A Growing Nation (1800-1870) Literature of the Period

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A Growing Nation (1800-1870)

A Growing Nation(1800-1870)Literature of the PeriodRomanticismArtistic movement that dominated Europe & America during 19th centuryNot necessarily about loveImagination over reason/intuition over factGreat love of natureAccented the fantastic aspects of the human experienceNew England Renaissance(1840-1855)Sparked by Ralph Waldo EmersonCalled for American intellectual independence from EuropeBelieved American writers should interpret their own culture in new waysLed to a burst of literary activity in and around BostonTranscendentalismRefers to understanding gained intuitively because it lies beyond direct experienceBlend of the romantic, the intuitive, the mysticalMost truths lie outside of the sensesStrong belief in the importance of the individualWaldenHenry David Thoreau, protg of EmersonWithdrew from society to live by Walden Pond18 essays using nature to explore philosophies of individualism, simplicity, and civil disobedienceThe Possibility of EvilNathaniel HawthorneAlways conscious of his Puritan rootsHerman MelvilleLike his mentor, saw life in grim termsFireside PoetsHenry Wadsworth LongfellowFirst poet to create national interest in American poetryAdapted traditional European forms to American subjectsWilliam Cullen BryantLawyer, journalistDefender of human rightsFirst to win world-wide acclaim and establish the Romantic Movement hereFireside Poets, cont.Oliver Wendell HolmesDescendent of Anne BradstreetLeading medical researcher of his timeJohn Greenleaf WhittierNo formal educationRaised a QuakerDeeply involved in social issuesCaptured the simple rural life as it was disappearingGreat Poets of American LiteratureEmily DickinsonBorn in Amherst, MassachusettsAs an adult, became increasingly isolatedDevoted most of her time to writing poetryWanted her poems destroyed after her deathSaved by her sisterGreat Poets of Am. Lit. continuedWalt WhitmanSelf educatedBroke every poetic traditionrhyme, meter, subject matterStrong beliefs in democracy, equality, unity, and the potential of the human spiritLifes work: Leaves of Grass