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Don’t get mad with payroll in excel. Get GLAD with Prime Payroll.

Payroll Software - Prime

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Prime payroll software will help you, to simple to work, High security, User friendly, Save your time, cost and Manpower.

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  • 1. Dont get mad with payroll in excel. Get GLAD with Prime Payroll.
  • 2. High Security Reduce the repetition work User friendly and easy to use Save money, time and manpower Can work without confusion even at the first time User defined maximum probability reports First to provide Business status report Track Data facilities Faster processing ` Why Prime Payroll ? Save Money Save Time Save Manpower User Friendly High Security Faster processing
  • 3. Overview of the Software Prime Softtech provides ultimate in Payroll Accounting Software solutions to help you save both time and money. Prime Payroll is a Multi-Users, task-oriented Payroll Accounting Software, unlike other software products, it gives end solution for all your Data Management, Financial Management and Inventory Management etc.,. Our Prime Payroll automatically calculates Gross Pay - Deduction = Net Pay. Gross Pay: (Basic, DA, Wash Allowance, H.R.A., Conveyance, Other Allowances, OT, Holiday wages, Misc. Addition, etc...) Deduction: EMI Every month Installments Like (Advance, Loan, Uniform, Mess, Fine, Others, PF, ESI, Insurance, Professional Tax, Misc. Deduction, etc...) Our Prime Payroll software automatically prepares Monthly wage sheet, Site wise pay periods, Bank wages sheets, and very flexible and powerful in generating monthly wise PF & ESI Report and forms like 3A, 6A, ESI 6 Month statement, Form 2, Form 5, Form 9, Form 10, Form 13. etc., Prime Payroll also support Client wise Monthly Billing (Inclusive of Service Tax, Cess and Reliving charges) along with Client wise Payment and Receipts (TDS Deduction, Mess Coupon, Short, fine and Others) reports like Payments and Outstanding dues along with cheque Return status.
  • 4. User login for security of data.
  • 5. Employee details Employee P.F & E.S.I Details Employee Bank Details Employee Salary structure (i.e) basic,da, etc,.
  • 6. Unit Wise and Site Wise Pay Rate for Clients
  • 7. Holds EMI (all advance amount, uniform etc.) of the employee
  • 8. Wages Sheet Calculate the salary with employee attendance and EMI
  • 9. View the employees Monthly Salary Slip
  • 10. For free demo Please contact 7871606060 or logon to www.primesofttech.in For ur queries and feedback please mail : [email protected] / [email protected]