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Sheet1SharePoint Combined Course ContentSessionsThings to CoverTime Spent (Hours)Session 1Understanding SharePointIntroduction to SharePoint with a case Study2Journey of SharePoint from V1 to V3Comparing WSS with MOSSVarious Flavours of MOSSTechnology Stack for MOSSSharePoint as 3 tier architectureComparing ASP.NET with SharePointQuestion/AnswersSession 2Logical Components of SharePointLogical Components in a SharePoint farm1Containment HierarchyImp terms Database Created in a FarmDemo - Creation of WebAppDemo - Creation of SiteCollectionQuestion/AnswersSession 3Installation of SharePointH/W and S/W requirments1Installation - DemoVarious Settings done during DemoTypes of installationSteps in Configuration WizardAdding a Server to an existing FarmInstallation required for different Server RolesQuestion/AnswersSession 4 & 5Basic Concepts of SharePoint6List and LibrariesSite ColumnsContent TypesWorkflowsList TemplateSite TemplatesWeb Parts and their rolesCreating Web Part PagesVarious Site Templates & their usagesRecycle Bin UsageIntro to STSADM CommandsDemo of using these various itemsQuestion/AnswersSession 6SSP Primer1Shared Service Provider OverviewSSP within a FarmSSP ComponentsAdvantages of SSPServices Provided by SSPDemo - Creation of SSP and configuring SSP servicesQuestion/AnswersSession 7Server Farms1MOSS Physical ArchitectureDifferent Server Roles in a FarmType of Deployment Single Server DeploymentWeb Farm DeploymentVarious Server Farm TopologiesAdding a Server to FarmDemoQuestion/Answers SharePoint Designer4SharePoint Designer - OverviewPower of SharePoint DesignerDeveloping OOB solutions with SharePoint DesignerCreating Master Pages / Layout PagesModifying the UI of SharePoint Apps with SharePoint DesignerCreating Workflows with SharePoint DesignerOther Various operations related to SharePoint DesignerQuestion/Answers

Session 6SharePoint Object Model6SharePoint Object Model OverviewHierarchy of Object ModelClasses and Objects in Object ModelDemo: Various tasks done with Object ModelCreating Lists, Site and accesing Data with Object ModelCreating and Deploying Web Parts with Object ModelFeature - IntroductionDeploying the Web Part with the help of FeatureSolutioin - IntroductionDeploying the Feature with the help of SolutionCreating Workflows with Visual StudioQuestion/AnswersSearch2Search OverviewImportant Terms related to SearchConfiguring SearchQuestion/AnswersSession 8Central Admin - Overview3Walk Through Important Features which are required for day to Day jobDemoQuestion/AnswersSecurity Concepts in SharePointSecurity Model in SharePoint2Various Groups and Permission LevelsAuthentication ProvidersSecuring SharePoint data and servicesSecurity & Permission StrategiesDemo of Creating Groups and Providing AccessQuestion/AnswersBDC and Excel Services or Overview of SharePoint 2010Overview of BDC and Excel Services or What's new in SharePoint 20101Total Hours30

MaterialPrepration Material for SharePoint Certification 70-630Books on Admin Some other supporting MaterialTips for Interview Prepration