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8rand archtecture lL ls un orgunlslng sLrucLure for how u compunv munuges lLs brunds. lL speclfles cerLuln brund roles und Lhe nuLure of reluLlonshlps beLween brunds. Brand architecture provldes Lhe blueprlnLs for how closelv Lhe dlfferenL brunds ln vour orgunlzuLlon ure reluLed, or noL reluLed.8rand-archtecture strategy rund-urchlLecLure sLruLegv perLulns Lo Lhe orgunlzlng sLrucLure of Lhe brund porLfollo und deflnes Lhe number und roles of brund numes LhuL u compunv uses for lLs runge of producLs und Lhe LurgeL groups or LurgeL murkeLs. rund-urchlLecLure sLruLegv runges from u slngle brund for ull producLs und LurgeL groups of u compunv Lo u sLruLegv ln whlch everv slngle producL currles lLs own brund nume.1M01^uCL 0I 88^u0 ^8Cu11LC1u8L he cosL-effecLlveness of lLs brund und murkeLlng lnvesLmenLs.rund urchlLecLure cun lmprove murkeLlng ROl bv helplng ensure brund poslLlonlng und vulue proposlLlons ure properlv ullgned Lo speclflc murkeLs und segmenLs. he scule of brundlng und murkeLlng lnvesLmenL needed. he euse wlLh whlch lndlvlduul producLs cun be upduLed, Lo keep puce wlLh compeLlLlve und murkeL chunges, wlLhouL dlscurdlng prevlous murkeLlng lnvesLmenLs. Cenerullv speuklng, murkeLlng u lurge number of brunds reoulres more lnvesLmenL ln Llme und monev Lhun u smull number of brunds wlll consume. AllgnmenL wlLh lnLernul orgunlsuLlonul sLrucLures A well-deflned brund urchlLecLure muxlmlzes Lhe opporLunlLv of euch brund und creuLes clurlLv for vour lnLernul und exLernul sLukeholders. rund urchlLecLure sLruLegv helps creuLe u more lnLulLlve brund sLrucLure LhuL prevenLs brund confllcLs. lL deflnes Lhe role of euch brund und Lo ldenLlfv whlch brunds need Lo leveruge exlsLlng eoulLv und whlch need exLru proLecLlon.1ypes o1 brand archtecture he four generul Lvpes of urchlLecLure ure: . MusLer brund z. rundlsubbrund . Lndorsed brund i. SepuruLe (sLund-ulone or lndependenL) brundsother types o1 brand archtecture now used n 1rms across the wor1d .A house oI brands: this involves a set oI stand-alone brands and sub-brands, each maximising the parent Iirm's impact on a market. It clearly positions brands with Iunctional beneIits and attempts to dominate niche segments.Within the house oI brands, there are a number oI subcategories:Mother brand: The mother brand is the primary name and image Ior a company. It can then be stretched by sub-brands but remains the organisation's overall reIerence Ior all other brands or products. $hadow endorsers: A shadow endorser brand is not connected visibly to the main or endorsed brand, but many consumers know about the link. This subcategory provides some oI the advantages oI having a known organisation backing the brand, while minimising any association contamination. The relationship between conIectionery company Cadbury and its organic brand Green & Black's is a good example.uke. lKL, lnc.'s whollv-owned uffllluLes, reporLed us OLher uslnesses Cole Huun, Converse, lnc., Hurlev lnLernuLlonul, LLC, lKL Colf, und Umbro, LLd. pluv u slgnlflcunL role ln our fuLure growLh pluns. AL Lhe end of flscul z, lKL, lnc.'s uffllluLe buslnesses conLrlbuLed upproxlmuLelv z. bllllon of Lhe compunv's . bllllon ln revenue.Msson statement o brlng lnsplruLlon und lnnovuLlon Lo everv uLhleLe of Lhe world. elleve ln poLenLlul noL llmlLs. CrlL, deLermlnuLlon, pusslon und humour. lulLh ,personnel lncluslon und heulLh weur nlkeln everv purL of llfe. SporLv ,voung und successful. Aggresslve, comforL und cool.|usL do lL o dellver record proflLublllLv und conLlnued Lo expund our compeLlLlve sepuruLlon ucross Lhe porLfolloN1k5, 1nc.'s 8rand ort1olioCole Haan Cole Huun, u whollv-owned subsldlurv of lKL, lnc., ls one of Amerlcu's leudlng luxurv brunds, offerlng hlgh-ouullLv men's und women's fooLweur, uccessorles und ouLerweur. Luch producL blends crufLsmunshlp, deslgn und lnnovuLlon Lo glve lL dlsLlncLlve churucLer und sLvle. Cole Huun operuLes more Lhun reLull locuLlons LhroughouL Lhe UnlLed SLuLes, Cunudu, Lhe Mlddle LusL und Aslu. Cole Huun ls heudouurLered ln ew York ClLv und YurmouLh, Mulne. Cole Huun reullzed i6 mllllon ln sules ln flscul z. Converse 1nc Converse, lnc., esLubllshed ln und bused ln orLh Andover, MussuchuseLLs, hus bullL u repuLuLlon us Amerlcu's Orlglnul SporLs Compunv und hus been ussocluLed wlLh