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<ul><li><p> Call Us: 1-866-345-7638 </p><p>SharePoint An Indispensable Interactive Web Platform </p><p>Microsoft reports that SharePoint is their one of the successful server </p><p>products, ever with an exponential increase in user license sales noted, for the </p><p>years 2006-2012 and approximately 2 billion in total sales recorded as of 2013. A </p><p>large number of Microsoft partners around the globe deal with SharePoint </p><p>Application Development, making largest partners communities. It extensively </p><p>deploys apps, by the enterprises and SMBs, throughout the world. It is obtainable </p><p>in over 70 languages. </p><p>SharePoint is a very useful and the most powerful program for enterprises, </p><p>which makes certain that business data can be easily shared amongst the specific </p><p>group of people. Its the most useful tool to boost company productivity and </p><p>business efficiency as per the customer needs. It delivers a specific infrastructure to </p><p>provide portal and collaboration functionality over extranet, intranet, and internet </p><p>sites. </p><p>SharePoint is a single collaborative platform that enables companies to run </p><p>their businesses with ease, innovations, security, state-of-the-art technology and </p><p>discipline. SharePoint applications are useful for companies and its integration </p><p>result in a better performance of the particular website. SharePoint technology </p><p>ensures a customized integrated solution whereas its out-of-box features let you </p><p>obtain the compelling office integration along with easy and adaptable application </p><p>deployment. It adds value to the company while serving as a portal, enterprise </p><p>content management system, collaboration tool, enterprise search engine, </p><p>managing business processes, forms and delivering reliable business intelligence. </p><p>Being a powerful collaboration tool, SharePoint can streamline the operations in </p><p>organizations by boosting team performance, expertise, know-how and skills. </p><p>Some of the important advantages of Microsoft SharePoint: </p><p>1. Lessened complication of securing organization information </p></li><li><p>Http:// </p><p>Call Us: 1-866-345-7638 </p><p>Corporate Office - 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124, CHICAGO (USA) </p><p>2. Enhanced document management and content integrity </p><p>3. Improved team productivity with easy collaborative tools </p><p>4. Builds a collaboration environment quickly and easily </p><p>5. Gets users up to speed quickly </p><p>6. Deployment of tailored-made solutions to any business processes </p><p>7. Provision of sophisticated controls to secure company resources </p><p>8. Balanced collaboration solution to meet clients specific needs </p><p>9. Cost-effective support for creating web-based applications </p><p>10. Excellent file sharing and storage capabilities </p><p>SharePoint provides a platform where people can work together and get the </p><p>maximum benefits out of it. It empowers people to collaborate and share their </p><p>ideas, views and experience. This helps people get ideas and knowledge through </p><p>many different communities. By incorporating an integrated, flexible platform with </p><p>best-of-breed enterprise search feature can potentially acquire content, specific </p><p>information and people on the go. For quick customization, SharePoint can also </p><p>provide webparts which is often used as a plug and play thing in the setup. </p><p>SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in the history of Microsoft, with its </p><p>ability to integrate modern techniques. It delivers great Extranet/Intranet platforms </p><p>and works as a key platform for developing reliable and robust websites. Today, </p><p>SharePoint has become a widely used platform to increase productivity of business </p><p>workflow and improve collaboration between vendors and clients. It also helps </p><p>businesses to produce business intelligence reports. </p><p>About Softweb Solutions Inc. </p><p>A Softweb solution is sharepoint application development company to provides all </p><p>Sharepoint Platform Services. Feel free contact us at </p></li></ul>