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  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    Presentation on learning objectives during sales training

    By- Debdip Ghosh.

    Management Trainee

    August 23rd, 2010-2011.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    ` Understanding the role & responsibilities of a SISS.

    ` Get a insight of FMCG sales and distribution.

    ` Meaning of sales call, outlet classification, DRCP, frequency of coverage,

    range selling.

    ` Knowledge of different S.K.Us across all brands.` To get acquainted with market dynamics, market issues and competitions.

    ` Understanding the role & responsibilities of an ASO.

    ` Distributor management & appointment of new distributors.

    ` Analysis of sales data, ROI, coverage objectives.

    ` Stock ordering & settlement of various claims.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    ` Representing the company to the retailers and whole sellers.

    ` Generating secondary sales.

    ` Order taking as per beat plan(DRCP) in DSR book.

    ` Fulfilling beat-wise and brand wise targets.

    ` Launching new products in the market.

    ` Delivery follow-up, pending bills collection.` Stock check & co-ordinate primary sales.

    ` Facilitating merchandising activities.

    ` Damage stock return and settlement as per procedure.

    ` Reporting to ASO, filling up DSR, stock control sheet, secondary sales

    report.` Handing market issues.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    Territory- South Kolkata, Period working as a SISS: 13/07/10 to 13/10/10

    ` Merchandising and display- Lack of visibility of Emami products, no hot

    spot display, displays are not attractive, outdoor advertsing is very limited.

    ` Whole-sale relationship program should be introduced, like HULs- Vijeta,

    P&Gs- Bandhan, J&Js- Inner circle program.

    ` Distributors have upper hand in stock ordering which affect the primary

    target of the company.

    ` Damage stock replacements.

    ` Boroplus sun screen lotion is non moving.

    ` Lamila- Gradually losing the opportunity.


    SISS- Training and development workshops should be held.` During new launch free sample should be given to retailers/consumers to

    sell ample in future.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    ` Achieving sales target both primary and secondary in a particular designated


    ` Leading & motivating sales team to organizational goals and targets.

    ` Representing company to the distributors and facilitating primary orders.

    ` Managing distributors and appointing new distributors in a particular

    territory to increase volume and coverage.

    ` Keeping track of sales data and analysis of data for forecasting, flighting,

    supervising etc.

    ` Giving service to distributors like claims settlements of free gifts, damage

    stock, stock transfer, ordering of stock.

    ` Co- ordinating merchandising activities in the territory.

    ` Finding new markets in the territory to increase the scope of retailing.

    ` Facilitating various branding activities in the territory.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    Territory: Burdwan District, Period: 18.10.10 to 20.11.10.

    Lack of manpower to cover all the major beats in the whole territory.

    Logistics problem- Stock reaches D.B after 10-15 days of order booking.

    No merchandiser is sanctioned for any district towns, whereas every

    competitor is doing enormous merchandising activities.

    Very small amount of POP materials reaches the distributor point( lack of

    allocation of POPs for each D.B at depot)

    RTGS/NEFT code are not available with many distributors which effect

    primary targets and order delivery.

    Investment capacity is not sufficient of many distributors.

    Distributors like asansols A.K enterprise are not serious about retailing in

    small and distant towns.

    Non moving stocks like sardi ja, good morning etc are lying idle with many


    Heavy under-cutting in many border areas of burdwan like asansol and

    barakar from jarkhand side.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    ` Kolkata depot handles all three division- domestic, international & C.S.D for

    both Emami & Zandu.

    ` Emami and zandu invoicing is done against RTGS, NEFT, D.D and



    Goods are dispatched after payment is realized in company bank a/cs.` Goods are delivered to north & south 24 parganas by company transport

    and for up country town 2 courier service agency are engaged.

    ` Constant track of payments through MIS and banking efficiency report.

    ` Receiving of damaged and expired goods from distributors and replacing

    them.` Kolkata depot handles all POP delivery and transfers to other depots.

    ` Warehousing finished goods and packing goods when required.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    Return Claims:

    ` Damage.

