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  1. 1. residential solutionsunified communicationsresidential solutions experience the latest in home automation and environment management Comfort, convenience and entertainment are the key factors that drive planning and design for the modern home. Discerning home owners now demand the ability to control and transform their environment at the touch of a screen - to match their moods. achieve all of this - and more!Actis Smart Homes
  2. 2. A Smart Home This home has an Integrated Control Infrastructure so that communication, entertainment, security and climate control products can be operated using a single (or multi-point) interface such as a touch panel or an easy-to-use keypad with engraved buttons and custom finishes. ...we design solutions that have people at the center and then give them control to manage almost any aspect of their home environment. Basically its putting You, back in control... Abhimanyu Gupta Director, Actis Technologies It's a home in which everything - springs to life at the touch of a button. right from the shades, air conditioners to the cosy little private cinema -
  4. 4. LOUNGE HVAC Control Integrated Home ControlIntelligent Lighting Multi-room Audio/VideoAvailable to view at the Actis Experience Centre The Smart Lounge can transform into a place to relax, read, enjoy music or TV, surf the web, or entertain friends and family - with a touch on your tablet.
  5. 5. HOME CINEMA HVAC Control Integrated Home ControlIntelligent LightingAvailable to view at the Actis Experience Centre Multi-room Audio/Video The Smart Home Cinema is custom-built for a larger-than-life entertainment experience, be it music, high-definition TV or the movies. Just a flick on your smart phone can blow your mind away!
  6. 6. The Advanced Lighting Control System balances artificial and natural lighting for increased energy efficiency and provides preset custom scenes to create the right mood. INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY
  7. 7. LIVING ROOM HVAC Control Integrated Home ControlIntelligent Lighting Multi-room Audio/Video Entertaining guests requires a flexible environment and the Smart Living Room provides exactly that. Create the right mood with the right environment - mood lighting, temperature control and multimedia entertainment.
  8. 8. DINING ROOM HVAC Control Integrated Home ControlIntelligent Lighting Multi-room Audio/Video
  9. 9. BEDROOM HVAC Control Integrated Home ControlIntelligent Lighting Multi-room Audio/Video No other place can provide the comfort and privacy that the Smart Bedroom does - control the drapes, lighting, cooling and entertainment, without getting out of bed.
  10. 10. BATHROOM Intelligent Lighting Multi-room Audio/Video
  11. 11. PATIO Intelligent Lighting Outdoor Music Enjoy the comfort of indoors in the outdoors, with access to your entire music collection and control over the lighting environment from the Smart Patio.
  12. 12. Experience state-of-the-art automation and digital entertainment solutions to enhance the ambience in your living spaces, at the Actis Experience Centre. We recommend that you see and use these solutions for yourself. After all, seeing is believing! Call +91 - 22 - 3080 8080 for a free demonstration.
  13. 13. Client Speak Actis has all the solutions of my audio-visual requirements on a very high standard and the after sales service is brilliantly handled by Actis engineers! Adnan Sami Musician Milan Parikh Thanks to Actis, I am a proud owner of the latest in technology, which has not only made my life comfortable but also exciting...
  14. 14. ahmedabad bangalore chennai delhi gurgaon hyderabad kolkata mumbai pune Head Office: Phone E-mail+91 22 3080 8000 contact@actis.co.in www.actis.co.in Actis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.