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Waterwise Landscaping

1Purpose of LandscapingWith water becoming a limited resource, conservation has become a third purpose of landscaping.2Waterwise OptionsWildfire Aware OptionsZeroscapingLow to No Maintenance Landscaping Design

CharacteristicsUses a variety of rocks for designSparse use of drought-resistant plantsRelies on rainwater or limited watering

BenefitsConserves waterSaves $$$Low maintenancePresents minimal pest and disease problemsSaves landfill spaceDisadvantagesScarcity of plant lifePossibility of unattractive aesthetic qualityXeriscapingWater Conservative Approach to LandscapingXeriscaping is created by the combination of the Greek word Xeros (dry) with landscaping. Term coined by the Front Range Xeriscape Task Force of the Denver Water Department in 1981.8CharacteristicsUses a variety of rocks to enhance designUses multiple drought-tolerant plantsCan be very colorfulRelies on rainwater or limited watering9BenefitsConserves waterProvides attractive planning optionsPresents minimal pest and disease problemsRequires low pruning and maintenanceSaves landfill space

DisadvantagesInitial cost may be highInitial cost offset by future savings

Principles for Waterwise LandscapingTips from the Office of Community Services, Fort Lewis CollegeResourcesOffice of Community ServicesFort Lewis College (

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