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Learn about collaboration solutions using Microsoft technologies.

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  • 1.Microsoft Collaboration SolutionsJonathan Schultz Ed Luck Managing ConsultantsSkyline Technologies, Inc. January 23, 2013

2. Agenda Microsoft Roadmap Microsofts Productivity Vision Office 365 Lync SharePoint 2013 Social Use Cases 3. Microsofts productivity vision Hybrid On PremisesOnlineBest experience acrossCloud on your devicestermsVoice Content EnterpriseReportingMessaging& Video ManagementSocial& Analytics 4. Introducing | Your Modern Office 5. Business value of Your Modern Office 6. OfficeExchange OnlineSharePoint Online Lync Online 7. For Information Workers Plan E Family 8. Video gallerySingle unified client Communicate directly Communicate with experience across from within Office anyone on SkypeHD video or high workloadsresolution photos of Single identityPresenceattendeesLync Windows 8 immersive experience optimized forShared contact cardInstant MessagingH.264 SVC supporttouch OneNote SharePeer to peer voicePresenter controls toMobile client experiencesoptimize for meeting typedesigned for the deviceParticipant selected views Lync Web App for browser access to meetings 9. Participant HDvideo galleryShared note takingwith OneNote 10. Enable great meeting experiences &collaboration 11. Lync is familiar and engaging,across a varietyof devices and platforms 12. Communicate with hundreds ofmillions of people with presence,IM and voice 13. SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2013 Improvements Mobile Social Team Collaboration Community Sites Search eDiscovery Heavy Focus on Cloud Most SharePoint Conference Sessions on Office 365 Same functionality in Office 365 Office 365 may get more frequent updates Some limitations though 14. Mobile Classic and Contemporary views formobile browsers Automatic Mobile BrowserRedirection Target different designs based onuser agent string Office Mobile Web Apps Excel PowerPoint Word Push notifications 15. Social Microblogging Share content, links, and media Follow people, sites, content, and conversations Activity Feeds Provides a view into recent activity related to content, links, media, and people 16. Team Collaboration Documents are stored in SharePoint Emails are stored in Exchange Team Folders can receive emailsand have their own email address Easy access to both from Outlookand SharePoint Unified compliance policy appliesto both 17. Community Sites Moderation & Reporting Abuse Reputation & Achievements Modern Discussion Boards (Like, Ratings, Etc.) 18. Search Single Search Engine No Foundation Search No FAST Search Improved Relevancy New Ranking Models Query Rules Continuous Crawling Hover Panel Document Preview Deep Linking 19. eDiscovery eDiscovery Center Enterprise-wideeDiscovery SharePoint 2013 File Servers Exchange 2013 Transparent Holds In place Work can continue XML Export Electronic Discovery Reference Model compliant 20. SharePoint App Model 21. Social Use Cases Social Use Cases Make Better Decisions Operations Manual Building Communities Powerful Extranets Knowledge Sharing Improved Communication 22. Make Better Decisions Problem Statement: Employees spend timeresearching information already known by others. Solution: SharePoint Profiles and People Search Benefits Reduced research time Find expertise, not just documents Better informed employees Rewarding employee experience 23. Operations Manual Problem Statement: Information is sharedinformally and onboarding is expensive. Solution: Use SharePoint Blogs & Wikis to shareknowledge and capture for future usage. Benefits Blogs capture information for the future Reduce risk of tribal knowledge Feedback allows for corrections Information available through search 24. Building Communities Problem: Team members are highly distributedand communication gaps occur. Solution: Use SharePoint Community Sites tocreate a communication channel that rewardsmembers for participation. Benefits Less time spent on solving problems Reduce risks from inexperience Learn from the success of others Break down organizational silos 25. Powerful Extranets Problem: Sharing information with partners iscomplicated and produces confusion of what is themost recent version of information. Solution: Use SharePoint and Claims Authentication tocreate powerful extranets with partners. Benefits Secure the transfer of information Offer valid alternatives to Dropbox Reduce user account maintenance Share powerful, dynamic information like dashboards and reports 26. Knowledge Sharing Problem: Team members are geographicallydispersed and have conflicting schedules. Solution: Use Lync and SharePoint to conduct,record and capture sessions for future use. Benefits Reduced travel time/costs Ensures sessions happen Knowledge retained for the future Information discoverable by others 27. Improved Communication Problem: Team members struggle to findeffective ways to communicate with each other Solution: Use Lync integration with MicrosoftOutlook, Office, and Mobile Benefits Contact internal and federated external users throughIM, Voice, Mobile, or email Allows seamless communication that aligns with anyuser preference Increases user productivity and minimizes wait time 28. Questions