Codestrong 2012 breakout session using appcelerator cloud services in your apps

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Text of Codestrong 2012 breakout session using appcelerator cloud services in your apps

  • 1.Using Appcelerator Cloud Services in Your AppsMichael Goff Director of Engineering, Cloud Services

2. Designing andimplementing cloud-connected apps 3. How are apps designed? Top-downDevelopers rarely start designingtheir app by defining the data Pain points structures or backend services. End usersThey think of their goals and work User interfaces top-down to define the use casesand flow. User experienceThe required backend services anddata models fall out of this. 4. Popular social apps 5. What do they have in common? Users Photos Checkins Status Friends Likes Reviews 6. Do it yourself client & server coding Design client Design client/server APIapp Write server code Resize photos Write client app Provision servers Store data reliably Test client app Deploy code to servers Test server code Deploy client Maintain serversapp Scale servers Manage SSL certificates 7. Build your app with ACS Design client Use ACS APIsapp Manage your app data Write client app Test client app Deploy clientapp 8. 20 cloud services thatwill rock your world(and make your appssuccessful) 9. 20 predefined services 10. Need more? Use custom data & code!{ "meta": { Key-value store simple data"status": "ok","code": 200,"method_name": "showUsers }, "response": { Custom fields to supplement"users": [{ "id":"4e8b8e627818261d1d0003a8", "first_name":Cloud",predefined data types "last_name":User", "created_at":"2011-10-04T22:53:22+0000", "updated_at":"2012-05-08T17:12:43+0000", "email"", "custom_fields": { Custom objects for defining yourage:28,show_size":8",favorite_color":blueown data types }}] }} Custom code allows you to writeyour own server-side components 11. ACS public cloud architecture ACS Titanium & Native Client SDKs ACS Network Layer Photo PhotoACS API Server ACS Push Serverfor iOS &FileFile Android NoSQL DatabaseSearch EngineAmazon S3 Amazon EC2 12. Using AppceleratorCloud Services 13. Ti + ACS Create a Ti Studio project Add ACS features Manage data from the ACS admin console Refer to the Ti SDK & ACS documentation 14. iOS + ACS Create an ACS app Install the ACS iOS SDK Configure keys Add ACS features Manage data from the ACSadmin console Refer to the ACS documentation 15. Handling Photos We provide six predefined sizes, butyou can specify your own withphoto_sizes[] Photo resizing can be synchronoususing photo_sync_sizes[] Photo processing extracts exif data Photos are downloaded from S3 Retry uploads in your app Preload photo downloads 16. Custom Objects Use this to define your own types of objects (video, car, book) Fields are indexed and efficiently queryable Upcoming relational objects feature will allow inclusion of other predefined & custom objects 17. Checkout theBuilding CustomCloud Services talk @5pm today in Nob Hill! 18. Thanks! Michael GoffDirector of Engineering, Cloud ServicesAppcelerator @mikegoff 19. iOS + ACS Apps 20. Ti + ACS Apps 21. Deployment optionsACS Virtual Private ACS Private CloudACS Public Cloud CloudHosted, managed byHosted, managed byHosted, managed by theAppcelerator in the CloudAppcelerator in the Cloud customer at theirwith dedicated infrastructure premises or data center