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1NAVRATNA OIL: BRAND OUTLOOKLargest brand of EMAMI Ltd.2010 saw a 25% volume growth driving 30% revenue growth15-20% growth momentum can be sustained on the back of new variants launched with aggressive promotions in North IndiaMarket size of Rs. 5507 mn ($117 mn) Market leader with 48% market share Rated as one of the most trusted brands by ORG Marg Commissioned some of the most visible brand ambassadors (Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, and Mahesh Babu, Chiranjeevi and Upendra for South)Source: KRC research

POSITIONING OF NAVRATNA OIL BRANDCOOLING is the core equity of the brandWith the induction of AMITABH BACHHAN as endorser of the brand NAVRATNA OIL saw a major shift in communication as a stress buster

Navratna tel ki maalish se neend aa gayiNavratna tel lagaiye , sardard tension dur bhagiye


Homogenous Preference Benefit:COOLING EFFECT relieving headache

granting sound sleep aids to increase memory

Eliminates tiredness

prevent premature hair fall

application on minor cuts and burnsClustered Preference BenefitPackaging promotes it as a unique blend of 9 herbs with multiple benefits

BRAND SEGMENTATION:TARGET GROUP: 18+ SEC A.B.C.D ; SEC R1-R4Initially brand was targeted for predominantly male Key issue : unable to tap the female consumer marketTo rectify that NRO has recently launched an ad with housewives

Brand setbacks were mainly faced in UP & BIHAR where HIMGANGE ruled the market owing to its heavy marginsHIMGANGE offered cumulative margins of 40% whereas NAVRATNA was able to offer just 18%The target population there also found HIMGANGE to be more effective


Navratna as a brand with the top class brand ambassadors had a huge awareness all over IndiaNot being a huge brand himgange could not afford to spend on media and totally relied on distribution and word of mouthCompetitor pricing strategy was followedPrices & margins remained the same , so no scope for comparison remains Endorser: Amitabh Bacchan a UpiiteSuperior feel and packagingExcellent availability

Low packaging and feel led himgange to lose its market share to NRXTNAVRATNA EXTRA THANDAHIMGANGE

MARKET GAPCool oils are just 15% of the total hair oil category

Normal hair oil users do not prefer the strong fragrance & stickiness of cool oilsKEY ISSUENAVRATNA LITE OIL launched with a mild fragrance and non stickinessTG: 25+ ALL SECs predominantly females

Steep fall in sales in 4QFY10 can mainly be accounted to high sales during 4QFY09(the company reintroduced the Re.1 sachet). Growth targets are set to rise by 1QFY11Source:IIFL researchBRANDSSKUMRPCOMPETITOR SNAPSHOTHIMGANGE3ml150ml25100ml47200ml78500ml175BANPHOOL3.5ml1100ml48200ml88HIMTAJ100ml48200ml88400ml145HIM RAHAT100ml48200ml85400ml155RAHAT ROOH50ml25100ml47200ml88500ml195HIMANAND200ml72400ml150BHIMSAR100ml30200ml50400ml150DULHAN 3.5ml150ml25100ml45200ml80500ml175NAVRATNA TODAYCool oil category is growing at 10-15% on an annual basisTarget of over 19% growth for NAVRATNA OIL for 2010-11 fiscalFocus on strengthening and popularisng NAVRATNA LITE OIL & NAVRATNA COOL TALCRe 1-sachet of Navratna oil, aimed at semi-urban and rural markets, contributes around 30 per cent of total sales of Navratna Oil products

BOROPLUS BRAND PORTFOLIOBOROPLUS ANTISEPTIC CREAM: BRAND OVERVIEWEstablished in 1984Market size of Rs. 2694 mn ($57 mn) Leader in the antiseptic cream market with a 74% shareLargest selling antiseptic cream not only in India but also in Ukraine, Russia and Nepal Sales grew by 15% in FY 10 Growing at CAGR of 18% in last 5 years Boroplus Brand has been ranked 77th in the Brand Equity Survey conducted by The Economic Times, India

MARKET SNAPSHOTKEY MARKETSUP , MP , Chhattisgarh , Rajasthan , Bihar , OrissaUrban India(35% )Rural India(75%)WEAKEST MARKETWest Bengal ; mostly dominated by BOROLINETarget consumer18+ SEC: B,C,D,E (urban)SEC: R1 R4 (rural)BORO segment is a 269 crore market of which 169 crores is dominated by BOROPLUS

Major competitor BOROLINE dominates 69 crores of the total pie

Source: interview with boroplus brand teamBRAND POSITIONING

Branded as Himani Boroplus to align it with the ayurveda lineage The equity of BoroPlus is rooted in antiseptic Brand building on its strengths Antiseptic: Anti germ Keeps skin Hygienic and cleanHerbalProblem solution (for cuts & burns)

Positioned Boro Plus AC as Your Personal First-Aid box.

