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  1. 1. Ordinary Pleasures Dimitri Berti Ryan AquiNathalia Robayo Wang RuiRafael Melo
  2. 2. Feature Mapping Re-luxTime-plistic Eco-coon
  3. 3. Focus Index Features common to the lifestyle FIRST LEVEL Features NOT present in the lifestyle (SHOLUD NOT BE PRESENT) SECOND LEVELSOMETHING THAT STANDS OUT
  4. 4. PREVALENTNON PREVALENT CONTRAST NaturalPersonalEco-friendlyLastingComfort Practical Meaningful UniqueEssential
  5. 5. MOOD BOARD SereneDetached ParksIndieColorful JoyfulStorySmileCleanSpontaneous PeacefulIndependent Plain TranquilSolitudeArtistic Relaxed Frugal Earth Down to earth Indie Content Poetical Musical CuriousRandom Own styleEnjoys free time AppreciativeColorful Gregarious Remembrance Treasure hunter Immerse Elitist ReservedAnimal lover Pause Intimate
  6. 6. Serene Joyful Peaceful Tranquil Relaxed Earth Down to earth Content Detached Story Independent Solitude Appreciative Remembrance Immerse Reserved Pause Intimate Indie Parks Smile Poetical Musical Curious Own style Colorful Treasure hunter Elitist Animal lover Clean Plain Artistic Frugal Colorful Spontaneous Random Enjoys free time Gregarious