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Events at the Eastgate, Peebles April - July 2015

Text of Eastgate spring brochure 2015

  • springAPRIL MAY JUNE 2015

    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777www.eastgatearts.com


    ShakespeareYoung actors in re-imagined classicsA Peake performance of Hamlet

    WhiteoutA leap into multi-racial Scotland

    MusicChoose from maestros on fiddle, cello,melodeon, clarinet, bassoon, voice Hot Club jazz

    VE PartyDress to impress andprepare to swing

  • 2... ...3for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com


    This is an early warning that you maybe moved by the Eastgates springselection literally moved to joinin and get active; as well asmetaphorically touched by someinspiring music, drama and film.

    For very young members of thefamily, theres a choice of beautifulperformances and short films overthe Easter holidays as part ofScotlands Puppet AnimationFestival. Family Treats, Liang andthe Magic Paintbrush, and CelestesCircus provide opportunities toenjoy brilliant puppeteering, andalso talk to the actors and their alteregos after each performance.

    In May, babies and parents whocome to Starcatchers multi-sensory,musical show Hup can also stay andplay at the end of the performance.

    Adults whore looking for somethinga little more energetic are inviteddress to impress and swing back to1945 as Biggar Big Band provide thedance music for a celebration of VEDay on Friday 8 May. The musicianswill play music by Glen Miller, DukeEllington, and many more; and therewill be plenty of space for dancing.

    Meanwhile theres an even biggerselection of workshops and classesfor children and adults in theEastgates Engage programme.Check the centre pages for newsof The Big Bunny Bash, NunoFelting, Highland Dancing, Paintingand Drawing, Jhoom! and a newcreative writing group.


    2015spring...Eastgate Theatre & Arts Centre

    Eastgate Peebles EH45 8AD

    Box Office: 01721 725 777Drop us a line at mail@eastgatearts.com

    Visit our website www.eastgatearts.comfor more information about the theatreand to sign up to receive regular emailsabout things you're interested in.

    Follow us on Twitter@EastgateTheatreand Facebook/Eastgate Theatre

    Opening timesBox Office: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Film Sundays 12.30 - 5pmuntil interval end on show nights

    CafMonday - Saturday 10am - 5pmFilm Sundays 12.30 - 5pmuntil interval end on show nights.

    Friend of a Friend - if you are a Friendof the Eastgate, you can bring a friendwith you for free

    Friends of the Eastgate -2 off the first ticket

    Registered Disabled/Carer - 2 off full price

    Student Discount - 2 off full price

    Child - 5 unless specified otherwise

    Family - 1 adult + 3 children or2 adults + 2 children for a group discount

    OAP - 2 off full price

    Audio Description service available.

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    The Eastgate Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of

    Printed using vegetable inks on FSC approved paper. All the carbonemissions generated in the printing of this programme will be offsetby planting broadleaved trees in a local community woodlandresulting in the print becoming completely carbon balanced.


    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777MORE INFO www.eastgatearts.com


    We offer a range of discounts onselected shows. Look out for theicons on the event listings.


    HamletMaxine Peake sheds new light on Shakespearesendlessly challenging character in this pareddown, modern dress Hamlet. ...5

    National Theatre LiveFeel the heat of a teeming Mumbai slum, asMeera Syal stars in an epic play about ordinarypeople living today in a time of towering nationalambition, opulence, abject poverty and globalfinancial pressures. ...4

    Normal/MadnessAll mothers are slightly insane, right? Thefrank, funny and deeply touching tale ofKirsty and her schizophrenic mother. ...9


    WhiteoutThe brilliant Barrowland Ballet explores racialdifference in a predominantly white Scotland.What does belonging mean? ...7

    English National OperaRenowned film maker Mike Leigh takes on avery different challenge, directing Gilbert &Sullivans great comic operetta the Piratesof Penzance. ...22


    National Theatre LiveNine years in the making, Tom Stoppards newplay addresses The Hard Problem - the clashbetween pure science and the workings ofthe mind. ...6

    Emily SmithThe Scots singer, acclaimed for her distinctive,sublime voice, performs her signature mix oftraditional and contemporary songs. ...10

    Fraser & HaasAlastair Frasers fiddle dances as cello prodigyNatalie Haas makes her instrument soar andthrob and together they forge a blisteringnew path in Celtic music. ...11

    Express YourselfWith a range of new workshops, classes and groups for adults therehas never been a better time to get creative, get active, and expressyourself at the Eastgate Theatre.

