Codestrong 2012 breakout session developing i phone and android apps using titanium and red hat's openshift

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  • 1.Mobilize MongoDBwith Titanium & OpenShiftGrant ShipleyDeveloper Evangelist, Red Hat@gshipley1 Grant Shipley - @gshipley

2. Whats Titanium Studio?Eclipse-based IDEBuild, test and deploy mobile apps from a single IDEHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and PythonSource Control (Git)Code AssistDebuggerTerminalBacked by Appcelerator2Grant Shipley - @gshipley 3. What is MongoDB?Document-orientatedHigh performanceHigh availabilityEasy scalabilityJSON Document Store Perfect for Titanium3 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 4. Level Set Cloud computing will Save the world Feed all the children Shelter all the homeless Create world peace Save us from the zombie invasion Automagically correct your terrible photos4Grant Shipley - @gshipley 5. Software-as-a-Service5Grant Shipley - @gshipley 6. What is Cloud Computing?6 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 7. Infrastructure-as-a-ServiceServers in the CloudYou must build and manage everything(OS, App Servers, DB, App, etc.)How do I use this?7Grant Shipley - @gshipley 8. Software-as-a-ServiceSomeone elses app in the Cloud (CRM, etc.)You are restricted to the features of the 3rd Party applicationIm not sure this doeswhat I need.8 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 9. Platform-as-a-Service Quickly build the Application that YOU need for Your Group, your Enterprise, your next great idea! Big data, mobile, social You code the application, We run it for you Leverage the ease, scale and power of the Cloud CodeDeployEnjoy9 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 10. Why Deploy Apps to OpenShift?FastFreeEasyScalable10Grant Shipley - @gshipley 11. FAST Deployments! rhc app create a my_app t my_lang11 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 12. Languages, Frameworks, etc.12 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 13. Work the Way YOU Want to Work Eclipse plug-ins, Cloud-based IDEs, Dashboard REST API Command-line tools Shell access Support Git Pre/post deploy, pre/post install hooks Jenkins and Maven built-in Runs on AWS leverage their ecosystem Pluggable cartridges for partners & devs (coming soon)13 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 14. Plus: Titanium Rocks on OpenShift! 3 FREE Instances Integrated with Studio Log Tailing Snapshots Database Support Automatic Scaling14Grant Shipley - @gshipley 15. Sign Up Already Its code: codestrong15Grant Shipley - @gshipley 16. Lets Put It All Together! Develop. Run.Youre Awesome.16Grant Shipley - @gshipley 17. Did I Mention OpenShift is FREE?17 Grant Shipley - @gshipley 18. Got Questions? We Have Answers! IRC: freenode #openshift Forums: Email: Twitter: @openshift Grant on Twitter: @gshipley Source code: Shipley - @gshipley