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  • 1. NEWCASTLE SHAREPOINT USER GROUPInformation Architecture and GovernanceJeremy Hancock (@ozippy)November 2011

2. Focus for today Navigation Site structure for collaboration Technical considerations 3. Navigation 4. An the problem is?I CANT FIND ANYTHING 5. Mega Menu 6. Demonstration 7. Site Structure for collaboration Group task 10 minutes Design a site structure 8. Scenario Three previously independent teams (Sales, Marketing and Bid Management) have now come under a new manager named Sue. Sue wants these teams to collaborate together more closely and have better visibility of the activities they are each undertaking. Sue also wants to ensure that she can easily communicate to all team members easily and be confident that they read those communications. Lastly, Sue would like to be easily see everything that is happening across the three teams. 9. This is our starting point 10. Possible alternative 11. Considerations that drive site structure Security Ownership and Management Content volume Content Types Audience 12. Technical Considerations Number of items per view/list Content Databases Site Collection Limitations Types of content SharePoint 2010 features Backup and Restore 13. Key takeaways Two clicks to anything? Think like a user (personas) Involve real users Undertake user testing Dont default to organisational structure Balance business and technical considerations 14. 15. Sponsors Welcome 16. Links