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Dabur and emamiGroup: 5PGDM-A (2016-18)DSIMS

Group no. 5Jai Modak23Nikita Pathak28Lisa Pereira29Disha Thakker42Deepak Sharma50

Company profileDaburEmamiThe 132-year-old company, promoted by the Burman family, started operating in 1884 as an Ayurvedic medicines company. Founded by R S Agarwal and R S Goenka in 1974.It is one of Indias leading FMCG Companies. Emami Limitedis an Indian producer offast-moving consumer goods(FMCG), engaged in the personal care/cosmetics and healthcare businesses.Dabur is today Indias most trusted name and the worlds largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company.Emami have a portfolio of over 300 products based on Ayurvedic formulations.Dabur has successfully transformed itself from being a family-run business to become a professionally managed enterprise.Current operations comprise more than 60 countries including GCC, Europe, Africa, CIS countries and the SAARC.

Product line: daburHair Care

Product line: daburSkin Care

Product line: daburOral Care

Product line: daburHome Care

Product line: daburFoods

Product line: daburHealth Care

Product line: daburEthical

Product line: emami

Product line: emami

Unique selling propositionDaburDabur Honey : Healthy honey which provides energy and taste.Dabur Vatika : Natural ingredients which include natural herbals.Dabur Hajmola : Stimulates digestive system.Dabur Real Juice : Fruit flavoured health drink.EmamiEmami: Products that cater to niche segments.Emami Fair & Handsome: 5 Power Fairness system.Emami Oil: A potent therapeutic oil, prepared from a combination of nine Ayurvedic Herbs.Emami Hairlife: The first ready-to-use instant hairpack.Emami Fast relief: An Ayurvedic potent remedy for all kinds of pain.

positioningDaburEmamiRepositioned its brands on the basis of benefits.Aggressive positioning strategyDabur is the umbrella brand for all healthcare products. Vatika for herbal beauty brand for slightly upcoming market image.Availability of productsIn India, Dabur has launched a full-fledged advertising campaign.Household nameEvery little detail of a Dabur product is available online and it is being encouraged, as the younger generation is tech-savvy.Environment ConcernDabur to reach every nook & corner of India.Herbal, natural and organic products for both beauty and health

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