Connected Shopper Journey Planning
Connected Shopper Journey Planning
Connected Shopper Journey Planning
Connected Shopper Journey Planning

Connected Shopper Journey Planning

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  • Todays shoppers have more power over brands than ever before.

    Although the food and drink industry has not yet seen the level of

    digital disruption experienced elsewhere, we cannot ignore the impact

    of enabling technology on the path to purchase or other seismic shifts

    such as the rise of the discounters.

    All brand owners are aware of these changes and are responding to

    them. Some have fully embraced the opportunities presented and

    are winning; others have merely renamed departments and bolted on

    shopper or digital to their existing plans.

    Our approach is different. It has shopper thinking at its heart. Because of

    this it will help you win and deliver incremental sales to your business.

    Why do you require a new commercial approach with shopper thinking at its heart?

    Pre Purchase:Inform and Convince

    At Store / online: Inform and Convince

    In Aisle / online: Convince

    In Aisle / online: Convince & Interrupt



    How are successful brands cutting through in todays retail environment?Brands that deliver personalised content, simple and relevant joined

    up communications, new partnerships and the right value equation are

    gaining competitive advantage. At Nimbus we call this Planning and

    Executing Connected Shopper Journeys.

    Although how people shop is changing, we believe that the overall steps

    to purchase what they do and why they do it have not. A purchase

    is still triggered, planned, selected and bought once any barriers have

    been overcome; pre and post purchase loyalty mechanics are still


    Connected Shopper Journeys

    Nimbus Marketing Network Ltd 2015

  • The foundation level is making shopping as easy as possible: the right

    layout, range and fixturisation in every sales channel. This is then built

    on with very clear brand activation and tailored look of success.

    There are now more touchpoints than ever on the Path to Purchase.

    By building your shopper propositions around 5 core principles The

    Nimbus 5Ps we believe that your investment return will increase, and

    incremental sales will be delivered.

    In simple terms, this means creating and delivering the best possible

    content to your consumers and shoppers, with the right level of

    personalisation. All interactions should be contextually relevant,

    reinforcing core brand values with minimal noise. New partnerships on

    any level inter company, agency or consumer based should be a core

    part of your thinking.

    Appropriate Category Vision overlay then ensures effective collaboration

    with your retail partners, using the right tools to lock in commitment.

    At this point you can then plan and deliver new Connected Shopper

    Journey propositions to market.

    What steps should be followed to unlock Connected Shopper Journeys?

    How do Nimbus create meaningful shopper connections in todays retail environment?

    Changing Behaviour

    Getting the Basics Right

    Today TomorrowFuture

    5. Connected Shopper Journeys

    4. Future Store / Customer Collaboration / JBP

    3. Category Vision Activation by Channel

    2. Channel Look of Success & Brand Activation

    1. Ease of Shop

    Perfect Content

    Pure and simple

    Personalised connections

    Present where relevant

    Pioneering Partnerships

    Nimbus Marketing Network Ltd 2015

  • ROI will be demonstrated by delivering the right metrics for the right

    campaign in the right channels. Therefore we will plan these with you

    and model the outcome to ensure you can give full transparency to

    your business.

    We are world class shopper experts who will bring a unique and fresh

    external perspective into your company. This will be underpinned by

    tried and tested methodologies. We will isolate and deliver on insight

    and capability gaps, generate momentum and provide the best practice

    tools you require

    Our experience covers every aspect of FMCG, and have all worked for

    more than ten years in the category, shopper and digital space. We also

    have sister agencies who can provide insight generation and activation

    solutions if required, and our offer also extends to other areas such as

    Integrated Business Planning and Capability Development.

    We currently work with a number of marketing leading clients on all steps

    of the planning cycle, from delivering the basics right up to creating and

    activating new shopper strategy. We will talk your language and understand

    your challenges, and would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss

    with your further

    By following the five steps to unlock Connected Shopper Journeys and

    building new shopper propositions around the 5Ps, mental and physical

    availability of your brands will increase. This will deliver incremental sales

    to your business.

    Through working with us you can also expect visible changes in the

    internal integration of your insights and strategy. There will be better

    collaboration and understanding across all commercial functions, and

    stronger prioritised external customer partnerships.

    How will Nimbus demonstrate ROI?

    Why will Nimbus add value to your business?

    Nimbus Marketing Network Ltd 2015

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