Codestrong 2012 breakout session designing the ultimate user experience

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Text of Codestrong 2012 breakout session designing the ultimate user experience

  • 1. Design lead and Sr UI/UXArchitect, ProfessionalServices, Appcelerator Digital Media Instructor, RhodeIsland School of Design, CE Office hours

2. Filters Pattern-Hungry Rooted in Extremes 3. The in-action refinement andoptimization of hindsight We know what we need todayto help us understand what wewill need tomorrow We live in a time where it isextremely convenient to collectand connect data 4. Apps, like any product, areexperience packages We must consider end-to-end From chemistry, to ingredients,to recipe, to cake (is not a lie),to delivery, to nomnomnom 5. Necessary convergence intechnology, where conveniencemeets resources, but we arentyet resource limitless Personal user comfort andusability testing 6. Understanding the problems ofothers helps us gain insight into the human condition The more we do this, the betterwe are at spotting patterns;learning what peoplefundamentally want and need Ask questions 7. In user-centric design, youmust consider the user, eachstep of the way Enrich with value Keep it authentic and honest User value (needs), profiles,and stories help us to definethe overall, core experience 8. Mobility has made technology very personal Driven by convenience and truly unique experiences Users are now more aware than ever before 9. Asymmetrical balance betweenfamiliarity and innovation Skeuomorphism and real life,material metaphors Compliment with concierge-likeservices and mechanisms 10. An awesome experience does not equate to success Investing in awesome experience is always a positive for the user Average-to-poor user experience will continue to have an ever-increasing, negative impact on business success 11. Design for mobility, first Consider product targetplatforms Asymmetrical balance ofmainstays and new stuff Preventing design compromiseshould be a super high priority 12. Avoid data and contextoverload Make content meaningful andaccessible to what the user iscurrently doing and what theycurrently need Navigation and interaction willbe largely dictated andinfluenced by core experience 13. We should always strive for funand memorable experiences Constantly reinforce thepleasure that is derived frominputs and outputs 14. Increased flexibility Platform-specific Improved differentiation 15. Interaction commitment CLEARLY identify primarycontexts, secondary contexts,and detail contexts Avoid primary/secondary anddetail cross-context The path should be simple totraverse in either direction 16. Visualize informationarchitecture and design into aformat that a user canunderstand How can we allow for theinteresting display of andinteraction with data? These are the more obviousopportunities 17. not equal limited diverse, offeringopportunities to learn 18. Make platform the star The platform is your go-to-guyout in the field Empower the platform tosuccessfully deliverconsistently awesomeexperiences to your customers 19. Experience equality is providingthe best experience possible,given the constraints of theenvironment Everyone is accountable forplatform experience 20. Closely study platform userinterface guidelines Not every documentedconvention is best for everyexperience; known or unknown Break some rules