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PAYROLL SERVICES FOR SCHOOLS HMRC-recognised RTI and pension auto-enrolment enabled Microsoſt tested ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 cerfied systems, processes

PAYROLL SERVICES FOR SCHOOLS · Payroll Services For Schools And Academies The Company Hosted Payroll Software & Solutions Payroll usiness Solutions is an independent payroll software

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    RTI and pension auto-enrolment enabled

    Microsoft tested

    ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified systems,


  • Payroll Services For Schools And Academies

    The Company

    Payroll Business Solutions is an independent payroll

    software and service provider. We are ISO 9001 &

    27001 certified, Bacs approved bureau. Our software

    is Microsoft tested and HMRC recognised.

    Since inception in 1998 by payroll and software

    professionals, our mission has been to bring

    affordable, quick and accurate payroll services to a

    wide range of organisations.

    We provide end to end payroll solutions, offering

    both hosted and on premise payroll software along

    with fully managed payroll bureau services. Our

    comprehensive solutions are built and managed by

    high calibre payroll professionals, and 80% of our

    employees are payroll system trained professionals.

    As well as general payroll expertise, we provide

    specifically configured solution offerings for Pensions

    Payroll, Schools and Recruitment.

    Accord Payroll On-Premise & Internally Hosted

    Accord Payroll is based on a system of building

    blocks, the smallest being an individual payment or

    deduction; the largest a payroll or company.

    Accord Payroll can be configured to mirror and

    support your individual company payroll processes

    (and not vice versa!)

    We are able to provide all statutory requirements

    ‘off the shelf’. The system also has a library of

    pre‐prepared elements to get you up and running

    with minimum fuss.

    The solution is highly adaptive being able to

    accommodate ever changing legislation and client

    needs. At the same time 100% of Accord Payroll

    installations are non-bespoke.

    Payroll Outsourcing

    Our payroll outsourcing solutions offers Fully &

    Partially Managed Payroll Bureau Services based on

    our own software technology that includes RTI and

    Auto Enrolment. Bacs approved bureau, ISO 9001 &

    27001 certified systems and processes.

    Payroll Business Solutions are a Bacs approved payroll

    bureau and offer a wide range of outsourced payroll

    services from payslip printing and distribution to a

    fully managed payroll service.

    Our payroll bureau service comes with an optional

    full licence for Accord Payroll software for reporting

    and/or data entry. Users enjoy control and flexibility,

    while we take care of routine tasks. These can include

    payroll processing, paper payslip production, online

    payslips/eP60/P11D, electronic and/or printed

    reports, Bacs file production (and optionally

    submission), P45 production, RTI submissions, payroll

    cost journal export and end of year processing.

    bureau also provides a pension auto-enrolment


    Hosted Payroll Software & Solutions

    Payroll Business Solutions offer payroll software

    hosting from secure, resilient, high-performance

    servers. We aim to make your payroll processes

    easier, more reliable and more cost effective.

    Also known as Software as a Service (Saas), and Cloud

    Computing, this method of delivery enables you to

    use the Accord Payroll without having to worry about

    data backup, software updates or physical hardware

    maintenance. Upgrades or adjustments to capacity

    (or functionality) are also easier to manage, for

    maximum flexibility if your needs change.

    Hosted payroll solutions from Payroll Business

    Solutions are suitable for small, large and enterprise

    level companies.


  • Payroll Services For Schools And Academies

    Interfaces & API

    Accord Payroll seamlessly interfaces to multiple

    systems including HRIS, ERP, Finance, Time &

    Attendance, HMRC Online Services (via DPS) and

    Pension Administration Systems e.g. NEST,

    NOW:Pensions. Accord Payroll also provides API’s

    to call online forms (payslips, P60s and P11Ds) from

    3rd party applications.

    Accounting Power

    Effective cost accounting is crucial for the

    management of your workforce. Accord system has

    the ability to replicate the structure of your chart of

    accounts, using up to ten analysis levels.

    The provision of a Payroll Journal Nominal Ledger

    Export is considered a key element of all implemen‐

    tation projects and our system easily integrates

    with all industry standard financial software.

    Reporting & Payslip Design

    We consider accurate reporting to be of

    paramount importance in payroll. A large library of

    standard reports is supplied with the system

    incorporating all statutory reports. Both payroll

    calculation results and historical data can be

    analysed in any number of ways with the minimum of

    fuss. Tools are provided for ad hoc user reporting and

    the system is also compatible with numerous 3rd party

    reporting tools including Crystal Reports.

    Accord MyPay

    Online Payslips, P60’s Reports providing both

    managers and employees with the information they

    need via web browser has obvious advantages in

    terms of speed of delivery and reduction of paper


    The Accord MyPay web module has been developed

    with our customary rigour and provides excellent

    facilities, which are flexible and secure. A standard

    set of reports are provided for instant, off the-shelf

    usability, with scope for adding further reports from

    our standard library (or, indeed, reports of your own).

    MyPay has a customisable user interface to match

    corporate intranet styling. Employees can also enter

    and edit their own personal data. When used in

    conjunction with the Accord Timesheets module,

    MyPay can be used by employees and managers to

    enter timesheet data, including mileage and



    Accord Payroll Software is HMRC-recognised,

    Microsoft tested, RTI and pension auto-enrolment

    enabled, GDPR compliant with ISO 9001 & ISO 27001

    certified systems, processes and support services.

  • Schools and Academies now have an option to move away from their governing local authorities for the provision of payroll services and opt for an alternative cost effective and streamlined payroll solution whilst improving the quality of service to their teachers & staff. Unlike most organisations, schools have many intricate complexities such as multiple employments, pay spines, incremental progression of salary within pay grades, teachers and local government pension schemes (TPS & LGPS)

    What sets us apart? A competitively priced solution with no hidden

    costs A designated and skilled payroll team with a

    dedicated point of contact for each client Payroll software fully developed and maintained

    in-house Full understanding of the needs and require‐

    ments of school payrolls Complete data security HMRC recognised, ISO 9001/27001 certified,

    Bacs accredited

    Passion for Payroll Customer focus, reliability, flexibility and resilience

    Payroll Business Solutions is an independent payroll software and service provider. We provide end-to-end payroll solutions, offering both on premise and hosted payroll software as well as fully managed payroll and bureau services.

    Payroll Business Solutions Ltd

    6 Bourne Court, Southend Road,

    Woodford Green, Essex IG8 8HD

    Tel: 020 8550 7758

    Email: [email protected] www.payrollbs.co.uk

    Payroll Services For Schools And Academies

    -Powered by Accord Payroll Software.

    What we can offer Secure online portal for e-Payslips & P60 forms Secure online payroll approval & reports Support for teachers and support staff pay scales and TLR points Optional interface to school HR system LGPS & teachers pension scheme including

    MDC interfaces Bacs approved bureau to credit employee bank

    accounts directly 3rd Party Bacs payments Multi-post options Interface to school finance system

    If your schools is transferring from local authority control to independent Academy status, your business managers face some key challenges such as: Finding a fit-for-purpose payroll solution Transferring key data from the local authority Coping with complex pay structures, pensions &

    reporting requirements Interfacing and reporting with retained Local Au‐

    thority systems We will ensure your staff gets paid accurately on time, every time. To find out more about our solu‐tions for schools Contact Us today

    For further enquiries, Call 020 8550 7758