Codestrong 2012 breakout session alloy (mvc) app framework overview

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Text of Codestrong 2012 breakout session alloy (mvc) app framework overview

  • 1.Alloy AppFramework OverviewTony Lukasavage Lead Alloy

2. What is Alloy? MVC Framework Declarative UI Free and open source Highly customizable Awesome. Yes, awesome. 3. Titanium App 4. Alloy App 5. index.js 6. Structure Primary views controllers styles models assets Optional lib migrations widgets Platform-specific folders 7. Views IDs and classes Platform and formfactor specific markup Inline events API parsers 8. Styles TSS format Titanium constants Localization Alloy configuration items Group by ID, class, or Ti API Device queries Global style 9. Controllers Element access via $ Public interface via exports Compiler directives Backbone eventing Underscore and builtins Anything Titanium can do 10. Models Backbone Models & Collections Persistence adapters Migration support 11. Widgets Self-contained UI and logic Work in any Alloy app Cross-platform Simple to complex 12. TraditionalLibrary 13. Compilation Generates CommonJScontroller modules builtins Optimizations Catch errors beforeruntime 14. Error output Faster development iterations Surfaces potential errors 15. Getting Started Quick Start: [sudo] npm install g alloy TiStudio/TiSDK 3.0 More Information Wiki docs: Google Groups: Github: 16. 17. Tony Lukasavage 18. Scaffolding