    ` Statutory Return.

    ` Normal Return.

    ` Shortage Claims.

    ` Intact shortage.

    ` Transport shortage.

    ` No pending Claims received quarterly from distributors.

    ` Secondary claims

    ` Mentioned in circular.

    ` Lifting cum display.

    ` Key account claims for modern trade.

    ` Rural claims, Van subsidy, special claims like diwali etc.

    ` Siss/ Edsm stipend and incentive claims.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    Kolkata South.` Distributors only stock and delivers

    the products.

    ` Serious Involvement of 60-70%

    Distributor in Emamis business.

    ` ASO,SISS have better rappo and

    control over the distributors.

    ` Merchandising activities done for

    every beat by merchandiser.

    ` Transport problem is not major.

    ` All beats are covered and serviced on

    a regular basis.

    ` Demand of emami products are less

    in A, B class outlets.

    Burdwan dist.` Distributors stocks, delivers and sells &

    merchandises for the company.

    ` Distributors are not involved in emamis


    ` ASO, SISS have good relation but not total

    control over the distributors.

    ` Siss is responsible for merchandising


    ` Transport from depot to D.B is a big issue.

    ` All beats are not serviced on regular basis.

    ` Emami products have a good demand in

    rural markets.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    A sales call can be an postman call or a S.M.A.R.T call. A

    smart call is more effective and professional.

    ` S- Salutation.

    ` M- Merchandising Check.` A- Always start with promotional offer.

    ` R- Range calling with schemes.

    ` T- Thank you.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1







    (V.K Traders)






    (Maa LakmiBhander)



    (Fancy Stores)




  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1



    ` WS: Wholesale.

    ` SW: Semi- wholesale.

    ` MT: Modern Trade.

    ` KR: Kirana.

    ` CH: Chemist.

    ` FS: Fancy Stores.` GS: Grocery Stores.

    ` PB: Pan Biri.

    W/S Classification RETAIL Classification

    A+: > 50,000. A+: > 5000.

    A: > 25,000. A: > 2000.

    B: > 10,000. B: > 1000.

    SEMI: >5000. C: > 500.

    D: < 500.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    ` DRCP: Daily route coverage plan. It is also known as BEAT. It consists of

    shops name, address, contact persons & name ph no., category,

    classification, frequency of coverage.


    Frequency of coverage of a BEAT is determined by the sales volume themarket has aggregately. Depending upon the previous months average sales

    the BEAT is covered weekly or fortnightly.

    ` Sales Target: It is derived by taking into account the previous years sales of

    the particular month and then adding the subsequent percentage growth rate

    desired for the period. Then this monthly sales target is broken down into

    weekly beat targets.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    ` A sales target for a month is set with accordance with the last years

    corresponding month sales figure and the growth rate targeted.

    Example- Last year the sale in the month of July, 09 was Rs 2,00,000 for

    Superb Marketing , Garia. This year for the month of July,10 the sales target

    is 2,50,000. So the %age growth rate is 25%.

    Therefore we have to break the target for whole month into weekly targets.

    The optimal break-up should be:

    1stweek- 30%- 75,000.

    2ndweek-30%- 75,000.



    week-20%- 50,000.4thweek-20%-50,000.

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    Then the weekly targets derived has to broken down into BEAT wise targets

    which depends upon the average value of the BEAT.

    For Superb Marketing:

    Day BEAT Value ( Rs.) Growth% New Target.

    Monday Kudghat 10000 25%(2500) 12500

    Tuesday Basdroni 7000 25%(1750) 8750

    Wednesday Rani khuti 10000 25%(2500) 12500

    Thursday NetajiNagar 8000 25%(2000) 10000

    Friday Tollygunj 12000 25%(3000) 15000Saturday Boral 15000 25%(3750) 18750

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    ` Advantage.

    ` Features.

    ` Benefits.

    Action Close.

    A Sales Burger..

  • 8/8/2019 EMAMI DEBDIP 1


    For South Kolkata:` Stock out problem during peak season, so adequate production and sale