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Is your organization based anywhere in the GCC or the MENA region?

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Citytech Software Private Limited has developed Paylite Software, specifically for the GCC & the MENA member countries fulfilling their conditions and requirements. Built with the latest Microsoft technologies, it can provide a rule-based and robust interface to manage all HR functions of an organization while being paperless, performing and accomplishing works faster, and eliminating chances of errors in HR works. It's very popular and the top choice across the regions.For more information please visit:

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  • 1.Is your organization based anywhere in the GCC or the MENA region?

2. Then, you are certainly aware how mandatory it is to conform to the labour laws of the regions while dealing with the HR responsibilities of your organization. 3. They have several uniform labour codes across the region, as well as country-specific ones. 4. Managing them manually? 5. Either joking or youre a simple challenge freak! 6. Or, maybe, youve got a dead brain stuck to the old days! 7. If your organization is still without Automation & Technology, be prepared to see it in a museum anytime soon. 8. Regardless of the size of your organization, align it with the HR Solutions to drive your HR workflows automatically. 9. Whether it is tracking attendance of your employees or managing vehicles & their fuel consumption, bring all of them to the purview of AUTOMATION. 10. Automation pushes through HR challenges effortlessly. 11. So does it help in achieving HR goals, precisely. 12. Do you think manual HR management could deliver precise & perfect results? 13. None but a fool can think of manual HR Management being a positive option. 14. A wise & smart head of an organization must go for Automation & integrate HR Solutions. 15. Automated HR Solutions is usually divided into several modules. 16. HRMS Software Payroll Software Appraisal Software Self-Service Software Attendance Tracking System Vehicle Management System Timesheet Management Software Resume & Recruitment Management Software 17. As their names reflect, so do their deliveries include. 18. Attendance Tracking System monitors and tracks attendance of employees through device integration to the system. RFID, MICR, Biometric machines are used with it. 19. HRMS Software automates maintenance of employee database, giving vital document renewal alerts, etc. 20. Payroll Software calculates, deducts, and dispenses salary to employees automatically. 21. All of these HR Solutions expedite HR workflows in one hand while on the other help achieve grand-performance level. 22. Plus, conforming to the labour regulations of the GCC & the MENA will be a cakewalk for you, even if you dont have the first-hand experience of handling them! 23. Training & support will be provided by Paylite HR Software authority. 24. So, users across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, & the rest of the countries of the MENA can place their full trust on them while dealing with the Paylite HRMS Software, Payroll Software, & its other modules. 25. Paylite HR Software has been developed by Citytech Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner. 26. Competencies of Paylite HR Software are beyond doubt, which is why its now a brand of trust among top business players, government institutions across the countries of GCC & MENA. 27. Here are a few satisfied clients using Paylite HR Software: 28. Few more world-famous organizations are recently on board of Citytech Software using its Paylite HR Software. 29. Paylite HR Software will spur you accept it anytime you check into its distinctive features. 30. Characterized by dynamism, Paylite HR Software gets over new features as newer conditions and requirements come up relating to the labour code change of any country in the GCC & the MENA. 31. Paylite HR Software pioneers in the field of providing Saudi Arabia with its WPS Support System. 32. Attendance Tracking System & Vehicle Management System are two latest modules included into the Paylite HR Software pack. 33. Both of them are better featured, better competent, & more comprehensive distinguishing themselves from several similar types of Gulf HR Solutions. 34. Based in Dubai & developed specifically for the users of GCC & MENA, Paylite HR Software serves exact needs of them and delivers exact results they seek for. 35. Localization of HRMS, Payroll, Attendance System, Vehicle Management System, Self Service, Resume & Recruitment Management System, Appraisal System, & Timesheet System has been made available. 36. Interested to interact with them for a demo? Give a call or drop at their Dubai address at your convenient time. www.Paylitehr.com/ www.Citytechcorp.com/