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B322: TV Comedy Audience Pleasures

B322: TV ComedyAudience PleasuresTo understand the term audience pleasure and highlight the pleasures offered by comedy programmes.

StarterCreate a spider diagram detailing all of the reasons why people watch television.

Audience pleasuresRegular timeslotThe narrative and problems are always resolved at the end of the programmeIntertextuality Use of celebritiesDifferent types of humourRelatable characters and situations (so we can also laugh at ourselves/friends)Audience escapismAudience feels superior to characters as they never learn from their mistakes.Easy to watch (30 minutes long and self-contained episodes mean audience can dip in and out of series).Pleasure gained from resolution at the end of episodeSocial and family issues often used (audience can relate to)Themes are easy for audience to understandWarm mode of address - everyone can watch and enjoy.Familiarity (e.g. Catchphrases)Predictability For example: audiences know character well and know how they will react. New variations of the genre create interest

Comedy types Other GenresHere's some of the more obscure genres that are also used to categorise comedy shows ...

Monologue - just one person talking.

Prank Show - playing tricks on the public.

Improvisation - making things up without a script.

Impressionism - Comics copying the voice and/or look of famous people.

Musical - Comedy delivered via the medium of music.

Chat Shows - Most chat shows are boring, but some aim to be funny... like those hosted by Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton.

Factual - The programmes in this genre aren't funny in themselves but we've listed them because they look directly at British comedy.

Variety - Shows which provide light entertainment through a range of methods and are too varied to be boxed into one genre.

What is a sitcom?

Whilst watching the show write down what makes you laugh linking to what audience pleasure is being satisfied.

BE SPEFICIC as youll need to reference these examples in your actual GCSE exam.

TaskWith reference to the audience pleasures list write down the ones that link to Room 101 (as we watch the programme). List specific examples of those highlighted as we watch an episode.

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