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How can Google+ and Google My Business help business owners improve their find ability in the search engines and why should they use it?


<ul><li> 1. Google+Is It Just A New Social Media Platform?</li></ul> <p> 2. New kid on the block 3. Why Google? What Is Google+ How To Use Google+ Integrating Google+ Q&amp;AWhat We Will Cover Today? 4. Why Google 5. We all recognise the brandWhy Google? 6. Because Its The Biggest! 7. Biggest in UK! 8. 2nd Biggest Search Engine? 9. In 2006 Google Bought YouTube for $1.65 Bn YouTube gets approx 2 billion views a dayYouTube is Google 10. Not Convinced Yet? 11. Not Convinced Yet? 12. How About Now? 13. Now?? 14. Project Or Product 15. What Is Google+ 16. Not just a social network Facebook is for connecting with the people you know Google+ is for connecting with the peopleyou should knowWhat Is Google+ 17. It is an open network, where anyone can follow you If you create a public post anyone can see it If you share interesting or useful information peoplecan +1 and share it Google+ +1 is like a Facebook LikeWhat Is Google+ 18. When you perform a Google search, the top results maycontain listings from people you're connected with onGoogle+ This is called You+, and while you have the option ofseeing World results, the idea is that you may be moreinterested in results from people you know.Google+ &amp; Google Search 19. Every post to Google+ is essentially a web page. They areimmediately indexed by Google and will appear withinGoogle search results So Google search results may contain your own websiteand blog posts, but also your activity on Google+Google+ &amp; Google Search 20. How To Use Google+ 21. Google+ Profile 22. Start with your About page Skills section within Work to list the specific skills andkeywords you want to be found onGoogle+ Profile 23. Google+ Profile 24. Google+ Profile 25. Google+ Profile 26. Google+ Profile 27. Google+ Profile 28. Google+ Profile 29. Circles are groups of people you are connected to andyou can create circles that relate to your relationship withthemGoogle+ Circles 30. Google+ Circles 31. Google+ Circles 32. Google+ Circles 33. Google+ Circles 34. Google+ My Business 35. The Importance of CategoryChoices 36. The Importance of a CategoryChoicesPicking the right categories is critical for optimising the listingYou must select Googles categoriesPlace your categories in order ofimportance 37. Categories should say what your business is, not what it does 38. Google Google My Business 39. What Is It? 40. Theres An App For That 41. Benefits of an Optimised Google MyBusiness ListingLocal Internet MarketingAddress, phone number and website displayedAdd more info, photos,videosto Stand OutBe Found &amp; Get More Customers 42. Information You Need For YourListingIt's important to list your business just as it is everywhereelse that you advertise.If Google detects a discrepancy between your businessname, your Website, other online advertising and GoogleMy Business listings, you could potentially be penalised 43. Information You Need For YourListingIf the client always comes to you to do business, thenyou are going to want to list your building addressIf you go to your customers houses orworkplaces or if you work from home, Googleallows you to hide your address 44. Information You Need For YourListingIdeally you will want to use a local phone number instead of0800, etc. You want your customers (and Google) torecognise the number as a local number they can trust 45. Getting Started 46. Getting Started 47. Getting Started 48. Getting Started 49. Getting Started 50. The Dashboard 51. The Dashboard 52. The Dashboard 53. Getting Started 54. Enter Basic information: Business Name Address Post Code Phone Number 55. Introduce Your Business 56. Include Links 57. The Importance of the IntroductionCreate a keyword-rich, well targeted description. Useas much of the space as you canProvide a human readable description thattargets words potential customers woulduse to search for your business type 58. How Do Consumers Look For You?Keyword selection is the mostimportant part of optimizing yourGoogle My Business listing andalso the most difficultProper keyword selection is criticalfor ensuring the right customers findyour products and/or servicesChoosing YourKeywords 59. Finish Off 60. Photos of Your Business 61. Page Photo 62. Page Photo 63. Verify Page 64. Google Verification 65. Oh No A Mistake! 66. Phew! 67. Integrating Google+ 68. Personal Profile 69. Contributor To 70. Google rel author 71. 72. Use a WordPress plugin 73. When you perform a Google search, the top results maycontain listings from people you're connected with onGoogle+ This is called You+, and while you have the option ofseeing World results, the idea is that you may be moreinterested in results from people you know.Why Rel Author? 74. People that are connected with you on Google+ are likelyto be served your videos, when their search matches yourcontent on YouTube Keywords!!!Google+ &amp; YouTube 75. Any Questions? 76. IMG_2901.JPG(PNG) meansnothing to you or GoogleTop Tips! 77. Include your keywords in your image names Include your keywords in your image Alt TagTop Tips! 78. Load an image of your business onto Panoramio Panoramio is a geolocation-oriented photo sharingwebsite owned by Google. Accepted photos uploaded to the site can be accessed as alayer in Google Earth and Google Maps New photos are added at the end of the monthTop Tips! 79. In Exchange for your email List of approx 90 directories you can link toTop Tips! 80. We can help you with all of this 01634 823343Call Us! </p>