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BEST Payroll For Small Business Software

Best Payroll Software

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1. BEST Payroll For Small Business Software 2. We tried all the top payroll softwares and narrowed it down to three. 3. Based on A CB Together, they cover the widest range of features needed by small businesses. Price Ease of Use Features Customer Service 4. Best Payroll Software For SmallBusiness Owners 5. High Level of Service Low Price Simplicity Full Review Here Try Zen Payroll for FREE 6. Why We Chose ZenPayroll as the Best Payroll Software 7. Low price for High level of service Starting only $29/ month Full Review Here 8. Dont worry for filling forms or sending checks All payroll taxes are filed and paid for you Full Review Here 9. Everything is nicely explained and well organized Extremely easy to use Full Review Here 10. When to use Intuit 11. High Level of Control Over Payroll You can setup multiple pay schedules Full Review Here 12. Accrue vacation/ sick days Split direct deposit across 2 accounts Full Review Here 13. When to use Patriot Software 14. At a very affordable price Basic Payroll Full Review Here 15. Who doesnt use tools like attendance tracking or 3rd party integrations Perfect for Small Businesses Full Review Here 16. Pricing 17. $25per month for basic payroll ($4/month for each extra employee) $10per month for basic payroll ($2/month for each extra employee) $31.20per month for basic payroll ($2/month for each extra employee) Full comparison table here 18. Standard Features 19. Self on-boarding for employees Run payroll on Auto-Pilot. Automatically process and direct deposit each pay period. Integration with Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, and more.Full Review Here 20. Lots of advanced functionalities. Multiple pay schedules, direct deposits, sick/ vacation days, etc. Tight integration with Intuits Quickbooks Full Review Here 21. Includes time & attendancetracking, accounting, HR toolsand more. Payroll is the best featureworth spending money on Pick and choose add onsas you like Full Review Here 22. Customer Service 23. Email Support 5-15 min. wait time Support Center Phone Support Full Review Here 24. Positive experience Difcult to nd relevant articles Help? 12 Hour US Phone Support 12 Hour US Email Support Full Review Here 25. Full Review Here Email Support Short wait time Great Support Center Phone Support 26. Conclusion Based on their easy-to-use platform with top-notch tax support and customer service For most employers, we recommend ZenPayroll 27. See the full article here Join The Community Please Share! Give us a Like :)