE) It is just so much easier for the chairmen.

  • Due Date for ReportsTo be considered for GFWC Florida Awards your reports must bePost- Marked No Later than:

    February 1, 2016

  • Reporting Dates and Information 2015(check the website) Reports are due to Chairmen and Advancement areas by February 1, 2016Reports to First Vice President by February 1, 2016 Honor Score and LBP to Awards Chairman/President/1st VP by February 1, 2016 Reports, Honor Score and LBP are sent to District Director by February 1, 2016 Reporting Period January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015.Emailing of Reports is preferred and recommended.Dues are Due November1. Remittance form will be emailed to current President or Treasurer September 15, 2015.Dont forget to send payment with remittance form. Statistic Forms and Narrative Forms are on Website.As many statistic forms as needed. A maximum of 4 pages of narrative. 12 font-Arial, Camfria, Calibri or Times New Roman. One inch margins on left and right side. GFWC Florida Remittance FormDue November 1, 2015LEADS Due December 1, 2016Honor ScoreDue February 1, 2016 Lois B. Perkins (LBP)** Due February 1, 2016 **(Honor Score at least 100 to qualify) Yearbooks and NewslettersTwo copies per year. Cover sheet on Website. Judy Lutz Interaction Award Due February 1, 2016Marcia Bright Junorette InteractionDue February 1, 2016 GFWC Volunteer of the YearDue February 1, 2016GFWC Florida Club Website**Due February 1, 2016 (by webmaster) Club Publicity BookDue February 1, 2016GFWC Writing ContestDue February 1, 2016GFWC Short Story/Poetry Due February 1 ,2016GFWC Florida Scholarship Due March 1, 2016GFWC Media Campaign Due March 15, 2016GFWC Photography Contest Due April 1, 2016GFWC A Year in PicturesDue May 15, 2016 GFWC Jeannie Award Due to State President June 1, 2016Community Improvement March 1, 2016 (Projects 1/2014 -12/31/2015)

  • What Awards Will Clubs Win?Each CSP - ProgramMembershipLeadershipFundraisingProgramsCommunications/PRDomestic Violence AwarenessPublic Policy/ LegislationPresidents Project


  • And there is more

    LBP Outstanding Club AwardONE OVERALL WINNER

  • Reports Go toE-mail your:GFWC Florida State ChairmanDistrict DirectorSharon Oliphant, GFWC Florida 1st Vice PresidentIf you have any questions, contact the above persons before February 1st!!

  • Reporting is fun. Just ask us!

  • GFWC FLORIDA Reporting2015

    **But really, where do we begin..and I always think to myself..

    Jolie, what do I want out of this reporting? If I am going to spend more than 5 hours on something, what is my end goal?

    And to me, the first goal of reporting is to get a chairman to actually read and understand what I have written, and then to get excited because something that we did as a club was unique.

    *You send your information to our State Chairmen and they add your information to that of other clubs from across the state. They write their report which will include Your Clubs information and send it to Mary Powell, Dean of Chairmen. Mary will compile the GFWC Florida Reports.

    GFWC takes our numbers and adds them to other states and comes up with their own numbers which are huge!! And they publish those numbers to anyone and everyone, and we as a national organization LOOK GOOD.

    This is one of the BIG PICTURE know the ones when you are supposed to go wowlets hear it

    When someone says to you What does your organization do? then your response can be, Well in 2014 we gave $50,000 to Canine Companions, etc., etc.



    Reporting, helps clubs realize how much they really did accomplish and of course you should feel great about that!!

    Unknown fact is that it reveals where your club places its emphasis and resources; it reveals areas for improvement; and provides for sharing of ideas across the state and country.

    *As you can see, the Reporting Chairman needs to be involved in the club reports. Every club should have a Reporting Chairman and if you dont have a designated reporting chairman, assign someone the task of reading all of the reports. That way one person has looked at them all and will know if you are double reporting.You also need computer literate individuals to help prepare the forms and write the script, plus it needs to be sent via email.All Club Chairmen should write their individual reports and the Officers and the President need to be included in the review.

