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Software & BusinessVersion 4.X

Quick FactsPaywings Payroll Solution was first built as an Enterprise Software to assist large companies with their payroll processing. Paywings Ver 4 was remodeled to suit even Small and Medium Enterprises. Fresh Idea60% of new ideas for Paywings come from its customers. Softonic EuropeSoftonics editorial team has rated Paywings 9 out of 10 points, highest among any software for any category.ImprovementPaywings releases 4 major updates every year, guaranteeing a constant investment to remain #1.Global MarketPaywings is being used in 80% of the worlds markets.DownloadsAmong all Payroll Solutions, Paywings is the worlds #1 downloaded software






Product PhilosophyBeautifulFeature RichEnd User FriendlySolid PerformanceReduce BugsAffordableThird Party

Open to create integrations with useful 3rd party products for end user benefit.Sound Technology

Choice of free and open source backend systems like database and reporting engine to reduce customer overheads.Long Term

STPLs flagship product with long term visions for market and thought leadership.

Industry OutlookExplore and Identify Challenges and solutions for the HR and Payroll Horizontal across industry Verticals.

More than 10K organizations and payroll experts were interviewed to identify priority challenges across industry verticals and geographical boundaries.






60%Common Horizontal ChallengesPaywings Product Team comprises of people who have significant experience in functional domain, mixed with experience on modern software architecture, efficient software development, and customer engagement. Over-TimeAutomatically calculate OT based on standard inputs.Employee RecordsReady access to employee profile & history.Tax & Regulatory Easy configuration of Tax and other statutory. Pay slipsStandardized pay slip generation across the organization. Data PrivacyReduces concern on confidential employee data. Leave ManagementReal time visibility into employee leave applications and balance.

Manual Payroll Processing

Visibility into historical pattern, Variance, Budget Vs Spend - ImpossibleData Visualization

Impossible to maintain confidentiality leading to employee dissatisfaction.Data Confidentiality

At least 3 staff required to manually process salaries of average 50 employees.Resource Intensive

Excel based salary processing frequently goes through calculation mistakes leading to company loss or misappropriations. Frequent Inaccuracy

For a 50 employee size company, it took at least 3 days to process employee salaries. Time Consuming

Automating payroll processing with Paywings is estimated to save $1890 from unproductive overheads, month on month, for a 50 employee organization.

Target Employee Satisfaction

Payroll AutomationAutomating payroll is among the first automations adopted by any organization irrespective of country or industry. Maintain StandardsOrganization Brand and standardization of pay slips.Data SecurityKeep records confidential 100%. On time ProcessingProcess salaries on time, month after month.Time SavingSave productive time with one time configuration of components. Error FreeEliminate calculation errors in salary processingComplianceRemain 100% compliant with statutory requirements

Biomatric Attendance management

Biomatric BR2Biomatric BR3Biomatric BR1Biomatric BR8Biomatric BR7Biomatric BR6Biomatric BR5Biomatric BR4Biomatric BR9SQL Server

Biomatric Attendance management Access data from multiple Biometric devices .Access the Centralized database from multiple locations via paywings .Connect Biometric devices from user system with network .Pull the data from Biometric system and pass it to centralized database .Process salary in centralized system .

PERFORMANCEInsight into advantages and features of the Paywings Payroll Software.

Constant endeavor to reduce size of download file by efficient programming, simplify installation by automating significant technology configurations. Repeated emphasis on easy of use by end user.

Four Point AdvantageMajor hurdles in software adoption were taken into serious consideration while designing Paywings. Quick InstallationDownload and wizard based installation takes less than 30 minutes flat.Very RobustTested to work effortlessly for 5000 employee records, processing time of 20 minutes.100% Data SecurityDownload Version provides total control of data to the customer.Highly ParameterizedFrom simple payroll structure to extremely complex grades- all possible.

Broad FeaturesLow on Resources

Paywings can work on very simple PC with windows versions above XP. Cloud solution can work with just a browser.Download/Cloud

Only software Available in both download and SAAS model. Choice of end customer. Accounting Integration

Integrated with QuickBooks Accounting System, and other 3rd party applications.Award Winning User Interface

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction with improved usability, and pleasure provided in interaction with the software.


Only software to provide AD/LDAP integration to control access and fit into organizational IT framework.

These features play a significant role to ensure customer satisfaction and return on investment.

Out of Box Reports

Year To Date, Loan History, Attendance Report etc., are ready availableProgressive Growth

Paywingss reports helped many organizations to have control on their payroll overheads

Bank AdviceReady reports that can be sent to the banks

Variation AnalysisMonth on month variations displayed in easy formats

ProcessInsight into various processes and automation that goes behind creating a happy Paywings customer.

Matured Process SupportPaywings team is experienced in handling requests from more than 21K customers. It has already set processes and automation to ensure that not a single customer goes un-noticed.

Our support response times are averaging around mere 2 hours. No customer is denied a response. Quick Response Teams are distributed across India, Nigeria and UAE to overcome any time difference. End Customer Support

Automatic authentication of customer support calls via Ticketing system and auto routing to available support executives.Inside Sales Process

Automated process to allow end customers to request for license keys, manage and monitor license validities.

Support ChannelsPaywings support is required more to assist customers in understanding the software and receiving creative suggestions on software improvements. No Paywings customers contact goes unanswered.

Mature KnowledgebaseSEO optimized knowledgebase allows end users to search for anything that they may get stuck with, Content is available in text and videos.

Ticket SystemLogin to the ticket system to raise a support ticket, email it, or even tweet.

Online Live Chat16 hours per day availability of live support personnel on online chat.

Regular Webinars Weekly webinars conducted to assist customers learn Paywings configuration and usage.

TECHNOLOGYTake a peek on the technology riding behind Paywings

Technology behind PaywingsPaywings is developed in .Net Framework 4.5 with best design practices

Client MachineMin Requirement of Processor Intel x86 architecture512 MB RAM, 60GB Hard Disc SpaceSecurityStandard security measures followed.The database resides on the customer machine which gives full control to the customerServer RequirementsMin Requirement of Processor Intel x86 architecture1 GB RAM, 80GB Hard Disc SpacePrograming LanguageFront end Developed with C# while backend developed MSSQL Server

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