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    An established sheet-metal and precision machining

    workshop located in Shanghai

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    EastGate Technologies Co., Ltd.

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    Business for sale

    EastGate Technologies was established in 2005 as a result of a close cooperation with Siemens Electronic Assembly Systems (SEAS) to supply complete Change Over Tables (COTs) for export to Germany. Due to Siemens restructuring, the business is now for sale. Interested parties will find a fully operational Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) workshop in Shanghais eastern suburbs with clear and simple ownership structure and available tax holidays suitable for equipment acquisition or turn-key OEM manufacturing with massive market potential.

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    Other key features

    ! Holding company in Hong Kong with two private owners ! Professional accounting systems (Yongyou) ! High performance equipment, Bystronic Laser cutter and Heller machining


    ! Experienced team ! Established Supply Chain ! Able to ramp up to 24/7 production ! ISO 9000 certified ! Established customer base ! Turnover of CNY 9,200,000 in 2010 ! Rented facilities ! Web-site http://www.eastgate-technologies.com/

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    Company Overview

    ! Established July, 2005 ! Registered capital USD 1.260.000 ! Total investment USD 2.300.000 ! Employees 47

    White collar 17 Blue collar 30

    ! Factory area 2240 m2 Production area 1600 m2 Administration 640 m2

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    Key equipment

    ! Sheet metal fabrication - Laser cutting - Press brake - Welding

    ! Precision machining

    - Machining center - Lathe, mill, saw, drills

    ! Product assemblies

    - Temperature and dust controlled environment ! 5 ton Crane

    ! Quality Control - Temperature environment with 3D measuring measuring equipment

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    GM (47) Edvard Olsson

    Finance (5) Janet Long

    Production (28) Hu Lei

    Quality Assurance (3) Chen Tianling

    Purchasing (2) Rachel Wang


    Human resource


    Sheet metal Fabrication

    Machined parts Fabrication


    Production planning

    Quality assurance

    Quality control

    Sales (7) Edvard Olsson

    Customer service


    Organization chart

    EastGate Technologies Co., Ltd.

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    Quality Assurance Quality department organization

    IQC: Incoming Quality Control

    IPQC: In Process Quality Control

    FQC: Final Quality Control

    DCC: Documentation Control Center

    Quality Department

    Quality Control Quality Assurance




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    ! ISO 9001-2000 since October 2007, ! Approved Siemens supplier since November 2006.

    Quality System


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    ! Tesa micro-hite, 3D measurement equipment ! Hardness meter ! Micrometer ! Calipers ! Height/depth gauge ! Angle gauge ! Granite surface plates

    Main test Equipment

    Quality Assurance

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    Machinery Laser Cutting Byjin 3015 3000W Capabilities

    Carbon steel < 16 mm Stainless steel < 12 mm Aluminum < 8 mm Table size 3m x 1.5m Universal shuttle table for high material change efficiency

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    Machinery Machining Center Heller MC-12

    Capabilities 4 Axis Rotate able work table 42 tools chain magazine Workable area

    X 560 mm Y 560 mm

    Machining carbon steel and aluminum

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    Machinery Welding equipment

    Capabilities 5 TIG welding stations 1 MIG welding station Carbon steel and Stainless steel welding

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    ! Press Brake Bystronic AFM EP 31-100 (4+1) Axis ! 3 Pillar drills ! 2 CNC Milling machines ! 1 Lathe ! 1 Saw

    Other equipment

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    Products: Change Over Tables (COT) for Siplace PCB placement machinery

    Scope: Component sourcing, fabrication, assembly and testing of all parts to provide customer with complete products. Partner in product development for manufacturability and local material availability.

    Siemens Electronics Assembly System Ltd.

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    Customers Siemens Electronics Assembly System Ltd.

    Product packaging concept: Secure, cost effective and high container space utlilization.

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    Scope: Laser cutting, bending and welding of all


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    Products: Plastic granulators Scope: Metal fabrication, cutting , bending welding, powder coating and pre-assembly.

    Rapid Granulate Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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    Products: Sliding gates, Cage, Base landing parts

    Alimak Hek Vertical Access Equipment (Changshu) Co., Ltd

    Scope: Laser cutting, bending,

    welding, powder coating, hot dip galvanization and assembly.

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    For more information, please contact:

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