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We talked earlier about the Enterprise Collaboration Vision. Now I want to talk about the process involved in making it a reality.

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  • 1. Nitin KohliEnterpriseCollaboration ProcessNitinKohli

2. AGENDA Nitin Kohli Basics Vision: The What? Process: The HOW? Tools Privacy and Security Other Considerations Other Examples 3. Process Nitin KohliStep1p GetaProcessChampion GAPAnalysis Define:Goals,objectives&strategy Define: Goals objectives & strategy DefineDesiredoutcomes GovernanceModelKeyDecisionMakers ProcessChampion 4. Process Nitin KohliStep2pResources/Team/SupportRequirementsanddesignanalysisProjectplanning PreparePrioritizationResourceallocation KeyDecisionMakersProcessTeamSkillSetChampion ITdeploymentD t b Database Networkadministration ITSecurityandPrivacy 5. Process Nitin KohliStep3p Implementationandexecution Testing Rollout(PhasedorBigBang) Execute Feedbackfromcustomers Results KeyDecisionMakers ProcessChampion Team 6. ProcessNitin KohliStep4p CustomerSupport Morefeedbackfromcustomers Engagecustomers Support Integratewhatwelearn Improvise Process ProcessTeamChampion 7. Process Nitin Kohli KeyDecisionMakers Visibility ProcessChampion Team Credibility 8. ProcessNitin Kohli KeyDecisionMakers ProcessChampion Team TheGoldenRule Visibility+Credibility=Profitability