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Digestive System Digestive System

Digestive System. Digestive System Rap Job of Digestive System Break down food (macromolecules) into nutrients & energy

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Text of Digestive System. Digestive System Rap Job of Digestive System Break down food (macromolecules) into...

  • Digestive System

  • Digestive System Rap

  • Job of Digestive SystemBreak down food (macromolecules) into nutrients & energy

  • Review: MacromoleculesWhat macromolecules do we eat?Proteins: Meat, Nuts Lipids: Oils, FatsCarbohydrates: Breads, Sugars

  • Review: Food EnergyWhich macromolecule is our main energy source? Carbohydrates

  • Which macromolecule stores the most energy? LipidsReview: Food Energy (cont.)

  • The Food Pyramid

  • NutritionNutrients: Anything that promotes growth Vitamins (Vitamin C) Minerals (Iron) Macromolecules

  • Two Types of DigestionMechanical physically breaking food into smaller pieces (mouth)Chemical food molecules are broken down by acids and enzymes (stomach, small intestines)

  • Digestive System

  • Tracking a Piece of Food1. Mouth2. Esophagus3. Stomach4. Small Intestine5. Large Intestine6. Rectum 7. Anus

  • SwallowingPeristalsis: wavelike movement of muscles pushes food through digestive tract

  • My food went down the wrong pipe!2 tubes in throat: trachea & esophagusesophagus connects mouth to stomach How does food know which tube to go down?


  • 3 Jobs of StomachStore food & liquidMix food & digestive juices (HCl)Empty into small intestine

  • Digestive JuicesAssist in breaking down of foodEx. EnzymesAcid Reflux

  • Small IntestineAbsorbs greatest amount of nutrientsCovered with tiny finger-like projections villi ~20 ft long!

  • Villi

    Increase surface area for better absorption (like a towel)

  • Large IntestinePrepares waste for removal by absorbing water~5 ft long!

  • Digestion: Helper OrgansSalivary Glands: produce saliva starts breaking down carbohydratesPancreas: produces enzymes & regulates glucose levels

  • Liver:Produces bileFilters bloodDigestion: Helper Organs (cont.)

  • Gall Bladder: stores bileHelps digest fatty foodsDigestion: Helper Organs (cont.)