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Season brochure July - end September

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    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777www.eastgatearts.com


    Get Aheadof the StarsSee Maureen Beattie inThe Deliverance beforeit reaches the Fringe

    Lord Smithof KelvinHear from one of todaysmost influential Scots

    Music AmericanaEnjoy strings (various), voices(harmonious) and a contrabassharmoniphonium plus lots ofsmiles, shades, hats and facial hair

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    Theres a bright and breezy feelto this summers programme with music, dance and dramaarriving from the far corners ofthe world; and home-grownactivities spilling out of thetheatre into the open air.

    International visitors include aclutch of splendidly-namedAmerican bands: Lindsay Louand the Flatbellys, Betty andthe Boy, as well as Sheeshamand Lotus & Son who madesuch an impression with theirbrilliant music and instrumentslast year. Meanwhile a colourfultroupe of musicians and dancersfrom Hendaye in France areStepping Out, Basque Styleduring Peebles Arts Festival.

    Canada provides the setting forStellar Quines production ofThe Deliverance, whichcompletes a powerful trilogy ofplays starring Maureen Beattie.And an Irish community inCounty Kerry are at the heart ofa light-hearted comedy by MullTheatre, Stones in His Pocket.

    Closer to home, the Eastgate hasa great mix of energetic andexciting activities to keepyoungsters occupied during thesummer holidays with Engagecourses ranging from singing anddancing, to free running and kiteflying, both indoors and out(weather permitting!).


    2015summer...Eastgate Theatre & Arts Centre

    Eastgate Peebles EH45 8AD

    Box Office: 01721 725 777Drop us a line at mail@eastgatearts.com

    Visit our website www.eastgatearts.comfor more information about the theatreand to sign up to receive regular emailsabout things you're interested in.

    Follow us on Twitter@EastgateTheatreand Facebook/Eastgate Theatre

    Opening timesBox Office: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Film Sundays 12.30 - 5pmuntil interval end on show nights

    CafMonday - Saturday 10am - 5pmFilm Sundays 12.30 - 5pmuntil interval end on show nights.

    Friend of a Friend - if you are a Friendof the Eastgate, you can bring a friendwith you for free

    Friends of the Eastgate -2 off the first ticket

    Registered Disabled/Carer - 2 off full price

    Student Discount - 2 off full price

    Child - 5 unless specified otherwise

    Family - 1 adult + 3 children or2 adults + 2 children for a group discount

    OAP - 2 off full price

    Audio Description service available.

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    The Eastgate Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of

    Printed using vegetable inks on FSC approved paper.All the carbon emissions generated in the printing ofthis programme will be offset by planting broadleavedtrees in a local community woodland resulting in theprint becoming completely carbon balanced.


    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777MORE INFO www.eastgatearts.com


    We offer a range of discounts onselected shows. Look out for theicons on the event listings.

    JulyEverymanScreened live from the National Theatre.Chiwetel Ejiofor stars in one of the first plays everwritten, now re-written by Poet LaureateCarol Ann Duffy. ...6

    The DeliveranceMaureen Beattie stars in the final partof Jennifer Tremblays trilogy. ...5

    Aly & Phil ...11

    AugustPeebles Arts Festival:Tweeddale Society An Evening withLord Smith of Kelvin ...24

    Shakespeare at Traquair Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead ...25

    Mutziko Elkartea - Hendayesfinest Basque dancers ...25

    Music in Peebles Piano virtuosoYoung-Choon Park ...24

    SeptemberStones in his PocketsHilarious, moving play contrasts Hollywoods Ireland and the real thing ...4

    Another farce by theFarndale Townswomen's Guild.Good bad acting has never been funnier ...26

    Sheesham and Lotus & SonBring sepia tinted depth and absurdity to anamazing sound ...9

    Express Yourself, It Is SummerTake a fresh look at the centre pages of the brochure. There areso many weekly classes, workshops and summer holiday coursesfor children and adults that we have created a whole new lookfor the Engage pages.

    Engage is the name of the Eastgates programme of hands-on arts activity.It offers kite flying and parkour, dance courses (including an opportunity toperform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) pink pillar and mural painting,theatre making and much more.

