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Eastgate Theatre - Autumn 2012

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Listing all events, classes and workshops for October, November and December 2012

Text of Eastgate Theatre - Autumn 2012


    BOX OFFICE 01721 725


    ThePeebles PromsA new season of world-class balletand opera from Covent Garden

    The ManWho HadAll The LuckAn exploration of the price of success

    Bain MllerMolskyA magical musical mix

  • 2... EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777

    get in touchEastgate Theatre & Arts CentreEastgate Peebles EH45 8AD

    Box Office: 01721 725 777

    Drop us a line at [email protected]

    Visit our website www.eastgatearts.comfor more information about the theatreand to sign up to receive regular emailsabout things you're interested in.

    Follow us on [email protected] Facebook/Eastgate Theatre

    Opening timesBox Office: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Sundays 12.30 - 5pm and until 8pm onshow nights.

    CafMonday - Saturday 10am - 5pmSundays 12.30 - 5pm and 6.30pmuntil interval end on show nights.

    Discounts & InformationWe offer a range of discounts on selectedshows. Look out for the icons on theevent listings.

    Friends of the Eastgate -2 off the first ticket.

    Groups - Groups of 10 or over receive1 free ticket with every 10 purchased.

    Family Tickets - 1 adult + 3 kids or2 adults + 2 kids for the price of 4 kids.

    Registered Disabled/Carer - 2 off full price.

    Child Discount -5 unless specified otherwise.

    Adults only

    Audio Description service available.

    Cover photo M Uehara

    The Eastgate Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of

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    OctoberRelive the wartime spirit inKeep Smiling Through ...7

    Fabulous Irish dancersprove theyre not Absolutely Legless ...12

    Beautiful tragedy fromthe Royal BalletsSwan Lake ...4

    NovemberSpine-tingling thrills inThe Lighthouse onShivering Sands ...6

    Flavours from the Yukon fromGordie Tentrees &Hill Country News ...26

    Daniel Sloss returns for anevening of laughter ...31

    DecemberTweed Theatre bringsOliver! to Peebles ...25

    Classic Christmas magic inThe Nutcracker ...5

    Seasonal Celtic tunes fromDaimh ...10



    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777MORE INFO

    Printed using vegetable inks on FSCapproved paper. All the carbon emissionsgenerated in the printing of this programmewill be offset by planting broadleaved trees ina local community woodland resulting in theprint becoming completely carbon balanced.

    Autumn at the Eastgate gets off to a greatstart with The Imaginarium our veryfirst creative festival dedicated entirely tolittle children and bigger kids all the wayup to high school pupils and collegestudents.Theres lots to do and try duringthe October half term week, from makingpeople laugh, putting on a play, andgetting into gruesome stage make up totheatrical design, street dance, storiesand singing. Youll find a full list of whatshappening and when in the middle of thisbrochure. And each day will offer somesurprises and disguises just step insideand see what happens!

    Later in October people of all ages willhave an opportunity to enjoy a veryspecial Giant Night Out. Hundreds ofvisitors to Glentress Forest have alreadydiscovered the giants that have taken upresidence amongst the trees there butnow its time to bid a fond farewell tothese mossy old heads, before they starttheir winter hibernation. Over theopening weekend of Tweed Valley ForestFestival there will be some spectacularsounds, lights and large scale actiontaking place in the woods just as duskbegins to fall so keep your eyes on thelocal press for details.

    Then in November its all about horses,with the final part of our Fetlock Deepproject. This summer youve given ushorses names, places, sounds andrecollections, and people from all overthe Borders have made clay modelhorses. Come and see the terracotta herdas they head home to the Eastgate for afinal set of events and exhibitions thatshould appeal to anyone whos everadmired one of these beautiful animals.

    Caroline AdamGeneral Manager



    You tell us about interesting performances youve seen elsewhere, andmake suggestions about what we should book. You notice previews andreviews and pass them on to us. You usually clap, sometimes stamp yourfeet, and have been known to make the rows of seating literally bounce upand down. You talk to the performers at the end of the evening, and theyoften tell us how much they appreciate it.

    Another striking thing about our audiences is their variety. Before someperformances you can look around and easily guess whether its a classicalconcert, a comedy gig, or an end of term dance school show. But thereare other times when theres a much more eclectic mix. Although mosttickets are sold to Borders folk, plenty more go to Edinburgh and thesurrounding counties. Its not uncommon to meet people from Glasgow,Fife, Aberdeen, the north of England, and on one memorable occasion acar-load whod driven up non-stop from Norfolk.

