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New, improved and deprecated features in SharePoint 2016

Key TopicsNew and Improved FeaturesDeprecated Features


New and Improved Features

Performance, Reliability & ScalabilityExecution

Improved performance Faster site creation, upload and downloadTrustworthyImproved patching3x9s availabilityHandle large volumes of data

99.9%ResilientImproved scalability and flexibility2x increase in search indexing

Faster Site CreationCopies Site Collection using SPSite.Copy at ContentDB Level.Implements master copies of enabled Site Collections

BenefitsImproves site collection creation performanceMitigates feature activation overhead


MinRoleAllows to configure/define each servers role in a farm topology.Can convert server role later on.Services get configured based on the server role, optimizing farm performance.BenefitsSimplified deploymentImproved performance and reliabilitySimpler capacity planning and farm scalability


Durable LinksResource Id based URLs

BenefitsLinks remain connected after renaming or movingEnables discrete URL on visibility

Document Library AccessibilityKeyboard shortcuts for document tasksAnnouncements for file names and file types when upload in progressAlt + N - NewAlt + E - EditAlt + U - UploadAlt + M - ManageAlt + S - ShareAlt + Y - Synchronization

Special CharactersAllows file name with &, ~, { and } charactersAllows file names longer than 128 charactersAllows file names with GUID or leading dotsNote:% and # are still not allowed.

Patching2 MSIs per SharePoint core service and 1 language packOnline patching with zero downtime

ManagementEfficiently manage infrastructure while maximizing uptime, minimizing failures and downtimeManage Cost

System RequirementsHardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Thresholds and Limits


Upgrade and MigrationSupports upgrade from SP 2013March 2013 CU, version 15.0.4481.1005 or higherDBs to be upgraded to 15.0.4481.1005 or higherUpgrade 14 mode site collections to 15 modeAttach SharePoint 2013 databases to SharePoint 2016


Manage RiskFind the perfect balance between compliance, managing records and collaborationControlEfficiently manage content policies while preventing data lossManage TimeEmpower end users while managing risk, complexity and costs

Content ManagementCompliance Policy CenterIn-place Hold Policy CenterData Loss Prevention

Cloud Accelerated ScenariosHybrid SitesCohesive experience of SharePoint on-premises and online sitesHybrid One DriveRedirects on-premises My Sites/OneDrive host to Online OneDrive for Business.Hybrid SearchUnified search results from O365 & On-Premise.

Hybrid SitesUsers can follow on premise & online sitesSingle profile for users in Office 365

BenefitsIntegrated Experience

Hybrid One DriveSync files with O365 and share with othersFiles accessed directly via O365 from any deviceBenefitsStore business files centrally.Reduce on premise storage cost.

Hybrid SearchUnified index for on-premise and cloud contentSupports search as a service/reduces search crawl footprintCrawls MOSS 2007, SP 2010 & SP 2013 without upgrading them

ServicesHybrid SitesProject ServerDelivers unified work, project, and portfolio managementUser ProfileBi-directional sync using external FIM service

Project ServerIntegrated with SharePoint 2016Runs as a service applicationDelivers unified work, project and portfolio management.

NoteStill has separate licensing

User ProfileImproved synchronizationSupports external synchronization tools such as Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 or other 3rd party tools.

MobileMobile & touch Improved mobile experience Tap tiles or links on the screen to navigate the site Switch from the mobile view to PC view Better touch UX

Deprecated FeaturesSharePoint FoundationStandalone Install ModeForefront Identity Manager (FIM) ClientTags and NotesStsadm.exeExcel ServicesBI Capabilities

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