    See the centre Engage Section of the brochure for all the details on a range ofdance (including the new Highland for Exercise), fitness and music classes aswell as new Nuno Felting workshops, a Monday morning art class and Jhoom!(Bollywood dancercise) class in the evening.

    If words are your thing, why not drop into the Anne Younger Studio on Mon 13April at 7pm when a small group of like-minded folk will discuss the possibility ofsetting up a regular evening or weekend session to develop creative writing skills,and explore different ways of working with words.

    Front Cover: Fiddler Green by Joanna Powell.Jos work is being exhibited at Old Gala House, Galashiels fromSat 28 March - Sat 2 May and at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburghfrom Friday 24 April - Sat 9 May. www.joannapowellpaintings.co.uk

    Caroline AdamGeneral Manager

  • ...



    Behind theBeautiful Forevers Auditorium

    Meera Syal stars in a tumultuous play on an epicscale showing life in Annawadi, a makeshiftslum beyond the luxury hotels surroundingMumbai airport.

    As India surges with global ambition, Annawadiis teeming with people with plans of their own.Zehrunisa and her son Abdul aim to recycleenough rubbish to fund a proper house. Sunil,twelve and stunted, wants to eat until hes as tallas Kalu the thief. Asha seeks to stealgovernment anti-poverty funds to turn herselfinto a first-class person, while her daughterManju intends to become the slums first femalegraduate.

    for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com4... EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777

    PICTUREHOUSE presents

    HamletBy William Shakespeare


    In this pared down, modern dress HamletMaxine Peake plays the Prince as a studentidealist repelled by the corruption andcompromise of the adults around him. Cleverand quick, he is also emotionally intelligent picking up very swiftly that Rosencrantz andGuildenstern are informing on him, that Opheliais being manipulated by her mother, and thatthere is someone else in the room.

    The result is an intense family drama. Peake isandrogynous as she shouts, rages, whispers,laughs, and stares corpse-eyed and stony faced.Most other cast members cross the genderdivide with Gillian Bevan, as Polonia, balancinggarrulous fool and wise prime minister

    Thu 9 April 7.30pm

    14, 10 for schoolchildren

    But their schemes are fragile; global recessionthreatens the garbage trade, and another slum-dweller is about to make an accusation that willdestroy herself and shatter the neighbourhood.

    Behind the Beautiful Forevers is based onKatherine Boos award winning book adaptedby David Hare and directed by Rufus Norris.

    Tue 21 April7pm

    14, 10 for schoolchildren

    Peakes delicate ferocity, her particularmixture of concentration and lightness,ensure that you want to follow herwhenever she appears. The Guardian

  • ...Dance



    Emerging from a film of life sized projections,five dancers and a musician bring this heartfeltdance theatre piece to life. Whiteout ischoreographed by Natasha Gilmore andexplores racial difference in a predominantlywhite Scotland. It shines a fresh light oneveryday interactions, raising questions ofbelonging. Whiteout was inspired by Natashaspersonal experience of a bi-racial relationshipand as the mother of mixed heritage children.

    The music for Whiteout has been composed byLuke Sutherland and the songs by PatriciaPanther of Glasgow Girls.


    Age: 16+

    Wed 13 May7.30pm


    ...7for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com6... EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777


    Man and Superman Auditorium

    Ralph Fiennes plays Jack Tanner in thisexhilarating reinvention of Shaws witty,provocative classic. A romantic comedy,an epic fairytale, a fiery philosophical debate,the play asks fundamental questions abouthow we live.

    Jack Tanner, radical thinker and rich bachelor,seems unlikely as guardian to the alluringheiress, Ann. But she takes it in her assuredstride and decides to marry and tame thedazzling revolutionary. Tanner, appalled bythe whiff of domesticity, flees to Spain, wherehe is captured by bandits and meets TheDevil. An extraordinary dream-debate,heaven versus hell, ensues. Following in hotpursuit, Ann is there when Tanner awakes, asfierce in her certainty as he is in his.

    Thu 14 May 7pm

    14, 10 for schoolchildren


    The Hard ProblemAuditorium

    Acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard picks up hisfascination with intellectual and philosophicalexamination in his first n