    Despite all this, there are still lots of you wehaven't met yet. So if youve enjoyed a nightin the theatre, or even 10 minutes in thecafe, please tell your friends about us. Andif youve never paid us a visit then why notgive us a try theres an open door and awarm welcome, and you may just bepleasantly surprised!

    We think our audiences

    are great... not just in number(though an annualfigure of more than16,000 is pretty good),but also in knowledge,taste, and enthusiasm.

  • ...5

    THE ROYAL BALLETpresents

    The NutcrackerAuditorium

    Its Christmas Eve, and Herr Drosselmeyer gives young Claraa nutcracker doll, beginning a wondrous night that includes amagically growing Christmas tree and a midnight battle of toysolders in which the villainous Mouse King and his army ofmice are defeated. In the second act, Clara and Hans Petervisit the Kingdom of the Sweets where the Sugar Plum Fairyand her handsome prince entertain them with a series ofdazzling dances.

    Performed by the Royal Ballet and broadcast live fromCovent Garden, Tchaikovskys magical ballet never failsto delight audiences of all ages.

    Thur 13 December7.15pm


    THE ROYAL BALLETpresents

    Swan LakeAuditorium

    One of the most romantic ballets ever created,Swan Lake is the classic story of love, betrayaland redemption in death. This production bythe Royal Ballet returns to an authentic versionof the choreography created by Petipa andIvanov in the 19th century, and the inspiredblend of dark, opulent glamour and the mist,shadow and moonlight of the lakeside actsmake for a spellbinding, spine-tingling evening.

    Tue 23 October7.15pm


    THE ROYAL OPERApresents

    Les TroyensAuditorium

    Les Troyens is opera at itsmost epic. The sheer scaleof its story, music,passion, staging andperformers make this oneof the great Royal Operaevents of the decade.Berliozs work is one of the most fabulously rich ofall operas, a tour de force of passion in music, withextraordinarily demanding roles for the principalcast. The story is taken from Virgils great poemThe Aeneid, and dramatizes the fall of Troy andEnes (Aeneas) doomed affair with Didon (Dido),Queen of Carthage. It brings alive a wealth ofhuman emotions set against the monumentalcanvas of the rise and fall of empires.

    The world-class cast includes Jonas Kaufmannas the heroic Ene, Eva-Marie Westbroek as hisbeloved Didon and Anna Caterina Antonacci asthe doomed prophetess, Cassandre, under thebaton of Antonio Pappano.

    Sat 17 November5.30pm


    for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com4... EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777


    Season SaverSee any five performances for75 (child price 45)Choose your seats in advanceand save 10

    Coming Soon10 January La Boheme20 February Eugene Onegin28 March Alice's Adventures

    in Wonderland29 April Nabucco27 May Donna del Lago24 June Gloriana

    All seats 17 (child price 10)

  • ...Drama


    SELL A DOORpresents

    The Man WhoHad All The LuckAuditorium

    David Beeves, a motor mechanic in a small ruralMidwest American town in the late 1930s, iscontinually blessed with good fortune. In contrast,his family and friends face difficult times: his fatherdesperately trying to raise his under-performingbrother to success on the baseball pitch, and hisfriend Shory, who is confined to a wheelchair,becoming increasingly resentful of his misfortune.

    While those around him suffer everyday failures,David continues to prosper. Yet the more successhe achieves, the more guilty, depressed andparanoid he feels about the plight of those aroundhim. Soon he begins to wonder what will happenwhen his luck runs out

    Thur 8 November7.30pm



    The Lighthouseon Shivering SandsAuditorium

    Strange tales were told of Shivering Sands - ofkeepers gone mad, mermaids and sea monsters,disappearances and hauntings. None of that scaredMordechai Chiddock, but had he known thatJezreel Cornish was one of the keepers hed neverhave set foot on that cursed rock! And now thesupply boat wont be back for a month, andChiddock knows that either he or Cornish willbe dead long before then.

    Expect sun, sea, sand and strangled laughter

    Tue 20 November7.30pm



    for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com6... EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777

    Keep SmilingThroughAuditorium

    Experience the war years withthose who lived through them.This show will take you into thehearts of the people on theHome Front through their eyes,ears and thoughts as they dealwith r

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