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  • 8/14/2019 ePortfolios in the Classroom


    Dr. Barbara L. Pittman

    Spring 2012

    Further Reading:

    ePortfolio at San Francisco State:http://at.sfsu.edu/eportfolio/student_land A nice overview of the purpose and

    components of ePortfolios.

    Demonstrating and Assessing Student earning with !"Portfolios# $PDF%:

    http://net.educause.edu/ir/li&rar'/pdf/!()**).pdf+**, review of ePortfolio case studies from the !D-A-S!

    earning (nitiative $!(%.

    ordPress.com: http://wordpress.com/A freel'"hosted resource for creating sites that can &e used as ePortfolios. 0'

    sample portfolio1 displa'ing a multi"page format:http://pittmanportfolio.wordpress.com

    Approaches to Teaching and Learning

    hat does it loo2 li2e in practice3

    Students save copies of all artifacts of wor2 during a course or single pro4ect1 collecting them to a

    portfolio shell1 arrange items in an order that shows progression1 and write introductions to and

    re5ections on that wor2. (nstructors prescri&e the t'pes of self"evaluation students will write. Resulting

    portfolios ma' &e shared with classmates as presentations and for end of semester/pro4ect

    discussions1 as long as the portfolios are written in a re5ective manner that suggests development in

    the 6eld and not discussions of grading. Students would &e well advised to strip from the te7t of their

    material an' facult' comments or grading mar2s.

    ePortfolios in the Classroom

    hat is it3

    !portfolios are electronic portfolios1 digital collections of items that represent completed wor2 or

    wor2 that is in progress. As with print portfolios1 the' can &e used for assessment1 documentation of

    ac8uired s2ills1 or professional achievement. (n the classroom1 ePortfolios can &e used to assess the

    wor2 of one pro4ect or of the entire course. 9'pical components of ePortfolios are samplings of

    written wor2 $or an' wor2 that can &e presented electronicall'%1 re5ections on that wor21 and a

    discussion of plans for development. (n some institutions1 ePortfolios are cumulative and follow

    students throughout their studies1 &uilding with each course to re5ect a students educational


    ;ow does such a tool 6t into m' course3

    ourse ePortfolios can &e considered a writing pro4ect if suf6cient writing is e7pected to introduce

    and re5ect on material from the course. A group ePortfolio can &e one component of a group pro4ect that gives the group mem&ers an

    opportunit' to evaluate their wor2 as a team. (n an art1 design1 or creative writing 6eld1 an ePortfolio displa'ing ac8uired s2ills can &e a capstone

    pro4ect for a degree1 as well as for a 4o& search1 having &een &uilt throughout a students

    course of stud'. !ach course would contri&ute artifacts and evaluation to the 6nal version.