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Liz Grigg

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  • 1. ACE ePortfolios! With Liz Grigg and Lynne Gibb

2. Adult Community Education is ACE! 1,000 ACE organisations in Australia - only 730 McDonalds restaurants Over 200 ACE organisations in Victoria Many ACE organisations are RTOs 3. Coonara Community House Located in the City of Knox outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne 154,000 people 50,000 hours of accredited training each year 18,000 hours of Childrens Services 90% of our Diploma of Childrens Services students are working in the industry. Coonara has been involved in flexible delivery for 6 years 4. Who is using an ePortfolio? With students? Personally? 5. ePortfolios is ACE Google Sites Mahara Wikispaces 6. Google Sites e-Portfolio Navigation Pane 7. Portfolio Page Text area 8. Comments Section Comments 9. Review Not designed as an ePortfolio tool, but could work as one. Customisable presentation and design Security questionable All pages available to viewer of site Not Portable Support available on line. 10. Home Page Navigation pane 11. Portfolio page 12. Review Not designed as an ePortfolio tool, but could work as one. Customisable presentation and design Security available with a paid for version Can lock pages from viewer of site Portable to another wikispace not to another program that we are aware of. Lots of support available on line. 13. This is my Mahara My Profile My friends on Mahara My Skills Relevant photos Groups I belong to in Mahara 14. Different Views for different things 15. Resume view 16. For RPL screen display This screen grab shows the total look of the screen. In this example, each column refers to a different unit being RPLd. You can click on a unit heading to provide more detail. 17. RPL for Course (several units) 18. RPL - Unit detail Space for tutor feedback Name is link to document Description of artefact I used key words and the element numbers Date artefact loaded to Mahara 19. Assessor feedback 20. Review Is designed as an ePortfolio tool Not Customisable design, but layout is for each view Security yes You select blocks and documents for each view Portable to some other systems. Support available on line. 21. Comparison User friendly Cost Flexibiity Security Portability Google Sites Free And Freely available Customisation? Mahara For those with ICT skills Free product Customisation? Wikis Free product (has adds) If pay Free no privacy Pay = privacy If pay 22. Why Mahara for trial? Heard about Mahara at EPF conference 2 in Brisbane Offered free hosting on VETSA server 23. Coonaras Mahara trial Pre-training interviews conducted includes ICT skill evaluation RPL students with ICT skills offered to partake in trial 6 out of 16 students elected to participate in Mahara trial 10 students elected to complete RPL by paper based method 24. How did we do it? Developed a RPL website to assist all students Students participated in 4 x 2 hour weekly training sessions on Mahara prior to Diploma course commencement 2 trainers conducted Mahara sessions industry trainer, and ICT/Mahara trainer During Mahara training introduced to RPL website for supporting information and documentation 25. Conclusion Explain RPL at start 4 x 2 hour session of RPL training supports students but is it cost effective? Level of ICT skills varies greatly regardless of course of study Intimidation by ICT very real Our aim is to integrate ePortfolios into Coonara across accredited delivery