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WELCOME TO: www.orangetechnolab.com

Payroll Software Nigeria

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This is our Payroll solution customized as per Nigeria standards. We can still customize as per your company policies. Request a free trial at: www.payrollsoftware.co.in

Text of Payroll Software Nigeria

  • 1. WELCOME TO: www.orangetechnolab.com

2. ORANGE TECHNOLAB PRIVATE LIMITED,formerly known as Orange Web Technologies ,anISO 9001:2008 C ertified company ,headquartered at Ahmadabad, India. We offering integrated IT services to our clients and alliances partners.Quality Managementapplied to each of our processes,Expertisein varioussegment industries ,Local and International know-how(gained by all our projects successfully implemented worldwide) is what we are proud to share with our stakeholders.www.orangetechnolab.com ABOUT US 3. During this 10 yearsOrange Technolabhave successfully developed several projects in different areas either in India and overseas, we can freely express that we have important experience in the following industries: www.orangetechnolab.com INDUSTRIES

  • Advertising & Media
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Metal & Mineral Industries
  • Petrochemicals & Fertilizers
  • Packaging Material & Supplies
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Retail & Distribution Services
  • Technology
  • Telecom
  • Textile
  • Traffic & Transport

Industries 4. Desktop Payroll System www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details :

  • General System Features
  • Provide Multiple Company.
  • Provide Multi User System.
  • Clientserver Application.
  • Attendance Features
  • Employees present by Fingerprint Scanner, it saves time, reducing
  • your employee presence management and safe to wrong present.
  • If any cases Fingerprint scanner not working that time you can insert
  • manually attendance.

www.orangetechnolab.com 5. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details :

  • Administration Features
  • Back Up and Restore Database.
  • Define Grade (Such as Manager, Software Developer, Engineer)
  • Define Department (Such as Marketing, Human Resource, Manufacture)
  • Define Designation (Such as Manager, Asst. Manager, Sr. Developer)
  • Define Qualification.
  • Define Holiday or set Default Holiday.
  • Define Shifts ( Such as Day Shift, Night Shift)
  • Change and Add New Transaction Year.
  • S unday is not necessary to be week off, you can change any day to week
  • offand more than one day to make week off.
  • Include Holiday to generate salary (Yes/No)
  • Change setting of Finger Print Scanner.
  • Employee Increment.
  • Bonus Calculate.

Desktop Payroll System www.orangetechnolab.com 6. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Desktop Payroll System

  • Management Features
  • All Details of Employee(Official and Personal).
  • Automatically salary generation.
  • Total control to Pay Period such as Hour, Day, Week and Month wise with
  • over time if you selected.
  • All the Data display should be in Transaction year.
  • Employee leave carry forwarded and you add manually opening leave.
  • Tax direction service, Over Time are employee wise
  • Employee used more than one finger to presence.
  • Details of Applicant Registration.
  • Details of Employee Leave.
  • Details of Employee Loan Approval and Loan Payment.
  • Details of Employee Training.
  • Details ofEmployee Transfer shift
  • All left employee information.
  • Process Pay check and Cash.

www.orangetechnolab.com 7. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Desktop Payroll System

  • New Features for Nigeria Version.
  • Export facility to any Accounting software via Excel file.
  • Pay As You Earn (PAYE), NSSF, NHIF.
  • Tax Relief Setting: Children, Dependent, Wife, Disability Relief.
  • (PAYE) Limits, LST (Local Service tax) tables, BIRS.
  • All reports as per Nigeria Gov Act.
  • Note: We can Customize as per your company policies.

www.orangetechnolab.com 8. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Desktop Payroll System SPECIFICATIONS FOR WORKSTATIONS Pentium IV or Higher processor, 128 MB RAM. 10 GB Hard Disk Capacity, Color Monitor Keyboard, Mouse, 10/100 Mbps LAN Card (preferably LAN Bit/ D-Link)

  • Windows XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 7.
  • MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Connection)
  • Microsoft SQL 2000 - 2005.

www.orangetechnolab.com SYSTEMREQUIREMENTS 9. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : General Settings www.orangetechnolab.com 10. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : General Settings: Tax Relief Settings www.orangetechnolab.com 11. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Employee Registration Master www.orangetechnolab.com SCREENSHOTS 12. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Employee Master, Salary Detail www.orangetechnolab.com SCREENSHOTS 13. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Allowances/Deductions www.orangetechnolab.com 14. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Allowances/Deductions: Tax Relief www.orangetechnolab.com 15. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Allowances/Deductions: Tax table www.orangetechnolab.com 16. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Tax Table www.orangetechnolab.com 17. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Pay Slip example

  • Note: We can Customize the Pay Slip
  • as per your requirements.

www.orangetechnolab.com 18. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Reports www.orangetechnolab.com 19. www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : Leave Application www.orangetechnolab.com SCREENSHOTS 20. We offer to our clientsFingertecindiabiometrics devices, models technologies includesFace recognition, Fingerprint, RFD card , its features varies from time attendance andaccess control devices. Our biometrics solutions are easy to install and operate by end user, they are based in DIY concept do it yourself.Written manuals and illustrative videos will guide end user to install and operate it.Fingertecbiometrics devices can be used with our customizable software solutions asOrange HRMS, Payroll and ERP . Biometrics www.payrollsoftware.co.in For more details : www.orangetechnolab.com Improve Discipline / Punctuality Higher Security Level Increase Productivity Eliminates Buddy Clocking Irrefutable Audit Trails Reports / No Argument Eliminates Cards / No recurrence cost Benefits 21. Mr. ANKUR PATEL(Director) 3 rdfloor, Jan path Complex, Behind LIC Building,Ashram Road, Nehrubridge Ahmedabad 380009 ,(Gujarat) INDIA Tel / Fax :+91-79-40068968/26574943 US Phone (+1) 973.388.6545 URL : www.orangetechnolab.com www.payrollsoftware.co.in Enquiry :[email_address] Support : [email_address] Investors :[email_address] AUTHORIZED RESELLER IN NIGERIAMr. Ezet OnoriodeContact Details Fisocon Associates Limited [email_address] +234-1-8533253/+234-8024401889 www.orangetechnolab.com