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  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens


    Micro Automation

    LOGO! Now twice as ingenious!The choice is yours:the well-proven logic module now also with Ethernet

  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens


    Profitable switching and controlling

    Building management systems Light control (outdoor and indoorlighting)

    Door/gate control Roller blind and awning control

    Irrigation and sprinkler systems

    Heating / ventilation / air-conditioning Energy management Heating

    Cooling systems Ventilation systems Air-conditioning systems

    Monitoring equipment Access controls

    Monitoring of drive controls Alarm systems Limit value checks Traffic light controllers

    Luggage inspection

    In infrastructure ...


    In automation, all of the potential means of savings

    must be consistently used from planning and com-

    missioning to operation. What is needed are systems

    that allow the constantly increasing requirements

    to be quickly and economically fulfilled: Intelligent

    solutions that stand out due to maximum flexibility,

    reliability, and user-friendliness. The best example of

    innovative technology that completely fulfills these

    high requirements is LOGO! the worlds leading logic

    module for switching and controlling.

    Intelligent technology with a vision

    LOGO! is ideally suited for implementing simple automa-tion tasks in industry and building management systems.The intelligent logic module is characterized by maxi-mum user-friendliness and it leaves little to be desired interms of functionality, thanks in no small part to the highmemory capacity and efficient use of memory. With theuse of expansion modules, LOGO! can control even themost complex plants without any problems.

    Maximum flexibility due to consistent modularity

    A wide range of modules make it possible to individually

    expand LOGO! to 24 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs,8 analog inputs, and two analog outputs. Communica-tion modules for AS-Interface and KNX are also available.With the analog output module, for example, you cansolve simple control tasks. This is supported by the specialfunctions of PI controller, ramp function, and analogmultiplexing.

  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens


    Transport equipment Conveyor belts

    Lifting platforms Lifts Silo systems Automatic feeders

    Special solutions Solar plants Use on ships Use in extreme ambient conditions Display panels and traffic signboards

    Machine controls Motors, pump and valve controls Air compressors Extraction and filtering installations Sewage plants Sawing and planing machines

    Etching and cleaning equipment

    ... and industry


    Tried and tested millions of times

    in numerous applications

    In combination with the LOGO! software Soft Comfort,the handling of our logic module is childs play: Creat-ing programs, project simulating and documentationare quite easy using drag & drop for maximum user-friendliness. In addition, a display with the capability ofdirectly changing process parameters in the message textalways ensures professional handling and satisfied users.All of this is the reason why LOGO! has proven itself overthe past 15 years in millions of machine and buildingapplications around the world.

    New applications made possible

    by new 0BA7 basic units

    The performance of LOGO! can be expanded in terms ofthe number of I/Os and program capacity by means ofsimple networking. It is not always necessary to switchto more complex PLC configurations for simple network-ing requirements. Instead, you can remain in the famil-iar, simple configuration world of our logic module andcontinue networking easily and cost-effectively. Even ina single family home, there are so many possible appli-cations that the number of I/Os is exceeded by a singleLOGO!. The simple networking via Ethernet is useful here.The new communication options via Ethernet now allow

    small LOGO! networks to be set up as well as communi-cation with higher-level systems.

    Whether in infrastructureor industry a quick and

    cost-effective solution

  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens



    LOGO! simple, brilliant, reliable

    LOGO! 0BA6 basic units, together with the expansion

    modules and the external text display, provide a

    broad and proven basis for reliable solutions in

    mechanical engineering and building management

    systems. Practice-oriented function blocks are easily

    connected via the software using the cursor and

    their interaction can be immediately tested.

    LOGO! in assemblies withthe function modules

    The simplest connection

    Easy expansionby means

    of a textdisplay orexpansionmodules

    for a reliablesolution

  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens



    Outstanding performance and overview

    With LOGO! four of the eight digital inputs that are avail-able on the hardware can be used as analog inputs andfour as high-speed counter inputs up to a frequency of5 kHz. With a program memory for 200 function blocks,the 12/24 V DC devices provide sufficient capacity formany stand-alone applications. Up to 50 four-line messagetexts with a maximum of 32 characters per line ensureuser-friendliness in practice and clearly display all of therelevant machine parameters. Well-conceived options suchas ticker text, bar graph or status parameter also con-tribute to the user-friendliness. Function blocks for arith-metic and pulse width modulation open up further usage

    options. Last but not least: the Teleservice option, whichoften does away with costly on-site service calls and reallypays off if you sell your systems cross-regionally.

    Additional text display

    LOGO! allows an additional text display, which is perfectlytailored to the needs of a logic module, to be connected.It is directly connected to the LOGO! without a communi-cation module. The configuration is done using the samefunction block as for the internal display. You decidewhether message texts are displayed on the internal orexternal display or on both.

    Highlights of LOGO!

    Can be modularly expanded up to 50 I/Os

    230 V units can be expanded with analog modules

    All three phases can be combined in a configuration

    Extremely simple software

    Display of up to 50 messages, either by LC display onthe module, external TD, or both together

    Supports 12 or 16 standard characters per line,depending on the selected character set; you candouble the number of characters with the tickerfunction

    Users can toggle between 2 languages

    Display of up to 4 bar charts and up to 4 I/Ostatus parameters per message

    Controllable backlight of both displays can also beused in continuous operation

    Password protection for STOP mode on TD

  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens



    LOGO! and now also with Ethernet

    Proven devices have been consistently further


    The developmental leap forward can even be seen on theoutside of our new LOGO! 0BA7 basic devices: They arewider by two modular widths and the previous interfacehas been replaced by an Ethernet interface on the under-side of the device.In addition, there is a slot for SD cards on the right frontof the device. In spite of these exterior changes, the newdevices are compatible with all existing I/O modules. Evenprograms from the previous LOGO! generations can beused in the new devices.The highlight of the 0BA7 basic devices is without a doubt

    the standard Ethernet interface. It is used as a program-ming interface and for communicating with other LOGO!0BA7 basic devices or SIMATIC automation componentssuch as SIMATIC S7 CPUs, HMI Panels, and PCs. Up tonine LOGO! devices can be networked via the Ethernetinterface.

    LOGO! 0BA7 impressively proves that we are con-

    stantly further developing our pioneering logic

    module. The two new basic devices supplement the

    existing 0BA6 basic devices, which have already

    been tried and tested worldwide.

  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens



    New communication options

    The networking is mainly used for direct communication betweenseveral LOGO! devices. The advantages that result from this:

    Increasing the number of I/Os in a configuration. One logicmodule executes the program and the others only serve as anI/O expansion without processing their own program. Thismeans that a multi-cell layout in the control cabinet is now alsopossible.

    Expansion of the program memory. All logic modules processtheir own program and only exchange some of the data amongeach other.

    Function extensions

    Program memory extended to 400 function blocks Astronomical clock Min./Max. Average value Analog filter

    Stopwatch Macro and library function Data logging

    Standard Ethernetinterface for

    communicationwith further LOGO!

    basic units orother automation


  • 8/2/2019 CLPs siemens



    A decisive argument for LOGO!

    LOGO! Soft Comfort is appealing in every respect. Theuser-friendliness of our software is unequaled on the mar-ket. The preferential configuration in the function blockdiagram is more manageable than in the contact diagram,especially for programs with many special functions.LOGO! Soft Comfort, however, allows programming inboth display formats and the execution of online tests as the only software in the logic module class. Since it canbe executed on three operating system platforms, you willbenefit from maximum flexibility when choosing a com-puter and a high-end device is not absolutely essential.

    The standard simulation function makes program develop-ment easy. You can

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