    * MinutesTreasurers books or reportsNewslettersAgendasChairmens reportsMedia Book or scrapbook

    *Do many of you have a GFWC Florida Reporting and Awards Handbook? I have them available here for $5 each if you need to purchase one. Or as you can see, you can go online to, under the tab Women and then click on Downloads. It is 75 pages long but you can go look at it and see what pages you may want to print for yourself. I think you should be able to click on the page and print your individual needs.*STEP 11.Find a copy of the GFWC Florida Remittance Form and print out a couple of copies. Find it on the Treasurer, determine the number of members you will pay dues on. That number goes on your Statistical Form as # of members top right.3.With your President, determine which GFWC Florida Charities listed on the remittance form your club will donate to this year.

    *The official Remittance Form and Dues packet has been sent via email to your clubs designee. The forms should have been received by that person within the last two weeks. If your club has not received your packet, please let me know or if you want to check with your designee first, then call Florida Federation headquarters and let our Executive Director know. The number is 863-647-2642.As I said, make a decision about what you want to donate to and the dollar amount. The nice thing is that it is an easy way to donate to projects without holding an Event and you get credit on the Honor Score and the Lois B Perkins Award or LBP.

    With your Treasurer, determine the number of members you will pay dues on and that number goes on the top right corner of the form.

    With the President, decide which GFWC Florida charities you want to donate to. Many clubs just give $2 to $5 on each item, depending on what you have done in the past. It does add up when all of the clubs have submitted the Remittance Form and it is so very helpful to fund the programs and in keeping Florida Federation moving forward. From the Executive Committee, just let me say in advance Thank you for your generosity.

    *Sample of Items on the LBP Form : Attendance:Representation at 2013 GFWC Annual Convention, Hollywood, FLRepresentation at 2013 GFWC Southern Region Conference, Biloxi, MSClub Participation/Activities:Joint Project held with another GFWC Florida ClubJoint Project held with another Community Organization50% subscription to GFWC Clubwoman MagazineStart and Maintain / Update a Club WebsiteHeld a Leadership Workshop for MembersClub Sponsoring a Juniorette ClubClub Participated in a Federation Day ProjectMember or Club participated or donated to a Day of ServiceClub assisted in federating a new club (Womans, Junior or Juniorette)

    **What was the purpose of the project?

    SEE Where to Report It for 2012 - Its on the GFWC FL website and I have copies for you

    Or look in the 2012-2014 GFWC Club Manual on the GFWC Website: WWW.GFWC.ORG - also a copy is sent to club presidents by GFWC.

    ****At least one or as many as needed Statistical Sheets for each Report.You can include a maximum of FOUR (4) pages for your narrative. For example, your club president is focusing on Education during her administration and your club has just been so involved in so many projects that you want to report each and every one of them. You can use as many statistical sheets as you need but keep your narrative to 4 pages. If you just made a monetary donation, dont worry about writing a narrative, but be sure to put the information on the statistical page. Not every item has a narrative just write about the things that are really important to you.Your reports MUST be typewritten using no small than a 12 point font. And you should have ONE (1) inch margins all around the page top, bottom, left and right. Our chairmen have to be able to read your reports.And please no pictures or graphic. Save those for your media books. Media Books should be sent to the Communication/Public Relations Chairman, Charlene Earl, and Newsletters and your Club Yearbooks go to Laurie Auth. Please use the same deadline as you will for reporting, which is February 1, 2013.

    *Project Number-Start numbering with 1 and continue sequentially.

    Name of Project - Use descriptive term that an outsider would understand. Use no acronyms or initials without explanation.

    # Members - Can only report members (no helping husbands can be counted) whom you have paid dues on and who worked on that particular project.

    Hours -Total hours for the entire project completed by all members.

    Cost to Club (Not always needed). Only count money when a club check has been written.

