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Clps Managaing People

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  • 1. Section 7:Managing Conflict

2. Section 7:Managing ConflictWhat is Conflict? 3. Reflection

  • Is conflict inevitable in your organisation?Please list thethreemajor reasons why conflicts occur in your organisation.Remember that conflicts can vary from relatively minor disagreements to major disputes.
  • Your answers may have included:
    • organisational change;
    • changing managerial roles;
    • staffing problems;
    • time and resource constraints; and
    • dealing with customers.

4. A classic framework for viewing employment relationships 5. Conflicts can arise at a number of levels: 6. Examining Positive and Negative Aspects of Conflict

  • conflict is inevitable means the management task is not to eliminate conflict but rather to manage it, to produce creative/positive rather than destructive/negative outcomes.

7. Reflection

  • List (a) fivepositiveoutcomes and (b) fivenegativeoutcomes that you have observed emanating from conflict situations.

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