ASSP Treasurers’ Meeting

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ASSP Treasurers’ Meeting. Audrienne “ audry ” Salandanan ASSP Chair of Finance 2014-15 University of Southern California. Outline. Deadlines/ schedules Budget Proposals Update What is Dean Subsidy? What is Allowed? What is NOT allowed? Forms & Receipts. Deadlines. September 22 nd - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of ASSP Treasurers’ Meeting

ASSP Treasurers Meeting

ASSP Treasurers MeetingAudrienne audry SalandananASSP Chair of Finance 2014-15University of Southern CaliforniaOutlineDeadlines/ schedulesBudget Proposals UpdateWhat is Dean Subsidy?What is Allowed?What is NOT allowed?Forms & Receipts

DeadlinesSeptember 22nd October 27thDecember 1stAll other reimbursement forms will be turned in first week of Spring Semester. No forms will be accepted past these deadlines for purchases incurred the previous months.I will send a reminder email, and let you know where you can find me on campus to give your forms.MiscellaneousPlease allow 4-8 weeks for payments, as the paperwork must go through several channels and be reviewed by several people.Once the paperwork is approved, a check will be sent out to your address. Please fill out the address form before you leave today. Budget Proposals UpdateTHANK YOU for turning them in on time!!!!The proposals are being reviewed by myself and ASSP President Diana Shen.The next step is for Dr. Weismann to approve the budgets we have decided for each organization.I will send an email to treasurers letting you know of your Dean Subsidy budget for the year. The budget decided is FINAL.Dean SubsidyWhat is the Dean Subsidy? A gift from the Dean, to be used for professional eventsEach organizations allotment will vary year by year depending on proposal, past use, and any other variables the Dean seems appropriateTo receive funds, a purchase is made on behalf of an organization, and the person making the purchase applies for reimbursements, that are deducted from that organizations budget.All rules and regulations must be followed in order to get reimbursed.

If you ever have specific questions about anything related to the Dean Subsidy or expenditures, please refer to the Policy and Procedures for Deans Subsidy or the USC Expenditure Manual

Before we Begin

7What is Allowed?All university expenses must be considered reasonable in terms of price, purpose, and necessity and(E)ach university payment must be supported by a written business purpose, regardless of the item, type of service, amount or form of payment. Additionally, names of the people who benefitted from the transaction must be included on the payment request. According to USC Expenditure Policies and Procedures.What is not Allowed?Government unallowable expenses include all expenses related to:Alumni Events (including fund-raising expenses)Commencement (including student graduation parties)Development (including promotional gifts to donors)Public Relations (including banquets and advertisements)Student Activities (including contributions to student organizations and events)Alcoholic beverages Contributions/donations Fines/penalties First class airfare Flowers/gifts* (gifts allowed for up to $75, and name should be disclosed)

Prohibited by DeanBusiness cards Taxicab rides Gas/ rental cars Food for non-professional events (i.e. organization general or board meetings)Banquet expenses Organization board member gifts Parking for USC employees or students (ok for outside guests).

ReimbursementThe student requesting reimbursement will complete the appropriate form and turn into the organization treasurer. The organization treasurer will verify the form is complete and submit it to the ASSP Treasurer. ASSP Treasurer will receive funds from USC business office and distribute to organizations and/or students.

FormsInternal Requisition (IR) FormFor payments to USC for use of USC-owned facilities. (eg. Seaver, the Radisson on main campus)Must attach quote from venue Submit to ASSP Treasurer 3-4 weeks prior to eventPayment will be made by business office to facility: no student purchase required and no wait for reimbursement

Forms ContdPurchase Order (PO) FormFor payments to USC-approved vendors (NOT USC-owned venue). List of USC approved vendors on ASSP website? must verify with 7th floor Business Office as well Similar form to IRMust attach quote from venueSubmit to ASSP Treasurer at least 3-4 weeks PRIOR to eventPayment will be made by business office to facility- no student purchase required and no wait for reimbursement

Forms ContdTravel Expense Report May include plane or train tickets, lodging, foodMust include Social Security Number of individual who made purchaseMust fill in Period Covered = how long conference lastedSums inputted values to determine total expenditures (only form that does this)Attach original boarding pass, train ticket, hotel confirmation, credit card statement, receipts Do not use for conference registration fees- use the Non-Travel Expense report for this expense Submit to ASSP Treasurer no later than 2 weeks after event

The most commonly used form!Non-travel Expense report Forms ContdNon Travel Expense Report Most commonly used formUse for supplies for events, food purchases, anything not related to travel costs or facility rentalMUST include Social Security Number of individual who made purchaseForms ContdNon Travel Expense Report (contd) Leave blank: Department, Check Request #, G/U sectionsAccount # = Organizations Deans Subsidy AccountTotal reimbursement: may be equal to or less than total cost of the itemMust be signed & dated by individual who made purchaseFor conference registration fees- attach original conference badge, email registration confirmation, and credit card statement Submit to ASSP Treasurer (ignore preprinted instructions on form to submit to Disbursement Control) no later than 2 weeks after event

ReceiptsEach request for reimbursement must be accompanied by the original receipt, regardless of the form of payment. The receipt must include: Name of merchantAmount of chargeItemized list of purchases Form of payment Transaction date Tax/delivery charges (if applicable) Receipts must be mounted on one side of an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of white paper using clear tape.

Receipts ContdDo not staple, fold or wrap receipts; if the receipt does not fit it must be cut to fit and each piece attached separately.

Do not have personal purchases on the same receipt

When sharing a hotel room, each person should submit their portion of the rate. (e.g if room is $300 shared by two people, there should be one receipt for each person with the EXACT portion they paid)Types of PaymentCash:Receipt must state CASH as form of payment and no other documentation is required

Credit Card:If credit card was used, the credit card must belong to the student A copy of the credit card statement must be included showing the purchase, the name of the student, or the last four digits of the card.