    For example, you have a fashion show and luncheon and you have to purchase the food for the luncheon. That is a cost to the club. OR, you collect pajamas for the Womens Shelter and everyone brings in a pair of pajamas. There is no cost to the club.

    Goods/$ Contributed (Not always needed). Can count donations by merchants and club members and also entry ticket costs paid by members. Profit (Not always needed). Net profit only. In your narrative if you want to tell gross profit and expenses that is fine.

    *Handout the Master Form for them to view.*Use Titles that those judging reports will remember.Use creativity to make the title catch their interest.Explain the title only if you need to.

    *Sara has program site that is free to read excelget info.Step 2

    Separate by Community Service Programs (CSPs)

    Separate your reports using different colored highlighters. Pull out your newsletters or club scrapbook and start pulling information together and assigning it to your clubs chairmen or officers. Decide if they go in ARTS, CONSERVATION, EDUCATION, HOME LIFE, INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH OR PUBLIC ISSUES. Write one report for each of these and include both Partnerships and Programs in your report.

    List Projects by Importance with club donations listed last.

    NO ONE Project can be reported more than ONCE in the 6 CSPs, Membership, or Leadership.

    *You can report in all of the Community Service Programs plus Fundraising, Programs and/or Communications/Public Relations. Say you have a fund raising event and the proceeds all go to Education. You can report the project under both Education and Fundraising. And if you took pictures at the event and put them in your local paper with a write up about the event, you can also report the project under Communication/Public Relations. And if you had a program at your club meeting and told everyone about the project, how you did it, how it turned out and where the proceeds went, then you can also report it under Programs.

    Same is true for Membership and Leadership.

    ***List the Involvement of:

    Members Family This is where you can talk about those other people who worked on your project to get some credit. Your husbands, your kids they can all be listed here.Other Community Organizations If you worked on a joint project with the Optimist Club, heres where you talk about it. Press Involvement Yes, we would all love for the press to be involved in our projects.

    ***LOCATIONBe sure to talk about where the event took place. Was it at your Clubhouse, in the City Park, or held in a Community Building. The Chairmen need to be able to imagine a picture of where your event happened.

    *Describe your PODC (Plan/ Organize/Direct/Control) steps.

    How did you work the project?

    How did it turn out?

    Did it meet your expectations?

    How were the results beneficial and to whom?

    *Make it easy for the chairmen to judge your report. They have 120+ reports to read.

    Was it a Team effort? Or was it just one member going it alone?

    Was it a hands-on project or did you just write a donation check?

    Did you report projects that covered all of the GFWC Programs Both Partnership and Program Projects? (If you didnt report a project in both areas you will not be eligible for an award in the Overall CSP category.)

    *Sending it via email:

    The actual with attachmentDO NOT save it as a PDF.send as an EXCEL FILE.

    When reporting PLEASE put your club name in the subject field and then the department. For example, last year too many clubs had Public Affairs in their subject and nothing else. The Chairman then had to rename the file. Please no initials as the CSP chairman cant figure out which club it was by reading their slim report. Your might want to use ... GFWC Where in the World Public Issues.

    All reports need to be sent to the chairmen via email. If you absolutely cannot make that happen, and you cannot find someone in your club, or your daughter or granddaughter to help you out, then by all means, mail your reports to the chairmen. They want to hear about your projects and what you have been doing in your communities and will accept it any way they can get it.Those sending via email, please, please, please put your club name in the subject line and when closing your document and giving it a title, put your club name in the title of your document. All the words do not have to run together, you can put spaces between the words.

    **Same as in the previous administration 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each membership category for both Partnership and Programs plus Membership, Leadership, Fundraising, Programs, Communications/PR, Domestic Violence, Public Policy/Legislation and the Presidents Project.The first and second place winners will be shown on the screen and the 1st Place winner will come forward to receive her clubs certificate. We will have a designated announcer and the Chairmen will be able to join the first place winners and have their picture taken with the winning clubs.

    The LBP Outstanding Club Award*****