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Suicide Squad Audience Pleasures

Audience Pleasures

Feature Audience PleasuresCharacters (i.e. Harley, Joker, Deadshot)The Comic booksThe storyline itselfThe soundtrack (Has famous bands such as Twenty One Pilots)The actors (The famous actors such as Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto)

Micro ElementsMise en Scene: The costume the actors are wearing reinstates and helps the audience know who the characters are. This causes audience pleasures because the actors are wearing iconic costumes the audience grew up seeing. It also causes excitement because it is as accurate the audience want it to be.The props gives the audience pleasure as it makes the movie seem more realistic, therefore they can escape into the movie and forgot about any life problems. The props also help set the scene and give away any missing detail, therefore the audience can tell what is going on and can understand the storyline

Micro Elements Editing:The CGI used in the movie would give the audience pleasure as it would add to the story and make the whole movie seem more realistic. By making the movie more realistic it would mean that the audience can escape into the movie and become fully engaged. Also by using CGI on the characters it would make the characters become as accurately as close to the characters in the comic books. This would make the audience feel pleasure as the movie is following the comic books, which is what they want.

Micro ElementsCamera Work:The camera work would give the audience pleasure as each camera shot/angle creates and builds tension and suspension. It also adds to the action happening. For example, when the director used a wide shot of the squad, it makes the squad seem invincible and are able to overcome anything. This would make the audience feel very excited and would want the squad to win.

Micro ElementsSound:The soundtrack of the movie would give the audience pleasure as it uses popular bands/artists that everyone knows (such as twenty one pilots, panic! At the disco, Lil Wayne etc..) By using popular artists and bands means that more people will watch the movie because the audience will be fans of the artists, therefore they would want to listen to their favorite artists whilst they are watching the movie.

Narrative, Genre and Representation TheoryThe representation of females in this movie are very sexual. This would give the audience (especially the males) pleasure, this is because of the male gaze theory. The movie uses a very attractive, young female to play Harley Quinn, more people would watch it because there is a pretty thing for males to look at.The genre of the film is action and adventure. A lot of people like action and adventure movies, its one of the few genres that all people love. This would give the audience pleasure because it means there would be a lot of action, suspense and an interesting journey. This means it would be easy for the audience to stay engaged in the story as they would want to focus on the action

May affect a teen audience? In my opinion I think it would effect a teen audience, as it is has a lot of conventions that would appeal to teenagers. It is also based on the popular comic, and a lot of teenagers read those comics, therefore they would watch it. The movie also has a lot of big stars that teenagers admire, such as Will Smith. They would be able to easily identify these stars and therefore they would watch it