    Front cover: Sheltering from the Storm by Rob HainSee more of Robs work on www.edinburgharts.com

    Caroline AdamGeneral Manager

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    COMAR presents a Mull Theatre production

    Stones in his Pockets Auditorium

    County Kerry, Ireland. A rural community is turned upside down by the arrival of anAmerican film crew on location to capture real Ireland for their latest Hollywoodblockbuster. When locals Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn are employed as extrasfor the film, they, like the rest of the village, struggle to present the Americansromanticised Ireland, a stark contrast to the reality of daily life.

    From the local lads intent on being stars, to the films American lead actress, whoseIrish accent leaves a lot to be desired; two actors portray a multitude of characters inthis hilarious yet poignant updated production of Marie Jones hit play.

    The hugely successful comedy was a Fringe hit, had a phenomenal West End run, wonan Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, and was nominated for three Tony Awards.www.comar.co.uk

    Age: 12+

    Fri 4 September7.30pm


    for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com4...EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD

    BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777

    STELLAR QUINES presents

    The Deliveranceby Jennifer Tremblay


    Maureen Beattie stars as the woman in the final partof Jennifer Tremblays powerful and evocative trilogy.

    Tremblays trilogy includes the multi award-winningThe List and The Carousel (both previouslypreviewed at the Eastgate) and follows one womansjourney through memories and recollections from herpast that are deeply moving, shocking and poignantin equal measure.

    In The Deliverance the woman struggles to fulfil herdying mother's wish: to see the son who was tornfrom her at a young age. She goes in search of theson and the truth about their past. Will her journeyend in redemption?


    Translation by Shelley Tepperman.Design and photograph by John Byrne.

    Age 14+


    Wed 29 July7.30pm


    Five Stars. I laughed till I cried...an unalloyedsource of joy, laughter, tears and delight. MarieJoness script digs deep and dark while giving ushours of serious pleasure. Daily Mail

  • ...Drama on screen



    This Donmar Warehouse production ofShakespeares searing tragedy of politicalmanipulation and revenge features TomHiddleston in the title role.

    When an old adversary threatens Rome, the citycalls once more on her hero and defender:Coriolanus. He returns to face his enemies andas famine threatens the city, the citizens hungerswells to an appetite for change. Coriolanusmust confront the march of realpolitik and thevoice of an angry people but the arrogance,charisma and cruelty that have turned him intoa killing machine means that he treats theplebeians with a blistering scorn as he is forcedto woo their votes.

    The full company of this production includesJacqueline Boatswain, Peter De Jersey, AlfredEnoch, Deborah Findlay, Hadley Fraser, MarkGatiss, Birgitte Hjort Srensen, Elliot Levey,Rochenda Sandall, Helen Schlesinger, MarkStanley and Dwane Walcott. It is directed byJosie Rourke.

    Age: 16+

    Tue 29 September7pm

    14, 10 for schoolchildren

    ...7for more information visit www.eastgatearts.com6... EASTGATE PEEBLES EH45 8AD BOX OFFICE 01721 725 777


    Everyman Auditorium

    Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the title role in thisdynamic new production of one of Englishdramas oldest plays.

    Everyman is successful, popular and ridinghigh when Death comes calling. He is forcedto abandon the life he has built and embark ona last, frantic search to recruit a friend, anyone,to speak in his defence. But Death is closebehind, and time is running out.

    One of the great primal, spiritual myths,Everyman asks whether it is only in death thatwe can understand our lives. A cornerstone ofEnglish drama since the 15th century, it nowexplodes onto the stage in a startling

    production with words by PoetLaureate Carol Ann Duffy, andmovement by JavierDe Frutos.

    Thu 16 July 7pm

    14, 10 forschoolchildren


    Beaux StratagemAuditorium

    This wild comedy of love and cash tells thestory of two Beaux, Mr Aimwell and Mr Archer.These two charming, dissolute young menhave blown their fortunes in giddy London.Shamed and debt-ridden, they flee to provincialLichfield to realise their simple stratagem - tomarry for money.

    Lodged at the local inn, posing as master andservant, they encounter a teeming variety ofhuman obstacles including a crooked landlord,a fearsome highwayman, a fervent FrenchCount, a maid on the make, a drunken husband,a furious butler, a natural healer and a strange,turbulent priest.

    But their greatest obstacle is love. When theBeaux meet their match in Dorinda and MrsSullen they are most at risk, for in love theymight be truly discovered.