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  • 1. ePortfolios for Everyone Accessibility in Mahara Presented by Catalyst IT // 20th March 2014

2. 2 Why accessibility? (and what is it anyway?) Its about allowing as many people as possible to use your website It affects a lot of people Its not hard You write better code You wont get sued 3. 3 Who's it for? Example personas Hanako Japanese student Blind Martin Lecturer Low motor skills Doug Mature student Low motor skills Julia Independent Low vision 4. How is it done? 4 How is it done? Following standards Descriptive text for images and labels for form elements Semantic elements for headings, lists, buttons, etc. Benefits Hanako and Julia Overdue Completed Search 5. 5 How is it done? Keyboard accessibility Drag and drop Dropdown menus Benefits Hanako, Julia and Doug Enter 6. 6 How is it done? Use of colour Contrast between text and background Contrasting links Benefits Mike and Julia 7. 7 How is it done? Logical ordering HTML is in a logical order The default tab order isnt modified Benefits Hanako, Julia and Doug 8. 8 What about the rest of us? Do we get any benefits? Simplicity Usability Maintainability SEO 9. 9 Links Bug reports - http://bit.do/mahara-accessibility-launchpad Patches - http://bit.do/mahara-accessibility-gerrit Developers' checklist - http://bit.do/mahara-checklist