Demystifying Enterprise Collaboration

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Alan Pelz-Sharpe, research director at the 451 group looks at the evolution of cloud collaboration and where we're headed.

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  • 1. Demystifying Enterprise Collaboration Alan Pelz-Sharpe Research Director

2. Founded in 1999 Owner operated 200+ staff globally 1000+ client organizations served Syndicated research, professionalservices, advisory, affiliation, events Users, vendors, financiers, service firms Globally available, local focus 2 Client-facing Operating Units 3. About MeAnalyst in the Information Management spacefor over 25 years. Former Partner at Real StoryGroup, VP at Ovum & Consulting Director atWipro.Currently Research Director for ContentManagement & Collaboration at the451Group.Recent 451 Reports: The socialization of the collaborative enterprise. The Social Enterprise: Defining the Future of Collaborative Business? 4. Agenda Where we were then.. What we knew New challenges Where we are now Future challenges Future planning Final Thoughts 5. In the beginning.. 6. Where are we now? 7. Overload File Servers akaGoogle/Outlook/iCa H/J/K:Drivesl Multiple SharePoint Lotus Notes instances GoToMeeting ECM Systems Webex Multiple Search Engines Dropbox Box RSS Feeds Google Drive Blogs & Wikis eMail Exchange & Etc Gmail IM Yahoo/AOL/Bloomb erg Calendars 8. Anything, Anywhere, Anytime 9. Types of Interactions 10. Hierarchical or Lateral? 11. Collaboration ChaosSource: Hoarders A&E 2012 12. Market EvolutionDocumentDepartmental Viral growth ofIntegratedManagementshared SharePoint cloud& Knowledge network drivescollaborationManagementoverwhelmed platformssystems 2004200820122014? eMail Cloud basedAnalytics Exchange &file sharing driven cloud Outlook and mobile collaboration synch . 13. ContentCompliance SecurityAnalyticsIntegration 14. The collaborative digital workplace 15. Improving the signal to noise ratio Access to relevant business Creative Teams applications Contract support & Access & rights to relevantnegotiationbusiness documents & data Product development Communication tools EngineeringExternal & Internal Research & Analysis Visibility into others activities Simplicity & ease of use 16. Thank you. Questions? Comments?Twitter: