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Audiences - Targeting, Positioning, Responses and Appeals

Target audienceAudience positioning & appeal

identifyingWho are the target audience?



Tertiary- GenderAge rangeInterestsPsychographic ProfileSocio Demographic

Primary audienceThe primary audience consisted of action and science fiction fans (hybrid genre), mainstreamers with a C1, C2, D, 12-35 male skew.

They are highly likely to have seen the previous film and are fans of high production value, Hollywood blockbusters that are fast paced and use a lot of technology and CGI, e.g. the Transformers audience.

Secondary audienceThe secondary target audience were older, female, 25-45 C1, C2, D mainstreamers who were targeted using character, narrative and in particular the emotive nature of the narrative. Notions of the star marketing and the female gaze would also apply to actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine while young heterosexual male audiences may be attracted to Zoe Saldana in terms of the male gaze (star marketing would also relate to the Director, JJ Abrams).

Tertiary audienceThe tertiary target audience were fans of the franchise e.g. Trekkies or Geeks aged 35-55, with a male skew, individualists again C1, C2, and D.

Audience AppealThe audience were positioned using the concept of the high production value spectacle as linking with the Diversion element (escapism) of the Uses and Gratifications Model.

The secondary target audience could, and more likely would form a personal identity with characters, particularly Kirk but also the idea that Spock and Uhura were now in a personal and professional relationship.

All three elements of the audience would respond in some way to the text via interactivity but it would be the tertiary audience who virally would communicate using social media.

Audience appealAnother key appeal would be the youthful, good looking representation of the cast (both male and female gazes) with the addition of humourous characters like Scotty played by Simon Pegg. There was legacy in terms of cultural capital for fans of the franchise, in particular the genre marketing of science fiction but also a context which meant it wasnt just set in space e.g. London at the start of the film appealing to broader demographic (it is worth referencing the UK has the second highest amount of science fiction fans). The retro element was important in attracting older audiences and on one level the limited role of Leonard Nimoy served this purpose.

Assessed EssayDiscuss the various ways in which JJ Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) appeals to a mass audience.

You should refer to:

Narrative PleasuresTarget Demographic (the spread of this)Audience Appeal

Word count: 700 words Due in Monday 9th