Re-position the other Boro Plus offerings on the platform Dedicated Skin CareBRAND POSITIONING

Need gapDespite being a power brand, Boroplus was not present in the categories that had become popularmarket offerings to niche segment i.e. Teens in this case

With rising per capita incomes , BOROPLUS decided to upgrade its consumers to new offerings with 2 new launches in 2010Healthy & fair winterness creamMoisturizing + protection + fairnessIntensive skin therapynourishing knees, elbows and anklesEXTENSION OF BRAND EQUITY TO OTHER CATEGORIESBRAND STRATEGYresearch had revealed that there was a need for a low unit product (LUP) in the antiseptic categoryTAPPING THE GAPEmami launched the 8 gm variant of Boroplus priced at Rs 5 in October 2002AFFORDABLE PRICE POINTTRIGERRING IMPULSE PURCHASEBoroplus from 2003 started a surge in its rural marketing :

Decorated vans have been travelling from village to village in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal selling & promoting the brandGAP IDENTIFICATIONBoroline s distribution was strong only in west bengal in key areas like KolkataGap was there in distribution to the rural areas

BRAND SNAPSHOTWinter care is a Rs 8 bn segment consisting of creams , lotions & petroleum jellyAccelerated turnover for Boroplus winter lotion from Rs.8.5 Crore (2007-2008) to Rs.14 Crore (09-10)Launched in october 2006Boroplus as a brand was growing at 14% ; hence the objective was to increase its penetration by diversifying into new areasKareena kapoor as brand ambassador

Source: saket govind. Former brand executive ,

BRANDSVARIANTSSKUMRPSCHEMESPONDStriple vitamin moisturising lotion100 ml45300 ml9950 gm ponds face wash freeNIVEAmoisturising fresh lotion75 ml74UV protection lotion250 ml198moisturising body lotion75 ml84250 ml179400 ml249AYURherbal moisturizer100 ml40200 ml75VASELINEvaseline total moisturizer100 ml45buy 2 @99 rs and get 1 free alongwith vaseline 25g( modern trade offer)vaseline white100 ml45dove soap 30g free(retail offer)300 ml110vaseline pink100 ml60vaseline green100 ml49400 ml160LAKMElakme peach milk120 ml125pears pure 80 gm soap DABURgulabari moisurizing lotion50 ml20VLCClavang moisturiser100 ml115200 ml205honey moisturiser100 ml170200 ml275GARNIERbody coccon moisturiser lotion 250 ml145Rs 25 offBOROPLUSadvanced winter lotion 6 ml5100 ml39emami pure skin swiss apple 45 gms free300 ml115emami pure skin swiss apple 75 gms freeBRAND POSITIONINGBRANDSSPECIFICATIONSREASON TO BELIEVEEMOTIONAL CONNNECTPONDSGlycerin , triple vitaminTriple vitamin B,C,E gives a glow to skinWoman needs to be beautifulVASELINEGlycerin , retinol , grape seed extracts , soya,oat proteinTotal protection for 24 hoursHealthy skin ; happy skinBOROPLUSGlycerin , badam , saffron , milk cream2 X softer and silkier skinTestimonials from men: soft skin to drive your man crazy

BOROPLUS PRICKLY HEAT POWDERBRAND SNAPSHOTBrand extension of the FLAGSHIP BRAND boroplusLaunched in 1992The PHP category is a specialized category valued at more than Rs.240 crorePHP segment contributes about 20% to the total talcum market in IndiaBPPHP has just a 11% share in the PHP pie


MARKET VALUE AT Rs 180 croresGrew by 34% in FY10Grown at a CAGR of 13% in Last 3 yearsMARKET GROWTH

Aag bujha de thandak la deTarget consumerAGE :15-44 SEC : A,B,CBRAND POSITIONINGConsumer insight : consumers desire a sensation of cooling toMigrate the feeling of burning & pricking caused by prickly heatCooling thus emergedas the major differentiator for the new brandKey distinguishers of the launch communication:

By highlighting the acute burning sensation suffered during an attack of prickly heatBy creatively exploiting the instant and unique cooling sensation that BPPHP provides for reliefRESULTS:BPPHP quickly garnered 4 % of the total market share and became the 3rdlargest in the category after NYCIL & DERMI COOL TACKLING COMPETITION

The then only competition present was dermi coolKEY ISSUE:Customer conversion from dermicool To BPPHP very lowBoroplus in its launch offer gave a 1+1 scheme& continued with that offer till 2007However, Nycil & DermiCool were perceived to be delivering better than BPPHP on relief from pricking / burning and itching / scratchingTo get furtherConversions BPPHP changed their REASON TO BELIEVE from cooling To INSTANT RELIEF WITHIN 10 SECONDSTo increase market share the company perceived customer benefits ; absorption of sweatwith fragrance , relief from prickly sensation remaining the core equity TACKLING COMPETITIONDiversifying their portfolio Launch of 2 new non ice variants : FRENCH SANDAL & FRENCH LAVENDER

Results End 2001BPPHP s share remained stagnant despite new launches and the 1+1 free scheme Company research showed that customers perceived the 1+1 offer to be low class brand image

Sales of non-ice category was also dropping since to the users PHP category had become synonymous with coolingCOMPETITOR SNAPSHOTBRANDSVARIANTSSKUMRPEMOTIONAL CONNECTNYCILexcel150 gm58child emerging as winnerdeo fresh150 gm58husband-wife connect lavender 150 gm5

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