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  • 1. Making More Money With Your Apps: Top 5 Tips and TricksJeremia Kimelman Developer Evangelist@jeremiak

2. So who are you?1. Who here has a live mobile app in any store?2. Who is making a living off of some deployed apps?3. Ok, well who is at least making some beer money from their mobile apps? 3. So lets build a mobile business1. Think about revenue while building your app2. Marketing doesnt start on launch day, it should start way before3. Optimize marketing collateral (ASO)4. Develop a paid user acquisition plan5. Iterate with user feedback 4. Problem60% of iOS developers 5. Problem60% of iOS developersDONT BREAK EVEN 6. Without marketing yourproduct is just a project- Rob Walling 7. 1. RevenueProjections and realistic expectations are crucialfor a well performing businessOnly 4 ways to make money in mobile:1. Contracting2. Paid downloads3. In-app purchases4. Advertising 8. ProblemYou dont know how much revenue you can expectbefore you launch an app 9. There are tools 10. Each model has great applications Gaming Specialty Community Utility Contract Paid downloads In app Purchase Advertising 11. AdvertisingThere are few misconceptions about advertisingon mobile1. User drop off2. Poor ads being shown3. Interfering with UX 12. Calculating Lifetime Value (LTV) 13. App development lifecycle 14. 2. Marketing - Generate early buzz LaunchRock Twitter account Tumblr App teaser trailer Use promo codes wisely 15. Beta Testing Get feedback through beta testing Great find for finding errors, bugs and crashes Not just errors, but also UX/UI feedback Beta testers will be your most loyal users, andyou can leverage them as an unpaid army ofevangelists 16. While youre knee-deep in bytes Idea validation APIs that will help you acquireand retain customers Push notifications Analytics Performance advertising tracking for paid user acquisition campaigns Social ties to increase engagement and discovery Work flows that consider advertising(if thats part of your monetization model) as wellas getting your users to rate you in theApp Store 17. Except not. 18. 2. More buzz == more success With 700K+ apps, its going to behard to get noticed Leveraging your users throughthe social or interests graphs canbe a great idea Social will likely not carry your appto the top of the charts, youre goingto need a good app 19. 3. Two Pillars of ASO Improve conversion rate of landingpage to download Improve rankings in search 20. ASO: Visually appealing graphics 21. Case Study: Dwellable 22. Case Study: Dwellable 23. ASO: Description bulleted and updated 24. ASO: Cross promote your other apps 25. ASO: Ratings (and high ones at that!) 26. ASO: Ratings 27. ASO: Ratings 28. Users notice apps by. 29. Users notice apps by. 30. ASO: Optimize for Search 31. ASO: Optimize for Search 32. ASO: Optimize for Search 33. ASO: Optimize for Search 34. ASO: Optimize for Search 35. 4. Develop a paid user acquisition plan LTV > COA 36. App Store rankings Ratings Length on handset Velocity of downloads 37. Download velocity 38. Step 5: Feedback Analyze and iterate Where are your users spending their time? Where are they not? How long does each user spend inthe app and what is the best way tomonetize that pattern? Errors and crashes will cost you dearly 39. Thanks!@jeremiak