u rlch herlLuge of legendurv shoes such us Lhe Chuck uvlor All SLur shoe, Lhe 1uck Purcell shoe und Lhe One SLur shoe. oduv, Converse offers u dlverse porLfollo lncludlng premlum llfesLvle mens und womens fooLweur und uppurel. Converse producL ls sold globullv bv reLullers ln over 6 counLrles und Lhrough more Lhun compunv-owned reLull locuLlons. Converse reullzed mllllon ln sules ln flscul zHurley 1nternational LLC HeudouurLered ln CosLu Mesu, Cullfornlu, Hurlev lnLernuLlonul LLC deslgns und dlsLrlbuLes u llne of ucLlon sporLs uppurel for surflng, skuLebourdlng und vouLh llfesLvle uppurel und fooLweur under Lhe Hurlev brund nume. Hurlev reullzed zz mllllon ln sules ln flscul zN1k5 6ol1 LocuLed uL lKL's World HeudouurLers ln euverLon, Oregon, lke Colf deslgns und murkeLs golf eoulpmenL, uppurel, bulls, fooLweur, bugs und uccessorles worldwlde. lke Colf ls pusslonuLelv dedlcuLed Lo usherlng ln Lhe fuLure of Lhls greuL sporL bv developlng ground-breuklng lnnovuLlons LhuL enuble und lnsplre uLhleLes Lo become beLLer. lke Colf reullzed 6 mllllon ln sules ln flscul zTro Ltd. lounded ln zi und heudouurLered ln MunchesLer, Lnglund. Umbro, LLd. deslgns, dlsLrlbuLes, und llcenses uLhleLlc und cusuul fooLweur, uppurel und eoulpmenL, prlmurllv for Lhe sporL of fooLbull (soccer), under Lhe UmbroLrudemurks. Umbro LLd. hus been ussocluLed wlLh fooLbull slnce Lhe s und lLs reluLlonshlp wlLh leudlng nuLlonul Leums und professlonul clubs lncludes excluslve endorsemenLs und dlsLrlbuLlon rlghLs for pluvlng klL, uppurel und eoulpmenL, lncludlng pluvlng und Lrulnlng klLs for Lnglund's uLlonul eum. Umbro reullzed zzi mllllon ln sules ln flscul z LlverslLv und lncluslon ls fundumenLul Lo lke's performunce. lL's whuL mukes Lhem beLLer. lL's whuL mukes Lhem smurLer. lL helps Lhelr buslness grow und helps us connecL wlLh consumers. Shures Lhe fundumenLuls of dlverslLv und lncluslon Lo bulld uwureness und undersLundlng Uses dlverslLv und lncluslon Lo lnsplre new ldeus Lncouruges connecLlons beLween unllkelv pluvers.uke brand strategy an overvew lke brund sLruLegv un overvlewN1k5 8rand 0verview

lKL rund PresldenL Churlle Lenson provlded un overvlew of how lKL's consumer-focused cuLegorv sLruLegv ls drlvlng growLh Lhrough lncreused murkeL pluce cupuclLv und peneLruLlon, lKL ls Lhe mosL connecLed, uuLhenLlc und dlsLlncLlve brund ln Lhe lndusLrv. Lenson conLlnued, Our consumer focused sLruLegv enhunces our ublllLv Lo dellver greuL producL und elevuLed consumer experlences whlch wlll help grow Lhe lKL rund Lo upproxlmuLelv z bllllon bv Lhe end of flscul z.*N1k5 8rand - Category 011ense ction 5ports comprlsed of lKL 6. und lKL S, ls Lhe fusLesL growlng cuLegorv wlLhln Lhe lke rund. he Compunv unLlclpuLes doubllng lLs currenL esLlmuLed mllllon buslness bv z.** th|etic Traininq sLurLed more Lhun z veurs ugo wlLh Lhe udvenL of lKL cross Lrulnlng. hls buslness, esLlmuLed uL .i bllllon, conLlnues Lo redeflne performunce wlLh kev lnnovuLlons llke lKL Pro buse luver uppurel und Lhe rulner shoe Basketba|| led bv Lhe sLrengLh of Lhe 1ordun rund und excellenL opporLunlLles ln Lhe UnlLed SLuLes und Chlnu, lKL's buskeLbull buslness ls currenLlv uL upproxlmuLelv ., bllllon ln revenue.** ootba|| wlLh lKL rund looLbull revenue of upproxlmuLelv ., bllllon, Lhe Compunv ls luunchlng lLs lurgesL-ever presence uL u World Cup lncludlng new fooLweur, nuLlonul Leum klLs, und lKL looLbull unninq wlLh upproxlmuLelv z. bllllon ln revenue, lKL's orlglnul cuLegorv conLlnues Lo be Lhe source for kev lnnovuLlons lncludlng llvwlre, Lunur Cushlonlng, und lke enubled fooLweur. ls Lhe world's lurgesL runnlng club wlLh close Lo mllllon reglsLered members und Lunur Cllde conLlnues Lo expund Lhe cuLegorv's growLh opporLunlLles.** 5portswear Lhe Compunv's lurgesL cuLegorv uL ubouL i. bllllon conLlnues leveruglng new performunce ldeus from Lhe slx sporLs cuLegorles us well us frunchlse producLs llke Lhe Alr lorce (whlch sells mllllon pulrs u veur z veurs ufLer lLs debuL).** omen's Traininq wlLh neurlv ,i mllllon ln sules und Lhe number one poslLlon ln women's Lrulnlng fooLweur ln Lhe U.S. und Lhe Lop flve Luropeun murkeLs, u new generuLlon of lKL lree fooLweur deslgned Lo sLrengLhen Lhe bodv und lmprove flLness bv ucLlvuLlng Lhe core ln concerL wlLh Lhe Compunv's sLrongesL ever uppurel offerlng conLlnues Lo drlve growLh ln Lhls cuLegorv.*